Whether you have been married for twenty years or just getting into a new relationship some questions are maybe hard to ask.. or harder to answer… SO WE DID IT FOR YOU! We asked men all over the country to be honest about their sex life and their preferences. From masturbation to wildest fantasies here are the uncensored Q&As of 156 men who opened up about themselves and demystified myths.


1. Have you been untruthful with your partner?

31% Never

51% Once in a while, about small things
18% Only if the truth will hurt his/her feelings
0%  All of the time


2. When you are having sex who do you think about:

76% The person you are with

2%  Your ex
5%  A hot celebrity
17% I don’t think much
3. Maintaining a relationship with your exes on Facebook is:

40% Wrong
5% Cheating
53% No big deal
4% What they don’t know won’t hurt them


4. If you are in a committed relationship, flirting in the workplace is:

40%  Harmless

41%  Completely unacceptable
15% A great boost to your ego
4% Fine as long as your significant other doesn’t find out


5. Have you ever cheated on your current partner?

76% Never
14% Once
10% Many times


6. A spank bank is:

3% Where you deposit your money

3%Where you buy tight undergarments to help hide your less than perfect body
51% Where you store images to fantasize about
43% I have no idea


7. Do you think manscaping is:

47% A necessity
10% Something the gardener does to the bushes

10% Only for metro-sexual
33% A non-issue


8. Do you like your partner to have hair down there or all bare?

48% Hair

52% All bare
9. If you could change one thing about your partner, it would be:

2% Their voice
18% Their body
6% Their friends
17% Their family
38% Nothing, they are already perfect
20% Not Applicable
10. Giving a gift to your partner means:

0% I’m sorry
86% I love you
3% I feel guilty
9% I want sex
2% We haven’t been together very long


11. What would you do for love?

18% Change your appearance
42% Relocate
9% Try swinging
31% Not a lot
12. Watching porn is:

6% Disgusting
13% Sinful
29% A necessity
53% A great game starter


13.How many sexual partners have you had in your life, including your current partner?

8% 0-1

26% 2-5
26% 6-10
25% 16+


14. How would you describe your sex life?

42% Incredible

15% A “handful”

19% Lacks imagination
6% Too hot to handle
18% What sex life?


15. When is the last time you masturbated?

43% Less than 24 hr ago

24% A week ago
11% Months ago
7% I never do that
15% No comment

16. What is your wildest fantasy?

12% 3 day binge with the Suicide Girls

14% Get it on with a porn star
11% A 50 shades experience
5% Meeting the Dalai Lama
58% None of the above


17. Having children has:

13% Improved relations with my partner

16%Made things tougher between us
35% Had an amazing impact on both our lives
1% Been a factor in our divorce
35% Not applicable


18. Have you ever wondered if your children were not yours?

7% Yes

93% No


19. Your partner breastfeeding:

6% Turns you off
9% Turns you on
30% Makes you feel paternal

1% Makes you jealous
54% Not applicable
20. Would you ever consider co-parenting with someone you are not currently dating/ married/living with?
29% Yes
50% No
21% What is co-parenting?


Thank you to our our partners for contributing to, and promoting our survey: Lance Somerfield; Adam Cohen; Henry Amador