SPOT ON SQUARE – A Bite of Beauty in Green Design


SPOT ON SQUARE – A Bite of Beauty in Green Design

Nicole Springer shares her thoughts about Natural Child World’s Nursery Makeover and Spot on Square. Nicole says, “We want to continue to lead the way in innovation for the modern nursery.”

Spot on Square owned by Nicole and her husband, Bob Springer, offers simple, modern, high quality and eco-friendly children’s furniture. As one of our partners in our child’s room makeover Giveaway, Nicole says, “We love Natural Child World Magazine and it’s message… and am more than happy to offer Spot On Square products to an expecting couple. We design and use our products for our own home, and are always so flattered to know others enjoy our designs.”

Nicole continues to seek inspiration from her children, surroundings, and designers. As she finds happiness with her family, she also discovers beauty to be as she calls it, a life’s story. She says, “To me, it is not a visual thing, it’s an experience that leaves a lasting imprint – it makes you catch your breath, can bring you to tears or make you laugh out loud…having courage to try something new, watching your child grow, love, so many things… most of which actually aren’t able to be seen.” Spot on Square offers beautiful furniture, and Nicole shows us beauty in a different light that must be felt, experienced and not just seen. As she and her husband continue on their journey in innovation, she was so kind to answer our questions and gives readers a bite of her thoughts on being green, her company, and NCW’s Nursery Giveaway.


NCW: In your own words, could you tell me about Spot on Square?

Nicole: My husband and I started Spot On Square together after having twins and another little bundle 18 months later. With 3 children under 18 months, we found ourselves needing/wanting modern children’s furniture that complimented our home aesthetic, was high quality, eco-friendly and offered long term use past the baby stage. As a young family, if we were going to make an investment, it needed to last a long time. At the time, there were not many choices that met all our needs. A light bulb went off and we began the early planning stages of Spot On Square, which seemed the perfect fit for a former elementary teacher and Industrial Designer – designing modern, child centered products. It brought both our loves together, children and modern design. We are a family run company that strives to treat and meet the needs of our customers with a “we are all family” attitude. We will not offer products that we would not be 100% happy to have in our own home or used by our own children. When we design our products, we are always looking to be innovative and responsible. We look to use the most innovative and eco-friendly materials available such as with our Roh Crib. The Roh Crib was the first US crib to offer acrylic sides framed in locally sourced walnut. The acrylic is BPA/phthalate free and 100% recyclable. It offered a new way to look at crib design.

NCW: Why did you decide to partner with us in the Nursery Giveaway?

Nicole: …There is so much information to learn and absorb as parents today, which can be overwhelming. We all want to make the safest, most informed choices for our family and Natural Child World helps offer parents a medium that is ecologically informed, design driven and presents practical information allowing their reader to apply it in a way that meets their individual needs…

NCW: What do you do personally to stay green and what does Spot on Square do when it comes to being GREEN? 

Nicole: At Spot On Square, we strive to stay ahead of the curve. We are always searching for innovative and eco-friendly materials to use in our products and talking with our manufacturers to continually improve upon our processes.  We use non-toxic, water based paints and finishes, we source locally whenever possible, use the greenest grade MDF for the painted parts of our furniture. Our manufacturers use the scrap wood from their facilities to heat the plant. In every aspect we look to find the best people, materials and sustainable processes that are available to us.

-Personally, we are teaching our children about being ecologically responsible by doing things such as recycling, composting, conserving, and gardening without pesticides. Most importantly, we try to educate our children that everything we purchase or consume has an impact so we must choose wisely and responsibly.

 NCW: What advice do you have for someone striving to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle?

Nicole: Start by making small changes. Choose to recycle more, donate old items rather than throw them out, look for sustainable products to purchase. With each step, you move closer to leading a more eco-conscious lifestyle. There is so much out there now to educate ourselves like Natural Child World Magazine. Seek out ways to educate yourself and take steps that make sense for you.

NCW: What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced with your company?

Nicole: Trying to find US based manufacturers who will produce high quality, eco-friendly and modern designs for a reasonable price have been our biggest struggle.

NCW: What is your BEST advice for parents?

Nicole: Trust yourself. Listen to your gut, your inner dialogue, and your instinct… not what the newest trend tells you to do. If it doesn’t feel right to you, then it’s not right for you. Don’t beat yourself up over it. What you choose, product wise and otherwise, must work for the family YOU are making. Don’t get caught up in what others say is the right way and enjoy the journey of making your own way for your own family. Parenting is not one size fits all.

NCW: What’s next for Spot on Square?

Nicole: Lots! We have new collections and extensions of current collections coming out late fall. We are so excited for their launch! You will see more products that blur the line between child and adult as we feel children’s furniture should easily transition into adulthood. Many of our products can easily find a home outside of the nursery, as they are a natural extension of a modern home aesthetic.


Visit SPOT on Square HERE and enter to win a complete makeover of your child’s room HERE. Hurry, submissions end on the 27th of September!


By Anna Vorontsova