Q&A with CBS Lucky Dog Host: Brandon McMillan


Brandon McMillan

Animal Expert, Trainer, and Host of the Hit CBS Show Lucky Dog

NCW:  Tell us about your show Lucky Dog on CBS.

BM:  Lucky Dog is a show where I prove that shelter dogs are just as trainable and lovable as breeder bought. In every episode of Lucky Dog I rescue one dog from death row, take it back to the training facility and transform the unruly and untrained into amazing dogs that now serve a purpose in someone’s life. Every episode has a happy ending as I find the perfect family for the dog. Just a week earlier the dog had no hope and now their future is bright as day. I believe every dog deserves a second chance. That’s exactly my goal on Lucky Dog.

NCW: If you could give one piece of advice to pet parents, what would it be?

BM: I say follow through when working with your animal. Too many people say a command once, the dog doesn’t respond and the parents give up. You’ve just taught the dog that you’ll give up before they do. The game is chess not checkers.

NCW:  Has there been one experience on the show so far that stood out as unusually challenging?

BM: I had one woman who wanted to get a dog for her son. Halfway through the process I find out she’s petrified of dogs herself. So I went from dog trainer to human trainer. I had to get her over her fear of dogs. It was quite the process.

NCW: Tell us about your experience with the Great White Serial Killer on the Discovery Channel.  What was it like being in the water with great whites?

BM:  Working with Jeff Kurr on GWSK was amazing. He’s the best in the world when it comes to filming sharks. He called me up and asked if I wanted to host one of his shows, and I didn’t even let him finish his sentence. The great whites were absolutely scary and beautiful at the same time. I had an 18 foot, 2 ton, great white attack my cage when we were shooting in New Zealand. It was one of the scariest moments I’ve ever had – definitely thought it was the end. Even Jeff said he’d never seen anything like that moment…Bucket list checked for me, lol!