Tegu blocks are revolutionary as they make the sleepy wooden block come alive by incorporating hidden magnets inside sustainably harvested wood, offering gravity-defying blocks that show no visible point of connectivity and enable multi-dimensional building experiences for children. There is more: the beauty of these blocks is that that they don’t require any batteries or usb chargers yet they seem to attract kids attention for hours on end! In addition to creating the most revolutionary wooden blocks Tegu has a triple bottom Line initiative of “people, planet and profit” to help save Tegucigalpa, Honduras (one of the poorest nations and where Tegu got its name from).  Every time a Tegu toy is sold, a positive chain of events is set in motion; it doesn’t just end with a happy child flexing his or her creative horsepower.  Tegu gives every buyer a choice to either plant a dozen trees or to send a Honduran child to school for a day, as part of the purchase. But it’s not only the environment and children that benefit. As Tegu grows, new jobs are added to the factory in Honduras where Tegu aspires to one day be the employer of choice. In only 6 months time Tegu has replanted over 8000 trees and purchased over 2000 days of school for children! Its a pretty incredible story.