Over 1,000 Moms Are Inventing Snacks – Join The Fun!

Sometimes it’s tricky getting kids to eat healthy snacks, but we know moms are capable of some very creative solutions.You can make your child’s snacks even healthier by using organic ingredients. Protect your family by taking simple steps that have a big impact!

Try this challenge:

Create a healthy snack using at least one organic ingredient and then share your invention.

Summer from MomStart.com accepted this challenge and invented these delicious “Outside-In Strawberry Shortcake Dippers.” Yum!

What can you come up with?


  1. Brainstorm some simple ingredients as the basis for your snack – things like fruit, yogurt, and nuts make a great healthy foundation. Choose at least one organic ingredient.
  2. Consider how to use your ingredients – maybe a smoothie, a parfait, popsicles?
  3. Try it and test it. Is it kid-approved?
  4. Share! When you’re satisfied with your creation, here are some ways to share your ingenuity:
  • Type up the recipe in a traditional format — list the ingredients followed by instructions – and then share in the comments at the Easy Organic Living group Challenge discussion board! You can also feel free to share it in the comments here.
  • Post a picture of your creation or a video of you making it (or your child eating it) on our Facebook wall.
  • Tweet a picture of it and use the hashtag #EZOrganic.

We’ll select a mix of recipes from those we receive to share on BabyCenter and your recipe might even be added to our Eat Healthy recipe archive! It’s one of the hottest spots on our website, so your invention might quickly end up a childhood staple!

What are you waiting for? Go get creative in your kitchen!

This is part of our Easy Organic Living program being hosted on BabyCenter and sponsored by Stonyfield Farm. Join us!