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Shaping Lives with Waddler Clothing

Philip Thompson, co-founder of the British clothing company Waddler, tells NCW where his inspiration and motivation came from to design these picturesque collections.
NCW: How is Waddler shaping children’s lives?
PT: Waddler was inspired by our adventures with our two children around South America; the wild landscapes and animals and the wonderful people. We try to imbue our styles with that same sense of adventure – wolf suits, pierrot jumpers, and cotton shirts with fun prints – and hope that this inspires the imagination of the children who wear our clothes. We also hope that parents might tell their children about where the materials come from – alpaca yarn from Bolivia and organic pima cotton from Peru – and the fact that each one is made by hand using ancient textile skills handed down over generations. Perhaps this makes kids think about the world they live in and the products they consume. We would like to think that Waddler kids are knowledgeable and responsible – as well as of course fun and imaginative!!
NCW: Where would you like to see this design go?
Due to the nature of our designs – hand made using natural materials, we would like to see our business continue to grow organically. We could never move into mass production without compromising on quality so we want to continue as we have been; slowly developing new products, discovering new materials and visiting new places that inspire us. The adventure must go on!
Find some images from their beautiful and thoughtful Fall/Winter 2013 collection below.














This photoshoot was located at Sajama, six kilometers up into the Andes mountains in Bolivia.