Walk The Plank!


The only thing that my son, Tanner, wanted for his fourth birthday was a pirate party, so we planned one! The color scheme consisted of red, white and black, but to really set the party’s tone, we found amazing pirate themed items ranging from garland to muslin party favor bags.  Throughout the house we decorated using all things pirate, such as the ‘Beware’ sign on our front gate, and pirate ships in the pool, in addition to the perfect treasure chest, which we found at a local antique shop, and filled with party favors. To add to the fun, we brought in a local artist for face painting, and what pirate party is complete without the pirate of all pirates, Jack Sparrow? We served a buffet of snacks, which were presented in small containers perfect for little hands, and a classic vanilla cake that was almost as sweet as my little one.

Credits:  Treasure Chest Trinkets – Oriental Trading; Face Painting – Elise from We Adorn You ; Jack Sparrow Pirate – Pirates for ; Cake – Babycakes ; Snack Containers InTheClear Shop on Etsy ; Photographer – Leland Hayward

DIY Pirate Party Favors:

  1. Buy muslin party favor bags.
  2. Stamp each bag with a pirate stamp.
  3. Buy little glass bottles and fill with red and white jelly beans.
  4. Add secret message to each bottle, and put bottle inside party favor bag.
  5. Send one home with every guest to enjoy!