Best Baby Carriers 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Ergobaby Embrace 2. Boba Wrap 3. You+Me
Ergobaby Embrace Best Baby Carrier Boba Wrap Baby Carrier You+Me 4-in-1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Are you planning to buy a carrier for your baby? Well, as a new parent, you would, of course, want to keep your baby close to you and yet have your hands free to get things done. Every parent would, of course, want the best baby carriers for their newborn as it is a cuddly and a practical way to carry your baby.

The baby carrier picked by you should be comfortable, convenient, and flexible. But have you wondered as to what could happen if you end up making the wrong choices for your baby? You could end up leaving your baby and yourself in complete discomfort and agony.


Why not take advantage of the useful information provided on this page on everything that you need to know about baby carriers. You must admit that it can be quite a challenge to search for the best baby carriers for newborns.

Here are some of the most popular carriers for babies that are high in demand among parents of newborns as they are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and promote healthy hip positioning.

Top 35 Best Baby Carriers 2020

1. Ergobaby Embrace Infant Carrier 7-25 Pounds

Ergobaby Embrace Best Baby CarrierThis soft and cozy carrier for newborns is very simple and easy to use. The soft knit fabric holds the baby close to the parent, and the supportive waist belt and cross straps keep the baby comfortable and secure.

There is no extra infant insert needed for the newborn carrier as it is easy to handle being light in weight & compact. The directions are easy to follow, and it also has great head and neck support. The adjustable waistbelt can easily adapt as the baby grows in size and weight. The carrier is highly recommended, and you indeed don’t need any other product if you have this one.

Ergobaby is a brand that you can trust on with its ergonomically designed products that are safe, secure, and comfortable for the baby. The company will replace its products if found defective or with any manufacturing flaw.

The newborn carrier is acknowledged as a healthy hip product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. If you are looking for something that is simple, easy, and comfortable, this is just perfect for your baby.


  • Excellent carrier for newborns
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comfortable and cozy for baby
  • Padded and adjustable waistbelt
  • Supportive cross straps
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Slightly higher price

2. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Boba Wrap Baby CarrierBoba Wrap brings you one of the best baby carriers, which is just perfect for both the baby and mother. The carrier can easily last for the first few months of parenthood as well as go beyond for years. Made from machine washable soft and stretchy 95% cotton fabric, the carrier is ergonomically designed for the baby’s soft body.

With an even weight distribution and a comfy seat for baby, it takes care for total comfort for both mom and the newborn. It is just perfect for the nursing moms as it is easy to breastfeed in complete privacy, and there is no need to take out the baby from the carrier.

The product ensures easy care and long-term durability. The natural fiber allows for easy airflow, while the cool grey color is both calming and meditative. You can look forward to a healthy hip development for you baby because of the perfect ergonomic seat.

You can simply follow instructions and enjoy some close and comfortable moments with your baby. You also get full support from the kind and knowledgeable Boba Wrap team who stand by their product.


  • Easy to tie and use
  • 95% Cotton fabric used
  • One size fits all
  • Comfortable stretch and support
  • Perfect ergonomic seat
  • Great customer support


  • May become hot at times because of many layers

3. You+Me 4-in-1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

You+Me 4-in-1 Ergonomic Baby CarrierGet the best baby sling for newborns, and you are sure to find the 4-in-1 ergonomic baby carrier that is just perfect for all your needs. The ergonomic baby carrier is made of heather grey fabric, which is both comfortable and stain-resistant.

This is the perfect gear for all the newborns or infants, and the carrier will see them through toddler years. What’s more that is added to the comfort for the baby is the padded built-in head support and the narrow seat setting. The 3D cool mesh is breathable and keeps the baby cool and comfortable with excellent airflow.

When you use the YOU+ME baby carrier with the carrier or even separately, your baby will cuddle up like a wrap. You can use any of those four ergonomic ways to carry your baby with different facing options.

However, the front carry facing is ideal for babies, while the back-carry seat is great for infants. The product is easy to care for and is easily washable. The very safe and secure baby carrier is highly recommended for all parents who love to be close to their babies at all times.


