S/S 2015 Fashion Trends


We sat down with owner/founder of Flying Colors Baby, Faye Segal, to talk children’s fashion – trends for 2015 and what parents should look for when buying their child’s clothes.  Since FCB opened in 2008, it has become one of the premiere online (and brick and mortar) destinations for children’s fashion. Offering quality clothes, from all over the world, and exceptional customer service, all at an affordable price.


What are the trends you are seeing for Spring/Summer 2015?

Let’s talk color. Yellow is going to be very popular this Spring and Summer.  What better way to greet the warm weather than with cute yellow jeans and spring dresses from 3 Pommes? Also, pastels and pale colors are going to be very popular.

As far as design, this Spring and Summer is going to be funky and classy.  Printed tees are huge right now! There are so many different types of prints on teeshirts.  The printed tees make your kid look like he is wearing 5 layers, but he is only wearing one.  Sierra Julian has some super cute tees.


Sierra Julian


What are the three most important factors when buying children’s clothing? 

1. Quality. That’s the most important. Children get dirty very quickly, so you need to purchase cltohes that are durable and washable over and over again.  It’s important to spend on quality clothes that will last, even beyond your child to your next, lessening families’ carbon footprint.


Fashion life

2. Comfort. Parents need to be attention to the comfort of their child.  Think before you buy that 100% wool sweater.  Your child may look like he’s got the chicken pox because he is so itchy.

3. Care. I see so many parents burning through clothes because of the way they wash them.  It is important to pay attention to the washing directions.  If you are going to spend a pretty penny on quality clothes then you want to make sure they last.  I always tell my friends to machine wash quality clothes, but hang dry and iron them.  Never put them in the drying machine.  Dryers are wonderful for things you do not care about.


Do you think moms look for “Made in America” clothing? Is that important?

Well, let’s not kid ourselves, the majority of clothes are not made in America.  In fact, even European brands might say “Made in Paris,” but the manufacturing was outsourced.  What’s important to moms is finding trustworthy brands that use great fabric and don’t shred, i.e., Hugo Boss and Moschino.  These brands will never let you down.

Fashion Children


What are some new designers to Flying Colors Baby parents should look for this year?

We are really excited about bringing Marney to Flying Colors Baby in the Fall.  Billieblush and Billiebandit – made by the company that manufactures Chloe and Marc Jacobs.  With clothes available from ages 1-12, these new two new lines are more affordable, but still deliver that high-end quality.


Quality comes with a price. Any suggestions for families who can’t afford top prices to get quality clothes?

Right now we are running a 70% Fall/Winter promotion. That means that a $70 Moschino tee is now $20. You can’t beat that. Our shipping rates are so competitive.  We offer $5.95 flat rate no matter the purchase.  However, what really sets us apart is our customer service.  The customer is always right, and we want to make sure the shopping experience with Flying Colors Baby is unmatched.  Our customers always come back.