Toddlers having ice cream on the beach --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Getting ready for a weekend by the beach? Don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen! Before going outside, make sure you’re covered with one of the best sunscreens for 2013.

EWG just released 2013 Sunscreen Guide rating the safety and efficacy of more than 1,400 sunscreens, lotions, lip products and make-ups that advertise sun protection.

Our advice to you is not only to use sunscreen protection, but also : wear sun-protective clothing, stay in the shade to reduce intense exposure and schedule regular skin examinations by a doctor.

Some of the Top Skincare Companies are:

1. Trukid

2. Sunology

3. Eco Logical

4. Suis Skinare

5. Yes to Cucumbers

6. Nature’s Gate

7. Aubrey Organics

8. Burnout Kids

9. Green Screen



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