Who’s Your Daddy


The Adventure Begins With Jax

OH MY GOD!! It’s ME!!! That’s what I thought as soon as I saw Jaxson Reese Mustille. I literally saw my face  and head superimposed on a screaming newborn. It looked like bad special effects from a ‘B’ movie at best. I am not going to lie; it freaked me out a bit. As a nurse I was so busy assessing my wife and new baby that I felt like I was working but then it hit me and I smiled. Jax is 11 months old now and that smile that I first had for him has never faded. For me the thought of becoming a father was exciting because of the things that I was going to be able to teach him. My wife Erin and I would talk about what things that seemed so routine to her and I would now be new and exciting to him. Going for a walk on the beach, riding a bike, jumping the waves. For Jax everything is new! One of my greatest joys is watching Jax learn something, have a new experience or solve a problem. I have been known to just sit and watch him play using all of his senses to explore the world around him. I try to allow him to solve problems  by himself and watch in joy as he connects motor skills with his intent.

Sharing my world of surfing, diving, fishing, love of the ocean and snowboarding plus the drive of constant learning and exploration excites me the most. The smile that I get when I think of watching Jax ride his first wave, reel in his first salmon, dive underwater, explore the tide-pools and learn to hold an edge snowboarding is indescribable. It is pure love.

As a father I want Jax to experience everything the world has to offer. Our family is lucky enough to be able to travel for free to almost anywhere in the world (Erin is a flight attendant). So after we read books or see movies about lets say Africa, we are going to go to Africa on a safari. When he discovers ‘new’ old music we can go to the rock-n-roll hall of fame to expand his library. Life for me has always been about the experience, participation and stretching my comfort level. I want to share and instill that same love of adventure that both my wife and I have with Jax. For the holidays last year Erin and I got Jax his first passport. He certainly got enough toys from the aunties, grandmas and cousins. So far we have brought him to Mexico twice and Panama. He has also been to Kauai, Oregon, and all over California. I want Jax to be able to wear those stamps in his passport like badges of honor. They are memories that (when he’s a bit older) he will cherish forever. I have heard people that don’t have kids make jokes that life is over when you have kids and even the people that have kids make excuses why they cant make an event or that its too much trouble to go here or there. For my family, having Jax motivated us to go explore, experience and participate. It may be old hat to Erin and I but the joy that a father (and mother) get from seeing their child experience something for the first time is a feeling that will never get old nor become routine.