Best Baby Blankets 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Aden + Anais 2. Little Giraffe 3. Carter’s
Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket Best Baby Blankets Little Giraffe Luxe Stroller Baby Blanket Carter's Baby  Simple Joys

Baby blankets keep your little munchkin safe, comfortable, and cozy, be it when they’re dozing in the car seat or snoozing on a Sunday. But as much as babies are adorable, there is no denying that they are also very delicate. Thus, finding the perfect blanket can be quite daunting, especially for new parents.

What is the right kind of baby blanket? Is it safe and comfortable for the child? Will one blanket serve various purposes?


It would take a lot of time to compare so many products on the internet and read countless reviews. If you are the parent of a newborn, you probably lack the sleep and energy to scour the web.

Don’t worry, though! We are here to make your life a tad easier.

Having considered all the crucial factors, such as your baby’s comfort and safety, we have curated a list of nine amazing baby blankets.

Hope we can help you find the best baby blanket for your little bundle of joy.

Top 9 Best Baby Blankets 2021

1. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket 

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket Best Baby Blankets

If you are looking for a quality swaddle wrap for your little one, Aden+Anais has one of the best baby blankets for you.
Made of 100% cotton, these swaddle blankets are incredibly gentle against the baby’s skin. The muslin fabric of the blanket is lightweight and breathable, thus reducing overheating and letting your little one snuggle and sleep comfortably.

This swaddle blanket allows you to wrap up your baby perfectly so that they don’t wiggle out while sleeping. It also leaves enough room for them to be cozy and comfortable. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your little ones outgrowing this blanket very soon.

However, the blanket is more than a simple swaddle sack. It serves as a receiving blanket, stroller cover, and myriad other functions. Being highly absorbent and easily washable, even by machine, you don’t have to worry about your baby spitting upon it often.

Now for the fun part, this do-it-all blanket is available in a variety of fun designs featuring Bambi, The Jungle Book, mermaids, Winnie the Pooh, Lion King, and many more! The pack of four would also make for a great gift for baby showers, birthdays, or holidays.


2. Little Giraffe Luxe Stroller Baby Blanket

Little Giraffe Luxe Stroller Baby Blanket

If you are ready to splurge a little, Little Giraffe has the plushest and nicest baby blanket which is worth every penny. 

Made with a 100% poly-microfiber and lined with a satin border, this blanket is buttery soft, and extremely gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. It will keep your child warm and cozy but is also airy enough for your little human to sleep comfortably even during warmer days.

The convenient size of the blanket makes it versatile. You can use it for swaddling, draping over a stroller, a car seat, or as a crib blanket.

This plushy blanket is extremely durable and is sure to last you as good as new for a long time. You can continue using it through their toddler years as well! And who knows, it might become a memorable keepsake for your child, in the years to come.

Spills are the one constant thing in every new mom’s life. However, anything your little one can spill on this blanket can be washed off effortlessly. It’s advisable to air dry this blanket to keep it as soft and lush.

The high value for its relatively higher price makes it one of the best baby blankets for infants. Your little munchkin will be the most comfortable in these, your older kids might want one for themselves, and adults would probably be very envious that it isn’t available in their size.


3. Carter’s Baby  Simple Joys

Carter's Baby  Simple Joys

One staple baby product that parents cannot have enough of is receiving blankets. They are simple and serve numerous purposes. If you are looking for quality blankets to make a new mom’s life a little easier, Carter has an extremely budget-friendly option. 

Made of 100% cotton, Carter’s blankets are available in various unisex colors and designs. Being soft and breathable, these blankets will ensure that your little bundle of joy is cozy and comfortable. You can buy multiple sets of these, thanks to its affordable price; we all know that the more the merrier when it comes to receiving blankets.

These blankets serve all the purposes of a receiving blanket; you can use them to put your baby on the floor, car seat, or anywhere you need to for changing their diapers. Apart from that, these are extremely efficient burp clothes or spit rags.

Stains come off very easily when you wash these blankets. They also get softer with each wash. Air drying is recommended for this product to maintain its fuzziness.


4. Large Premium Knit Baby Swaddle

Large Premium Knit Baby Swaddle

Swaddling restless little ones is hard. Sometimes, they can even wiggle out of the blankets with Velcro, that too quite easily! If you are looking for the perfect swaddling sack, Copper Pearl has one of the best baby blankets for you.

Being made with polyester and rayon blend, the fabric of the blanket is extremely soft, optimally flexible, and highly durable. Unlike pure cotton blankets, these blankets are made of stretchable material so that you can wrap up your baby into a warm and cozy little burrito.

