The Healing Needle

Acupuncture Spread

By Jenny Pellicer

When you think back to your earliest recollection of a Doctor’s visit, you may remember your first injection as a rather upsetting event.   The needling used in the Ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, however, grants a completely different experience than that of experiencing an injection, but more than that, it offers a very different healing function.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine we all have a flow of energy, known as our Qi (pronounced Chi) that flows through our body. When sick, this flow is impaired. Inserting very fine needles or pressure on certain points of the body, known as meridians, with specific needle or pressure techniques can restore the energy balance, Qi, in our body. The result of this has often proved to reduce pain and importantly, treat diseases.  In the Western world the concept of acupuncture for children is not as popular as in the east, nevertheless various institutions exist that promote the use of acupuncture on children. One of these is The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Offering a model Acupuncture Program for children and adolescents, The Children’s Hospital gives parents the option to choose a relaxing and natural treatment plan for their child’s chronic pain as well as other chronic health conditions, such as cancer, HIV, ADHD, migraines, Cystic Fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

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