Saving Blue


He was rescued from a local shelter and re-homed, deemed a worthy pet. A good fit for a mom who with her own children grown, felt ready for a new companion. A beautiful boy with a dark and dangerous secret, he had been abandoned, abused, thrown to the curb, and into the shelter to be re-homed and re-homed again…

Behind the basket muzzle lived his anger, his rage, and the fear of an animal many times removed from any real human connection. He lacked all understanding of the world he had been thrust into and he needed to learn, to grow, and to shed his pain. The sum of a system which had let him down ignored his needs, and left a rescue mother to assume the burden of his rage.

Rage led Blue to kill his new mother’s cat, to bite her husband, to threaten and lunge at neighbors and their small children. With a community in revolt, her home, her life, and her free- dom on the line, animal control was ready to sign his death warrant, but Anita refused and made a decision, a bold decision.

She was determined to stand and fight for the soul of her new dog. She wanted a new life for him, his respect, and the trust of her family and community.

Tyson & Kasha made the long trip from Los Angeles to Sun Valley, Idaho with a plan to reach this amazing animal and repair the damage done on his soul, to his new family, and a community in a severe state of doubt and dismay.

Empowerment for a dog such as Blue was the vital first building block in his mother’s credibility to lead him. Though snow and frost paled in comparison to the cold, hard life of a lost soul, Blue found a new warmth and a new connection on one of the coldest winter days. Away form bondage and despair, one powerful voice and one free dog took small steps, learning one lesson at a time. Soon, the baby steps became leaps and bounds as sparks turned into fire, a fire blazing with connection. As Anita sees a sparkle in his eye, Blue begins to see a leader emerge in his mother and trust is formed.

He knows that maybe she will be his mentor, maybe she shall protect him for a change, maybe just maybe he can relax, breath, and let it all go.

He is taken under her wing and befriended. Guided by the gentle vision of an angel from above, he is a maverick of his own kind; a soul as pure and free as wind across a mountain’s peak.

He is taught of his value, his importance, his place in this world and not of rescue nor shelter, but of pure and radiant light. This is shown by the one who is his master of his human world, who flies high above the world’s pain, it’s impurities, and it’s flaws. Shining so bright that others may see their truest selves and witness their true inner beauty and worth.

As the shackles of fear and rage leave him, his afflictions are now replaced with the gentle nudges of a friend indeed. His wings can now be spread free.

When she speaks he will listen, with his new tools of healing in place. This new dog now forgoes his inner rage for the glow of a new learning connection. The realization of her power and his attraction to it brings her to a whole new understanding and bond with Blue. As a woman, a leader, and as his healing answer, she finally realizes the true meaning of their future together and his new chance at life.

Free to shed the pain of yesterday, and become a reflection of the love he now receives today. Free.