But don’t worry, the blanket ensures that the baby’s comfort is not compromised. This fuzzy blanket provides your baby with a snug little nest where they can comfortably nap without a care in the world.

The large size of the blanket ensures that your child would not outgrow it easily. In fact, this is the best toddler blanket, if you are looking for an optimally sized, really comfortable, and durable one for your little one.

It is needless to mention that the blanket can be cleaned very easily. It does not lose its color even after multiple washes and only gets softer. However, do refrain from putting this in the drier, to maintain its softness.

Lastly, we understand that versatility is the key. This blanket can be used as a swaddling sack, a nursing cover, a stroller cover, a receiving blanket, or even a security blanket.


5. Hudson Baby Printed Mink with Sherpa Backing

Hudson Baby Printed Mink

Hudson has the best baby blanket for those who are looking for a quality product at an extremely reasonable price. 

Being made of 100% polyester, this blanket is plush and soft, stretchable, and lightweight – all at the same time! The soft fabric is gentle on baby skin, and the thick design makes it ideal for swaddling, cuddling and keeping your little ones warm and cozy.

The blanket is large and stretchable so that you can wrap up your babies without worrying about them wobbling out.
The blanket is durable enough to survive regular washing and drying. Ideal for daily use, these multi-purpose blankets can be used as a swaddle cloth, a burp cloth, or a regular wrapping cloth. You can even make a little dolly by folding it, which can act as a security blanket for your kid.

Additionally, these are budget-friendly, so you can buy as many as you want at a comparatively lower price. An added bonus is all the beautiful and whimsical designs the blanket comes with, such as unicorns, hedgehogs, forest, woodland, and many more.


6. XMWealthy Newborn Knit Baby Wrap

XMWEALTHY Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket Knit Sleeping Bag

Here’s a baby blanket with a modern twist. Shaped like a little sleeping bag, XMWealthy’s blanket is one of the best baby blankets for newborns. 

This hooded sleeping bag/blanket is made from knit acrylic fabric which is meant to keep your tiny one warm and snug. You can use it as a regular blanket, or fold it into a comfy little sleeping bag.

The design is less restrictive than swaddle sacks since it provides babies with more room to move and grow. This blanket would act as a natural fabric cradle for your newborn to sleep in comfortably.

Wooden buttons on both sides of the blanket allow you to wind it into a sleeping bag, or open it up entirely and turn it into a blanket. The buttons are sewn on very tightly to the blanket, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones getting their hands on them. The buttons don’t have a complex clasp, so you can open and close the blankets in a jiffy.

The design makes it very convenient for new moms with no prior experience to effortlessly swaddle their kids. A mere wash is enough to keep it squeaky clean, making it even handier to use.

Made for babies up to 6 months old, this hooded blanket makes for the perfect baby shower gift. Being roomy enough, your child can grow and twiddle around comfortably in this sleeping bag.


7. Nature Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Swaddle 

Nature Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Swaddle 

A classic cotton blanket can never go wrong. Touched by Nature has one of the best baby blankets at a very reasonable price if you are looking for something simplistic. 

Made with 100% organic cotton, this soft and squishy blanket is meant to take care of your little one’s delicate skin. The material being knit makes the blankets passable and flexible.

The blanket is perfectly sized to wrap up your child into a tiny bundle. You need not worry about your baby feeling uncomfortable or sweating due to overheating in it, since the blanket is lightweight. It is perfect for both parents and babies.

Great for everyday use, these blankets are multi-purpose. Need to swaddle your baby? Or perhaps your little one spit up? Or maybe you simply need a regular wrap to cover your child? This plush little blanket will take care of all these needs.

Washing the blanket is a piece of cake. And they even retain their color and quality after multiple washes. Lastly, available in various cute designs, this is one of the most affordable organic cotton blankets you can find anywhere.


8. Aden + Anais Dream Blanket

Aden + Anais Dream Blanket

For those who need a quality, large, do-it-all baby blanket and are ready to shell out a bit of extra cash, Aden+Anais has the best baby blanket for your child. 

Made of 100% cotton, the blanket is double layered with a thick edging. You can securely wrap your little one in this without worrying about them getting uncomfortable or escaping the wrap.

The muslin fabric is so soft and tender on your baby’s skin that they will instantly fall asleep while you swaddle them in it. Designed to prevent overheating, this snug blanket will provide your little ones with a warm and cozy cradle where they can snuggle and snooze comfortably.

