Art is her passion and children her greatest inspiration. Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Patrizia Montanari brings years of international work experience through her time spent in the fashion business. It was later in life she discovered her passion and talent for fine arts, and in particular portrait and figure painting. Through her many years of travel – both business and pleasure – Patrizia has developed a keen interest for emerging trends and their anticipated development through to the consumer mainstream. For Patrizia, motherhood is her greatest inspiration since her little girl, Lucy Francesca, was born just over a year ago. She began exploring and loving the fascinating and colorful world of children with avid interest and unsurpassed curiosity and although she now has little time to dedicate to her art and paintings she is, instead, committed to researching the best, healthiest and most environmentally friendly solutions for her child and the readers’. Patrizia is currently living in northern California expecting her second child in June.