Soleil Moon Frye


Soleil Moon Frye

Actor, Director, Author, and Co-Founder of The Little Seed & Moonfrye


By Ariane Moore

Photo by MEENO

Audiences fell in love with the charismatic Punky Brewster, played by the talented and beautiful Soleil Moon Frye.  Much like her childhood character, Soleil has a free spirit, which has led her to explore her creativity and talent through many different avenues. Actor, director, screenwriter, author, entrepreneur and most importantly, mom – it seems there is little Soleil can’t do.

Still making time to pick her two daughters up from school, we were able to catch up with Soleil before the final school bell rang, to talk about motherhood and her exciting new ventures: baby number three, a new book, a new show, and a new app! With so many exciting new adventures on the horizon, Soleil is certainly no stranger to multi-tasking, but she makes it look effortless and easy.

NCW:  Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling?

SMF:  Thank you. I’m doing well! I made it through the first trimester of nausea and all of that good stuff, and now I’m starting to get a little more energy. Although I have to say that my body has gone back to where I was at like seven or eight months in my other pregnancy, and it’s so funny all of those little things that you forget.

NCW:  Tell me about your store, The Little Seed.  How did this idea come about?

SMF: The Little Seed started when my partner Paige Goldberg Tolmach and I became new moms, and we wanted to find alternatives for our little ones that were safe, and that we knew were healthy for them.  We really wanted to create a safe haven for parents to come to, and it’s just been an incredible journey as new moms.  We realized that we were shining a light on millions of parents that were feeling the same way.

NCW: You are an author of two books. How was this experience, and what made you want to write?

SMF: Well my first book, Happy Chaos, I wrote because I was a new mom and I had so many questions about parenthood and all of the adventures of parenthood, and I wanted to share them with other people.  I felt like so many parents must have gotten some secret manual that I didn’t read!  It was so fun… sharing through the book all of my crazy, fun, and adventurous journeys.  The new book, Let’s Get This Party Started, is really because my girls and I love party planning. We love throwing get-togethers, we love theme parties…it is such a big part of our lives, and we wanted to put it all in one place. It is really fun because it has tons of craft ideas and recipes, and all sorts of fun stuff.

NCW:  Was it hard sharing personal details of your life, like your pregnancy, in a book?

SMF: I was already sharing it through Twitter and Facebook, which became like my “Mommy Group”.  I love sharing personal experiences with other people, and I got to put it in a book, which was great and really fun.

NCW:  Did your kids help out with the new book?

SMF: Yes!  They are such a big part of the book. It has tons of pictures and family get-togethers…it’s been amazing.

NCW:  Tell me about your latest venture, Moonfrye.

SMF:  It has been such an incredible adventure.  My partner [Kara Nortman] and I started this because we are moms who connected around creativity for our kids. We felt like there’s a world in which the digital and physical worlds were kind of coming together, and so we really wanted to bring that together in an app and make it a really fun, creative experience for families to do, that they can do with their kids over their shoulder.

NCW: How does it work?

SMF:  It’s so cool! You can take a picture and your photo will go into a different theme, or you can make your own, and you can also do a super creative collage. It’s just been incredible, and people are having so much fun with all of our themes.  It’s been a blast!

NCW: Did your kids help you create Moonfrye?

SMF: Absolutely!

NCW:  You are so busy…how do you balance everything?

SMF:  You know, for me it is just trying to find a balance and stay in the moment with my kids. They are truly my inspiration, and so we do all of our fun stuff together and we have a great time doing it.  We just have a blast creating together…they work on the designs with us. They are a total part of the process, and it is just a fun family affair for all of us together.

NCW:  What is next for you?

SMF:  Well, the app is now officially launched.  So every week I’m working on new designs, and it’s just a total blast…I’m having fun with it and growing the company.  Simultaneously, my book, Let’s Get This Party Started, was released on October 15th, so I am going on the book tour which I am really excited about! I just wrapped my show on the OWN network, Home Made Simple, a couple of days ago and that begins airing on October 19th.

NCW:  How has motherhood changed you?

SMF:  You know, for me it has been such an adventure, because I thought that I would teach my kids all about the world and the universe.  Instead they are constantly teaching me – they have become my greatest teachers. They consistently inspire me daily to be the best person that I can be, and I am constantly trying to teach them about compassion and being the best people they can be.

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