  • Ergonomically designed with 4 options
  • 3D cool mesh for exceptional airflow
  • Padded built-in head support
  • Tested to the highest standards
  • Compatible to machine wash & dry


  • Not very stable for smaller babies

4. Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360 Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360 Baby CarrierErgobaby offers an all-in-one baby carrier that is just perfect for a growing baby. You can use the carrier from newborn to toddler and carry your precious being with care and comfort at all times.

There is no need for any separate infant insert as the baby carrier includes all carry positions with a large storage pouch. The thoughtfully designed product not only keeps your baby safe and secure but also shields him from sun and wind. Moreover, you get complete privacy while breastfeeding because of its easy and one-handed slider that is easy to use and is adjustable.

The extra padded shoulder straps and lumbar support waistbelt offer exceptional comfort and support for your body as well as for the baby. You can wear the backpack style waist belt for maximum comfort. Made from 100% premium cotton, the carrier is easy to carry and wash in machine.

The ergonomically designed baby carrier is acknowledged as hip-healthy as it adapts and adjusts to the weight and size of the bay as he grows. Hence, you should take advantage of the unique buy-back and restoration program offered by the company.


  • All-in-one baby carrier
  • Ergonomic natural carry positions.
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Extra padded support
  • Easy to use
  • Machine washable


  • Not ideal for tiny or newborn babies

5. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible CarrierOne of the best baby carrier models come from Infantino, which is an absolute favorite with the parents because of the top material quality, higher durability, and reliable support. It is just right for infants weighing 8-32 pounds and offers four natural ways of carrying the baby and newborns.

There is a narrow seat for newborns while a wider seat for older babies. Your baby can enjoy a completely customized fit because of the adjustable seat and comfortable straps as well as waist belt.

Get complete support for the small infants because of the advanced baby carrier design, which is ergonomic in nature and continues to offer support as the baby grows. The product includes the convenient cover bib to shield your carrier and clothing.

The carrier is very simple and easy to care for as it is machine washable, and there is no need for an infant insert, and it is also a great carrier at a great price that is so easy to put on and use.


  • Great 4 in-1 convertible carrier
  • Top quality and great durability
  • Completely customized fit
  • Advanced ergonomic designing
  • Simple and easy to care


  • Not ideal for smaller babies

6. Líllébaby Ergonomic All Seasons Baby Carrier

Líllébaby Ergonomic All Seasons Baby CarrierThe all seasons baby carrier boasts of six carry styles and with 360-degree babywearing. The ergonomic baby carrier is made of a breathable mesh and thus provides comfort & support to your baby the whole day long.

The top-rated baby carrier has just about everything you are looking for in the product, a secure and comfortable headrest, unique lumbar support, zippered pocket, adjustable straps, and a hood for protection from sun and wind. The generous padding ensures optimum padding and comfort for your baby.

The complete all seasons baby carrier allows you to carry your baby in six different ways. The zip-down front allows you higher control over the baby carrier, and the detachable sleeping cover & extendable torso only adds to your and baby’s comfort and convenience.

Now you can hold your child in comfort and style and enjoy that hands-free comfort when on the go. Baby carriers are not just about holding your baby in comfort; they also keep you close to your body and nurture that natural bond.


  • All season baby carrier with ergonomic design
  • Six carry styles
  • 360-degree baby wearing design
  • Generous padding and unique features
  • Hip healthy carrier
  • Extra comfort and convenience


  • No padding for baby’s legs

7. Ergobaby All Carry Positions Baby Carrier

Ergobaby All Carry Positions Baby CarrierThe best baby wearing carrier comes from the brand Ergobaby is the lightweight and breathable all-mesh carrier boast of an ergonomic design that can be adjusted for all carry positions. You can get the baby to face towards you or the world or carry him on your hip or back. The adjustable seat can ergonomically support your baby in all carry positions.

The soft, lightweight, & durable mesh material keeps your baby in comfort and is easy to wash and care for as it is 100% machine washable. The padded shoulder straps and lumbar support waistbelt only add to the comfort as they help to reduce stress on shoulders and back.

