The Plush Show Experience



The Plush Show Experience

By Anna Vorontsova

Babies, eco-friendly products and mothers whisked into the Plush Show to provide the ultimate experience in searching for the best products for modern parents. Elegance and carefully selected products and services covered the Vibiana building in downtown Los Angeles to allow luxury and ease in choosing the best for growing children. The opportunity for change when it comes to a healthier planet and raising a child in a sustainable way is simple and chic with the abundance of earth-friendly products that surrounded the event. Parenthood and searching for the best product becomes pleasant and relaxing with the ease the Plush Show provides to consumers.

- Several of the array of products showcased that earn our approval  -
Drool Monkey Organics
- Founder – Kamala Corkin, began the company to provide an eco-friendly teething option made from certified organic cotton.
- Founder – Susan Soja began a new trend with stainless steel sippy cups that do not leech chemicals.
Merah Muda
-Founder Misha Kurniady creates adorable eco bags for children.