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Summertime Slim Down

Berry Beautiful Chia Bowl

By: Christina Ross/Creator of PatisseRaw

The beauty of slimming down for summer is that you don’t have to start right after the new year to see results, you can start now and feel the benefits in just a few days. To achieve this it will require intention, commitment and strength as it’s a mental workout along with a physical one. Luckily, by making a few changes to your diet you can see physical changes to your body without having to add strenuous workouts to your plate. Get a handle on your diet first and then incorporate more workouts to support your new results. Ultimately the goal is to incorporate healthy food alternatives and fitness into your permanent lifestyle.

Working on the inside of our bodies is just as important as working on the outside as our physical appearance is a reflection of what we feed our body and mind. Therefore it’s important to eat foods that our bodies are requesting and not what our mind dictates.  Make the right food choices early on in your day for instance, starting your day off with a green juice for breakfast. This will help set the tone of healthy eating throughout your day. Stay committed to your healthy goals by examining what it is your body really wants and think twice before consuming something extra, asking yourself do I really need one more piece of chocolate or scoop of ice cream or would I rather feel more confident and slim in my bikini?  Since there is more day light there is more time for outdoor activities so why not workout outside doing enjoyable exercises close to nature such as gardening, playing with the kids, chasing after the dog, walking, yoga, hula hooping or bicycling. Just remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day and before and after your workout as this is important for flushing out toxins, regenerating cells and oxygenating our blood.  Getting beach ready is a good motivator to pay extra love, care and attention to our physical bodies. While doing so this summer try to apply deep breathing and stretching throughout your day to remain fit and supple year long. Your body will be improving incrementally over time, be patient with the results and if you reach a plateau it’s a good indicator to switch things up a bit as your body is changing and is requesting diversity. One small change with your food intake or exercise plan can unlock the door to more vibrant health and weight loss.

Mix things up and try new activities, foods and practices that resonate with you. With thousands of diets and workouts out there experiment as you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t.  Incorporate all of the good aspects of these experiences into your own custom tailored wellness plan.  Never be too rigid that you possibly forget to have fun, after all, life is an experience that is meant to be enjoyed, and happiness is a huge part of health.

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