What is unique about the baby carrier is its thoughtful design, which enables to get adjusted to multiple wearers. The easy-to-adjust carrier provides extra back comfort as your baby grows and is suitable for all body types.

You should use the tuck away baby hood to protect your baby from sun and wind, and also when you want to breastfeed him. You should shop for this award-winning baby carrier that is comfortable and functional.


  • Award-winning baby carrier
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 100% machine washable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Can adjust to multiple wearers


  • Be aware of fake Ergobaby product

8. Unichart 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier

Unichart 360 All Carry Positions Baby CarrierUnichart 360 baby carrier is perfect for babies from 0- 36 months and offers12 carrying positions. Thus, one can adjust the carrying positions as their baby grows and keep him comfortable because of the ergonomic seat design that keeps his hips and legs in comfort.

The baby feels both close and comfortable with the mother because of the sloping seat. You can use the hip seat be it with or without the baby carrier, which promotes proper hip development. There is no stress or strain as the padded shoulder strap design distributes the baby’s weight evenly.

The use of high-quality soft and comfortable cotton fabric for the product keeps it skin-friendly and breathable. Some of the other features include soft padding inside, a side pocket to store small items, and safety buckles to provide enhanced strength and safety.

The detachable wind cap offers added protection from wind and sun and keeps him comfortable. This is a perfect baby carrier for you if looking for a durable and comfortable product.


  • 360 baby carrier offers 12 carrying positions
  • Ergonomic seat design
  • Proper hip development
  • High-quality cotton fabric
  • Safety buckles and soft padding


  • The seat part is a bit bulky

9. Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby CarrierThis all-in-one baby carrier is one of the best baby carriers out there and for good reasons. The carrier adapts and adjusts to your growing baby and provides all carry positions. Thoughtfully designed, the product will not only hold your baby securely but also keep him protected from sun and wind.

You also enjoy complete privacy while breastfeeding him/her. Extra padding on the shoulder straps and waist belt provides exceptional support and maximizes comfort. The one-handed slider adjustment makes it a lot easier to use and adapts from newborn to toddler.

Made from 100% premium cotton, the baby carrier is machine washable. A large storage pouch offers extra storage, and Ergobaby promises to replace any product if found with a material or manufacturing defect.

International Hip Dysplasia Institute has acknowledged the all-in-one baby carrier to be hip healthy. The carrier is no doubt extra cozy for baby and is designed to fit multiple wearers.


  • Ergonomic all-in-one baby carrier
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Extra padding and comfort
  • Adjustable and machine washable
  • Highest safety standard
  • Hip healthy


  • Not great stain resistance

10. Babybjörn Mini Baby Carrier

Babybjörn Mini Baby CarrierThis is just the perfect first carrier that you are looking for newborns. The easy-to-use baby is just ideal for those first few months when the newborns need extra comfort and closeness. The baby enjoys good support around his back, legs, and hips.

The easy to use carrier comes with few adjustable buckles and is easy to put on and remove. The baby gets continual ergonomic support with an adjustable seat and head as he grows. You can pick from these 2 front-carrying options when you use this baby carrier.

The soft and lightweight fabric of the baby carrier keeps your baby cozy and comfortable and are machine-washable. Being made up of technically advanced 3D mesh, the soft material is just perfect for the delicate skin of the baby.

Users who buy the baby carrier have no complaints at all and highly recommend the product to other parents. After all, this is a lot softer and tiny baby-friendly and just great for the first year.


  • Perfect first carrier
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • 2 front-carrying options
  • Continual ergonomic support
  • Machine-washable


  • Can’t be used for longer time as the baby grows

11. Tula Baby Carrier

Tula Baby CarrierTula Baby Carrier provides an ergonomic M-position seat that creates optimal comfort and support for the development for baby’s body. The fresh modern print of the archer makes parenting even cooler, and your baby will indeed look adorable in the baby carrier with a mustard yellow leg padding and repeating pattern of arrows.

The archer’s appealing style is not just about the looks but also optimal functioning. The infant carrier comes with sturdy padded construction and is therefore both comfortable and durable. It is indeed comfortable and flattering for any body type.

You will definitely enjoy a great day out with your baby as you settle him comfortably in the Baby Tula Archer Infant Carrier with an eye-catching print and charming trim.

The product can be used from 15-45 pounds, and it is easy to care for and maintain as it is machine washable. The users highly recommend the carrier and are so glad that they chose it. It is just perfect and reasonably priced too!


  • Ergonomic baby carrier
  • Appealing style and pattern
  • Sturdy, padded, and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Could have more carrying position

12. Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby CarrierHold your little one closer to your heart and spend your day in total comfort and style once you get this Nalakai luxury baby carrier. Let your baby feel that sense of trust & belonging as you hold him close to your chest, wrapped in a loving embrace.

The womb-like position of the baby carrier and the soft baby sling will make the baby fall asleep as soon as you settle him down. There are several unique designs and colors to pick from.

Being made of eco-friendly linen, the grey and cream stripes resemble as one of the super soft bamboo and sandy beaches. The ultra-strong and lush woven fabric comes in a neutral design that looks gorgeous with copper-colored rings.

The baby carrier boasts of the safest carry position and with healthy hip positioning as the baby is held correctly as he settles naturally in the M position. The best forward-facing baby carrier keeps your baby comfortable and safe, and one can even see while you breastfeed him/her privately.


  • Total comfort and style
  • Luxury baby carrier
  • Eco-friendly linen
  • Healthy hip positioning
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Amazing customer service


  • Might be uncomfortable for carrying larger babies

13. Maya Wrap ComfortFit Ring Sling

Maya Wrap ComfortFit Ring SlingIf you are in search of the best baby carrier, check out the Maya Wrap baby carrier with a grab-n-go design. This is a no-fuss product with a bulk-free shoulder strap that will never twist or bunch. Get complete comfort for your baby with the carrier that is made from durable, high-quality materials.

Maya Wrap is a brand that has been in the industry for more than 25 years now and offers the support you and your baby deserve. This easy, fast, and fully adjustable carrier is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for your baby.

The ComfortFit ring sling carrier is one of the highest quality products in the market. Each ring is tested individually for strength and integrity, and thus is ideal for hip development.

Those slings hold the baby’s hips in the right position as recommended by experts for the better growth of hips and spine. The carrier adjusts to your baby’s body size and weight and offers four different customizable positions. So, you can either let your baby to settle by facing in or facing out to see the world.


  • No-fuss product
  • Soft and 100% natural cotton
  • Grab-n-go design
  • High-quality materials used
  • Ideal for hip and spine development


  • Could have more colors

14. Babybjörn Baby Carrier One

Babybjörn Baby Carrier OneBaby Carrier One is meant to offer that closeness and comfort you seek for your baby, and the ergonomic baby carrier reinforces that parent-child bond from day one. The baby carrier has all that you seek in a good quality carrier, such as padded shoulder straps and a sturdy waist belt.

The flexible fabric adds more to the security and comfort that you want for your newborn baby. The carrier allows you to hold the baby in a natural position, and one can choose that from two height positions and front-facing or on your back. You have never felt surer and more comfortable as you carry your child with the best forward facing baby carrier.

The best part is that the Baby Carrier One adjusts to your baby’s size and weight as he grows and offers him the right support on the hips, back, and neck due to the flexible straps.

You can enjoy the closeness with your baby as he sits safely and comfortably without the support of your hands. International Hip Dysplasia Institute has certified the carrier to be hip-healthy. Take advantage of the versatile baby carrier and explore the countryside in total comfort with your baby.


  • Ergonomic baby carrier
  • 4 front and back carrying positions
  • Flexible and adjustable straps
  • Sturdy waist belt
  • Built-in infant insert


  • Adjusting the straps involves lots of practice

15. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier With Stretchy Infant Sling

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier With Stretchy Infant SlingAnother best baby carrier for newborns comes from the brand, Boba Wrap. The one-size wrap is just perfect for those first three months of parenthood. It is the ease and simplicity of the design that makes the baby carrier a clear winner and has been enjoyed by moms and babies together for more than a decade now!

The soft and stretchy fabric feels comfortable on the skin and is machine washable. The ergonomic design of this carrier is created for even weight distribution, which further adds to the comfort, and it is therefore easy to tie and breastfeed in without exposing anything to the outer world. You can even insert a customized seat for your baby.

The Spandex in the carrier retains its shape and does not sag or loosen up with time. The 95% Cotton is a natural fiber that is known for its long-term durability.

Every time you wrap your baby, you can be sure of offering him the right posture for healthy hip development. The knowledgeable support team of Boba team is always there to help you out with any of your queries. The baby carrier has indeed made life a lot easier for new moms!


  • Easy to use and care for
  • Soft, comfortable, and secure
  • Ergonomic and simple design
  • Excellent customer care
  • One size fits all design


  • Not suitable for plus-sized mom

16. Infantino Cuddle Up Face-in Front Ergonomic Carrier

Infantino Cuddle Up Face-in Front Ergonomic CarrierThe ergonomic face-in front baby carrier has some unique features that make it special. For example, the unique arched canopy keeps the baby safe and protected from sun and wind while the wide seat offers him just the right support he needs for his back, hips, and legs.

Get ready for a safe and comfy ride with your baby in this ergonomic carrier from Infantino. The new moms and dads will simply love the easy to use a carrier with a wide waist belt and adjustable shoulder straps. The carrier can adjust to different body types and sizes.

The special design of this best baby wearing carrier allows an even transfer of weight and ensures a more comfortable fit. This Cuddle Up carrier indeed looks adorable and cute with that detachable teddy bear hood as well as a pocket for parents.

You can use the carrier in front or as a backpack Moreover, it is very easy to care and maintain this carrier as it is machine washable.


  • Ergonomic baby carrier
  • Comfortable seat and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Removable canopy hood
  • 2 ways to carry
  • Great Value for a great price
  • Machine washable


  • May be a little small for big sized babies

17. Ergobaby Pure Black Embrace Baby Wrap Carrier

Ergobaby Pure Black Embrace Baby Wrap CarrierThe Ergobaby pure black baby carrier will soon feel like a second skin to you, and you would be glad to find a product that suits both you and your baby. What makes it the best baby sling carrier is the soft knit fabric that is soothing for the newborn.

There are also no complicated buckles and belts so as to enhance the ease of use. The padded carrier offers complete comfort for your baby as he grows and offers him optimum head and neck support.

There is no need of infant insert for this carrier and is thus ready to use for your newborn babies. You can easily roll up the soft and cozy baby wrap in your diaper bag and carry it with you and hold your baby with confidence. International Hip Dysplasia Institute has acknowledged it as a healthy hip product.

The good news is that the product comes with the ErgoPromise, and you can always replace the carrier for any manufacturing or material related defects.


  • Soft and cozy baby wrap
  • No complicated wrapping
  • Supportive waistbelt and straps
  • Lightweight & compact
  • No infant insert needed


  • Not suitable for plus size mothers

18. Fruiteam 6-in-1 Baby Carrier With Waist Stool

Fruiteam 6-in-1 Baby Carrier With Waist StoolWhat makes the 6-in-1 Baby Carrier from the brand FRUITEAM special is its excellent material and 100% quality assurance. The baby carrier is made of pure high-quality cotton that is just perfect for the delicate skin of the baby, which keeps him/her comfortable while being carried by its mother or father.

This is a one size fits all baby carrier as one can use it for infants and young children from 0-36 months. The carrier not only keeps the baby comfortable, but also promotes his healthy development. The best part is that parents can use the baby carrier safely and can keep their hands free to protect the baby from other mishaps at the time of need.

The Fruiteam Baby Carrier comes with a hip seat that only adds to the safety and comfort of the carrier. Give your baby the total comfort and intimate protection that he needs.

Plus, the product enjoys 100% quality assurance and comes with years of guarantees. The company remains committed to providing a better life for mothers and babies. Moms and dads who buy the carrier find everything perfect and happy with their purchase.


  • 6-in-1 Baby Carrier
  • Excellent material and quality
  • One size fits all
  • Promotes healthy development
  • Quality assurance and guarantee


  • Sun shade could be a little bigger

19. Ergobaby Adapt Infant To Toddler Carrier

Ergobaby Adapt Infant To Toddler CarrierIf you are looking for the best baby carrier that can serve you from newborn to toddler, then your search ends with the Ergobaby Adapt infant to toddler carrier. The award-winning carrier can carry your baby with confidence and can easily adapt to the growing baby from 0-48 months.

There is no need for that extra infant insert for your newborn. Being made from 100% premium cotton, you can wear your baby on the front, back, or hip in the multi-position baby carrier. The extra padded shoulder straps and padded lumbar support waistbelt create the exceptional comfort that you are looking for at the back.

Make use of those buckles to make adjustments as the baby grows. The ergonomic design of the carrier is acknowledged to be hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

It is one of the kinds of baby carriers that come with buyback and restoration programs. After all, the brand Ergobaby stands by its products and in case you find any manufacturing or material defect, you can ask for an immediate replacement.


  • Award-winning carrier
  • Suits growing baby from 0-48 months
  • No extra infant insert needed
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Extra padded straps and waist belt
  • Helps in keeping the hip healthy
  • Great customer support


  • No back wearing

20. Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier

Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap CarrierBaby K’tan Original wrap baby carrier is an award-winning carrier that offers to open a hassle-free and hands-free experience with their baby anytime and anywhere. Hence, you can say goodbye to those frustrations and complications of dealing with an excess fabric of the wrap or a carrier that is just too complicated to use.

The versatility and flexibility of the double-loop design can keep your little one close to you, safe, and in total comfort. The carrier offers you to pick from 5 positions, and you can choose the right one based on your needs and the preferences of your baby.

The unique baby wrap design is made of high-quality cotton and holds the baby in the best position for an easy breastfeeding or sleeping position.

The breathable fabric feels soft on the baby’s skin and offers him a cooling comfort and completely safe and secure position to view the world. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has also approved the carrier to be hip healthy for the newborn babies & toddlers.


  • Award-winning baby carrier
  • Hassle-free and hands-free experience
  • 100% natural soft cotton
  • Hip healthy approved
  • Five different positions for baby
  • Machine washable


  • May not fit tall and brad dads

21. Songmay 360° Baby Soft Carrier

Songmay 360° Baby Soft CarrierYou can get maximum comfort for you and your baby with the 360° baby soft carrier from the SONGMAY brand. The ergonomic carrier is made from durable material and has an adorable design. The baby carrier is well known for multi-functions and different positions such as front-outward, inward, backpack carry, single strap carrying, and much more.

It is just perfect for your growing baby as it can easily support him/her from 4-36 months. The padded waistband and shoulder straps offer the right support that you need for baby and to maintain a healthy posture when carrying your baby.

Take advantage of the headrest and lumbar support and a hood for wind & sun protection. This carrier comprises zippered pocket and adjustable straps that make the carrier even more useful. The durable mesh fabric allows superior breathability and airflow, and thus, provides ergonomic support for the baby.

This ergonomic baby carrier is made by trusted name and is internationally certificated and exceeds international safety standards. Being approved by CPSC, this is a product that you can trust and are sure to love.


  • Ergonomic baby soft carrier
  • Multi-functions and positions
  • Padded waistband and straps
  • Zippered pocket and adjustable straps
  • Durable mesh fabric
  • Approved by CPSC and internationally certificated


  • Fabric may fade with time

22. Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier

Baby Tula Explore Baby CarrierThe easy-to-use and ergonomically designed Tula Explore Baby Carrier offers all the features you need for the comfort of your baby. With multiple carry positions and adjustable head support as well as variable width settings, you can indeed find the right carrier that is just perfect for your newborns or toddlers.

You get multiple positions to carry out your baby, i.e., facing in, facing out, or back carry. No matter what position you choose, you can count on getting the most natural and ergonomic position for your baby that keeps him in total comfort as well as ensures proper healthy hip and spine development for baby.

