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Albert designed by Sven Stornebel. A clock and a showcase all in one, Albert comes complete with a small plastic toy, in matching color,to put on display.

When choosing toys for your tots, bright colors and flashing lights are not your only options.  A talented group of designers have created works of art that you’ll want to keep out when company arrives. The toys are all beautifully crafted and great for play or display.  We’re never too young or too old to appreciate great design.


Ursa the Bear and Ursa Minor designed by David Weeks from Areaware. Made with elastic band muscles and sustainably harvested new growth beech wood, these bears are an enduring classic that will withstand generations of play. From $90.00 www.areaware.com 


Animal Box: Whale designed by Karl Zahn from Areaware. Made from sustainably harvested new growth beech wood, this figural box represents a “power” animal – a totem for our individual ambitions. $49.00 www.areaware.com 


Vitra Miniatures Collection: Eames Plywood Elephant designed by Charles and Ray Eames from Design Within Reach. Made from molded natural maple plywood, the Vitra Design Museum has reproduced the original Eames Plywood Elephant at a scale of 1:6, standing at 5” tall. $225.00 www.dwr.com 


Totems: Series One designed by Dino Sanchez. Handmade in the US from solid oak and walnut with non-toxic finishes. $60.00 www.dinosanchez.com


Totems: Series One designed by Dino Sanchez. Handmade in the US from solid oak and walnut with non-toxic finishes. $60.00 www.dinosanchez.com 


Cochecito designed by Gregor Korolewicz. Spanish for small car, “Cochecito” can be built, taken apart, and built again thanks to a simple plug system and six different elements. Made from tropical wood from an environmentally managed forest in Panama. $33.00 www.gregorkorolewicz.de 

Vigoton 01

Puppets designed by Juan Pablo Cambariere. Made from waste containers found outside construction sites and houses. The wood and nails are recycled to represent the former owners.  www.cambariere.com 

dream car 26

Dream Car designed by Mike Mak of Huzi Design. An innovative magnet system, and chalkboard paint finish allows anyone to create their very own Dream Car. Made from natural mahogany, walnut and beech wood. $780.00 www.huzidesign.com 


Offshore Toys designed by Permafrost. Currently on exhibit at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. Will be available for purchase soon. permafrost.no