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Rome: The city of cutting edge design and hearty food


Italy is known for its warm hospitality and hearty food, but it is also a place that is famous for its forward thinking design. Any time we get the chance to step foot in Rome or Milan, we load our days with visits to the newest restaurants and stores that we have been drooling over for months. Let’s just say that Italy possesses all of our favorite things in one exciting package.

This week, we were captivated by the warm industrial style of the Roman restaurantKook, designed by Mohamed Keilani and Luca Gasparini of Noses Architects. With its concrete floors and black glass casings you would think that the atmosphere would feel cold. However,true to its name, the decor is filled with quirky accents such as gray and white tile, a hanging bicycle and vintage finds. Our favorite part of the restaurant is the prominent olive tree displayed in the center of the space, serving as the heart of the restaurant and showing its importance as the heart of Italian cooking. The open space is given warmth by the roaring wood oven, spot lighting, a red leather chesterfield sofa and the hum of Roman conversation.



Although the space was designed to be a restaurant, we think that there are many takeaways here that can be implemented in your own home. Start with a foundation of light gray walls (be careful not to go too blue or purple) and then add a leather chair or sofa, industrial lighting and a few vintage finds. If you truly want to capture the style, find mediterranean tiling in gray and blue tones. Here’s one of our finds from Architectural Ceramics. But most importantly, don’t forget to keep a stock of high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar.