The World’s Most Luxurious Prison Is In Norway


Whoever said prison time was tough probably never served his or her time in the newly built Norwegian prison. The prison cost $252 million and is a state of the art hotel prison. It’s probably going to sound kind of odd, but Sweden has these prisons as well and the sentences that the judges deal out for the same crimes Americans get the death penalty for, here is about 10-15 years. The Nordic countries are heavily focused on rehabilitation and finding ways to free criminals from their disorders thus setting these sentences.

So, what does a Nordic prison look like? What’s the difference between the common prisons and luxurious ones? First of all, each cell has it’s own desk, bathroom, wall mounted flatscreen TV and kitchen. They very much resemble a modest hotel in some ways.

For recreational purposes there is also a small recording studio, library, and an in house basketball court/gymnastics hall with a climbing wall. Also there is an outside courtyard with windows instead of fences and walls. So yeah, it’s a bit more fancy… for sure.

However, always remember that if you’re in prison you’re never free to go wherever you want. You are in there with other prisoners that have murdered, raped and maimed their victims.














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