Q&A With Spot On Square Founders Bob & Nicole

Bob and Nicole Springer

1. Who does what?

We are fortunate we both have individual skill sets that play important roles for Spot On Square. Bob is an accomplished product designer who has designed all Spot On Square products to date. He is heavily involved in the manufacturing process, tech aspects, and overall planning/growth of the company.  As a former teacher, Nicole hones her multi-tasking and organizational skills in overseeing operations, marketing. We also have great team members that oversee daily operations, sales and customer support.

2. Where do you get your inspiration?

We live in the Bay area in a neighborhood of Mid Century Modern homes that is full of family focused, design centric and creative people. Through our daily experiences with the awesome people and architecture in our community, we are constantly inspired to create better products.

It goes without saying that our daily inspiration definitely comes from our home and family. We design for our family and what would work for our home environment. We will not offer products that we would not be 100% happy to have in our own home or used by our own children.  We actually use most of the products we offer. This gives us the best opportunity to experience our products as our customers would and inspire new ways of developing future products.

3. What is is your favorite material or texture?

This is an ever-evolving answer for us. We love the mixed material usage in modern architecture and our offerings reflect that. Our first collection in 2007, the Hiya Collection, was originally offered in a sustainable bamboo, which was not used in nursery furnishings at the time. Our popular Roh Crib was the first acrylic crib in the US market in 2009 and our new Alto Collection (available mid 2014) uses interchangeable translucent panels with encapsulated natural materials. We strive to be ahead of the curve in using new architectural quality material that has not been used in a nursery setting before.

4. Is your home the house of your dreams?

Mostly, the answer is a heartfelt yes… there are always more dreamy offerings and certainly always things we wish could work better for a family of five, but we do really love our current home. We have always been fans of mid-century modern homes and are so happy to own what’s called an Eichler home in the Bay Area. We actually owned a different Eichler home in southern CA before moving up north. Joseph Eichler worked with architects in the 50’s through the 70’s to build beautiful mid-century modern homes. To us, our home is an architectural gem and something that we knew we would be inspired by on a daily basis. Many of our neighbors are in the design industry as well, so it’s proven to be a dynamic and inspiring place to live.

5. What is your favorite room in the house?

Our favorite room in the house is our kitchen. Bob did a complete remodel all on his own – from the designing to the hands on demo and rebuilding –  to create a beautiful yet family friendly space for our family. It’s the heart of our home where we all cook/eat together, plan our week on the giant chalkboard wall, play games at the table and open the large sliders to our courtyard for outside dining and playing.

6. Which design blog or website  you can’t enough of?

There are so many… we love Design Milk, Designspiration and Contemporist come to mind quickly… the list can go on and on.

7. East Coast/West Coast? How do they differ design wise?

That’s a big question.  We love both areas. While they may have some differences, overall, design has become global and we see influence merging and evolving on a broader scale. From our experience living on the west coast, the design industry is more laid back, open to color/material exploration, entrepreneurial and technology oriented.

8. Sustainability and Design? How do they synergistically influence each other?

For us, sustainability and design naturally influence each other. We approach each concept not only in terms of what might be different or exciting from a design perspective, but also with thoughtful consideration in regards to materials and processes available that will allow us offer eco-friendly, sustainable products.

9. What are the trends in furniture design?

We are greatly influenced by architectural trends with exploration in color, form and material offerings. Our Roh Collection and soon to be released Alto Collection  are great examples of this. With growing emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable design, it’s an exciting time to see a wide range of new material offerings available to us that are modern, eco-friendly and sustainable.