Ideal for swaddling, this blanket can also be used as a stroller cover, a wrap cloth, or simply for keeping them warm and snug in the car, a stroller, or a crib. No matter if you have a fussy toddler or a tiny newborn, this blanket is perfect for all of them.

The blanket is machine-washable, but washing it with hands and air-drying is recommended if you want to keep it as soft. Removing stains from this blanket is extremely easy, and it only gets softer with every wash while also maintaining its color and quality.

Available in a number of cute designs, this ‘magic’ blanket ensures that your little one is safe and secure. The product has a very high value for its price, but if you are still skeptical, the company will fully refund you if you are not satisfied with it.


9. Rosie Pope Baby Girls

Rosie Pope Baby Girls

If you are looking for a standard set of receiving blankets for a newborn, Rosie pope has one of the best baby blanket sets for your tiny one. 

Made of 100% cotton, these blankets are incredibly soft. The fabric is made of jersey cotton, which is very lightweight, breathes well, and is stretchable too. Overall, it makes for a very safe, secure, and cozy swaddle. The soft fabric is hypoallergenic and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Being reasonably priced, you can buy a bunch of these blankets which would be an ideal decision for frequent use.
Relatively smaller than large swaddle wraps, this blanket is ideal for swaddling newborns or small babies. On the other hand, being bigger than most receiving blankets, these blankets can be used in various other ways, such as covering strollers, or as nursing covers, or even as burp cloths.

Moms would love these because they are so easy to clean and machine washable. The quirky little designs these blankets come in are a cherry on top.


Factors To Consider Before Buying Your Best Baby Blanket

1. Purpose

The first thing to figure out is the purpose you’re buying the blanket for. There are different kinds of baby blankets – receiving blankets, security blankets, swaddling blankets, and so on. We have tried to cover all the types, even the ones which serve multiple purposes so that you can find the best baby blankets for your little ones.

2. Material

It is absolutely crucial that the material with which baby blankets are made is soft, breathable, and lightweight.
It goes without saying that a baby blanket must be soft. It will ensure that your little ones are snug, safe, and warm. Cotton is certainly the best choice for the delicate skins of children. However, if your little one is especially feisty, a more flexible material such as polyester would make for better swaddle sacks.

No matter what blanket you choose, it must be breathable for your child’s safety and comfort. This feature would also make sure that the blanket does not get too warm while your baby is wrapped in it.
A heavy blanket might create a suffocating environment for babies. Even if the blanket is large, as long as it is lightweight and cozy, your baby will find a safe little home in it.

3. Safety

There are a few things you might want to avoid while shopping for a baby blanket. Too much fur or decorative additions such as tassels might become serious choking hazards for your little ones. The fabric of the blanket must also be hypoallergenic since baby skin is very sensitive.

4. Maintenance

Baby blankets are essential that need frequent washing. So, you might want to make sure that whatever you buy can be washed easily, and is durable enough to handle multiple washes.

5. Price

The price tag is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of the product you are buying. A baby blanket is an investment. We simply have to make sure that the price aligns well with the quality of the product i.e. the value for the price is high.


1. What Are The Various Types Of Baby Blankets?

Some of the most common and useful kinds of baby blankets are as follows.

  • Swaddle Blankets: Meant for swaddling, snuggling, and putting your child to sleep.
  • Receiving Blankets: Meant for various purposes such as using as a burp-cloth, covering strollers, placing on any platform to change your kid’s diaper, and so on.

2. What Is The Ideal Size For A Baby Blanket?

It depends upon what kind of blanket you are using. Swaddling blankets should preferably be large (46”x46”), although we must also make sure that they are breathable. However, receiving blankets can be of a slightly smaller size (30”x30”).

3. What Kind Of Blanket Is Best For Babies?

Any blanket which is lightweight, breathable, and soft will be ideal for your little ones. Apart from that, it depends on how you want the blanket to serve you.

4. Do Newborns Need A Blanket?

When you are carrying or swaddling a newborn, you definitely need a blanket. However, if your child is under a year old, blankets might be a suffocating health hazard while they are asleep. So, you might want to keep blankets, soft toys, or pillows out of the crib. A swaddle sack or a sleeping bag, which babies cannot undo by themselves, can be a great way to keep them warm while they sleep.

Summing Up

Blankets are investments. With a small child, you will need a stockpile of blankets serving various purposes. When buying them, you simply have to make sure that they are comfortable and safe for your child as well as clean easily.
We have taken into account your key essential needs, ensuring that both you and your child are satisfied. And no matter what you may pick, we hope your little one finds a safe little haven in their blanket.