Pop & Lolli : A World Re-Imagined to Inspire and Spread Joy


                        “I believe in GOOD design, which [is] essential in the development of young and impressionable
minds. I believe in giving back to our community and helping to make a difference.  I believe in eco-friendly, eco-conscious endeavors and I believe in supporting our local, USA brands.”

Mia Viljoen, born and raised South African, moved to Los Angeles with a passion for design and a desire to fulfill her dreams. She became a Walt Disney Imagineer and after four years of imagining theme parks, she was happily pregnant with her first child. Mia shares her vision in creating a world re-imagined for little eco-tots to experience unique, cheerful, and colorful designs. Her journey, her inspiration, her love of design, and the roots that make up Pop & Lolli are unveiled to reveal the eco-friendly company on a mission to inspire and spread happiness. Not to mention, Mia shares her views on joining us in our exciting Nursery Giveaway as a like-minded green company striving to keep the environment safe and create beautiful, fun designs for little eco-tots.


According to Mia, after receiving delightful news of her first pregnancy, “…The journey began… Being a Mod Mom with a desire for GOOD design, highly appreciative of (multi) functional products, and a flair for laughter and fun, I was at a loss of what to do in my little girl’s very first room of her own! Scouting the World Wide Web for days in search of the ultimate nursery décor produced nothing awesome. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing fun. And nothing funky. It was quite the predicament! Nothing fit my dream just right. Too small. Too blah. Too nothing. Too ordinary.”

She knew she wanted to make an impression in her daughter’s first room. As she caught four big walls staring at her, she says she knew she needed, “funky and fun designs which were playful and cheery and COLO (U) RFUL – a design flexible to grow with her – and, of course, all encompassing design BIG enough to truly create an immersive environment. I like to call it my PICTURE POETRY. Experiencing design as an opportunity for expression and exploration – something every kid deserves. So, I decided to take action and imagineer the ideal dream for experience-design: Pop & Lolli oversized Fabric wall decals.”

Mia’s inspiration comes from African art and culture. Her love of her country and the beauty it has to offer. The vast array of colors, unique details and styles inspire Mia. She says, “It’s a true rainbow nation and a melting pot of many great things. The textures, the landscapes, the sunsets, the smells, the food, the color, the languages — one can only listen, smell, observe, taste and feel to know Africa is in your blood. And if it’s in your blood it is a part of you, and you cannot help but to always be mesmerized and affected by it.” The name, Pop & Lolli, was born out of the inspiration and love of her sweet little daughter, Anabelle. She was nicknamed after her South African grandfather, “Poppeliensie”. Mia realized using this name would cause mispronunciation and confusion so she created Pop & Lolli.


In terms of sustainability, Mia keeps Pop & Lolli eco-friendly. Upon creating the brand, she wanted to establish Pop & Lolli as a brand conscious of the environment’s health and the process of making a green product without harm to producers and buyers.  Their design decals are made with nontoxic materials and are lead free ink, as well as in the USA. The fabric wall stickers are free of PVC’s and have a water-based adhesive that contain no Phthalates and is Glycol-ether and Formaldehyde free. In addition, Eco-Sol Max ink is used in the fabric wall stickers to keep the solvent inks free of harsh chemicals. Not to mention, the wall stickers are RE-USABLE! Not just a couple times, but can be continuously re-used. Independent tests were done to show the material is bio-gradable over time, as well as environmentally friendly. Mia states, “It is also vital to support local businesses and help with the growth of our own economy – especially since we launched the company during the recession in 2010!  As an architect by formal training, it is even more important for me to ensure Pop & Lolli products follow safe practices and produces a pleasing, safe, enhancing product both for mother earth and it’s inhabitants.”

As one of our partners in our Nursery Giveaway, Mia shares her beliefs and importance in eco-friendly endeavors. She says, “I believe that our environment and surroundings are very important in shaping us during our childhood and beyond. No child can ever grow up being too spoilt as a result of too much creativity, color & fun!  It is critical to celebrate and empower a child’s imagination – and the most effective way to foster these super important characteristics are to provide a COLORFUL, encouraging, nurturing & safe environment in which the child is beckoned to think outside the box without any consequences.  I believe in GOOD design, which [is] essential in the development of young and impressionable minds.  I believe in giving back to our community and helping to make a difference.  I believe in eco-friendly, eco-conscious endeavors and I believe in supporting our local, USA brands.”

What’s next for Pop & Lolli? A new collection of decals, new line of products with exciting new and beautiful designs!

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By Anna Vorontsova