You can use the adjustable and padded neck support pillow to provide optimum support for the baby in multiple positions.

You can also use the innovative body panel that adjusts in three width settings and allows a perfect fit for your baby as he grows from newborn baby to its early toddlerhood. Being made with 100% pure and lightweight cotton, the Baby Carrier is easy to manage, clean, and maintain as it is a machine-washable product.


  • Ergonomically designed easy-to-use carrier
  • 100% pure and lightweight cotton
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Wide padded waistband helps
  • Padded neck support
  • Multiple positions to carry
  • Proper healthy hip and spine development
  • Machine washable


  • Not for petite parents

23. Beco 8 Adaptable Carrier For Babies

Beco 8 Adaptable Carrier For BabiesBeco is a brand that has been in the industry for many years now and is known for making the perfect baby carriers that provide total comfort, are durable, and easy to maintain. The carrier comes with every feature you need, such as infant insert, hood and headrest, lumbar support, pockets, tri-lock buckles, dual adjustments, and more.

You can use the carrier well till your baby’s toddlerhood, and it is very safe and easy to clean as well as maintain. This is indeed one of the most back-pain friendly carriers on the market today for the babies.

The wide, supportive waist band is firm, and the shoulder straps are well padded to ensure good support and spread the weight evenly. The zippered mesh panel, convertible seat, and storage pockets only add to comfort and convenience.

The sunshade and head support for the baby is built-in, and one also enjoys detachable lumbar support. As the product is machine washable, life only gets easier and more convenient for you with your baby.


  • Perfect baby carrier
  • Many useful features
  • Back-pain friendly carrier
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Higher comfort and convenience
  • Machine washable


  • The hood could be a little bigger

24. Líllébaby Six-position Baby & Child Carrier

Líllébaby Six-position Baby & Child CarrierMade from 100% recycled polyester fabric, the lightweight and water-resistant material of the baby carrier is just perfect for a family for a hike or day out. This is indeed seen as one of the best baby carriers that is adventure-ready and offers ergonomic comfort.

With padded straps and waist belt, the lumbar and neck support not only holds your baby in comfort but also offers you complete stability and support you as well as your baby that is required for the whole day long.

The baby carrier features multiple zippered pockets and a water bottle pouch. Thus, there is no need to carry extra baggage for your baby.

Bring out that functional style and keep your baby close to you at all times to build a natural bond. The one-size-fits-most carrier is the most comfortable and allows families to balance comfort and independence with the right choice. You must take advantage of features like a removable hood, two-way strap, and head support for baby. There are even reflective details for greater visibility.


  • 100% recycled water-resistant material
  • Durable and comfortable
  • 7 convenient pockets
  • padded waist belt and comfort straps
  • The one-size-fits-most carrier


  • The color shade as depicted is not available

25. Acrabros Hands Free Baby Wrap

Acrabros Hands Free Baby WrapThe premium baby wrap from the Acrabros brand is well known for that perfect balance of comfort, style, and support. The inward-facing baby wear is a smart way to keep your baby, safe, and protected leave you with free hands for supportive carrying.

You just have to wrap each sling around your back and then cross in front and carry the bay close to you at all times as you move or work. The material of the wrap is so soft and yet so strong, and what surprises you is the great price for such amazing quality. The one-size-fits-all baby carrier offers superior strength and posture stability and allows safe and healthy hip development.

The stretchy and high-quality polyester material is both soft and breathable, and the gender-neutral design comes with double-sided stitching for added strength. The wrap in trendy color is indeed a great addition to your baby care stuffs.

Customers who have bought the product are truly happy with their buy and have highly recommended it to other new parents. Despite its long usage and several washing and drying, the material will still look new and won’t fade.


  • Premium baby wrap
  • Optimum comfort, style, and support
  • A storage bag
  • Soft, stretchy and strong material
  • Easy to use and care for


  • Material may stretch over time

26. Infantino Go Forward 4-in-1 Baby Carrier

Infantino Go Forward 4-in-1 Baby CarrierThe Go Forward carrier from Infantino comes with special features makes it one of the ‘best baby carriers in the market. The ergonomically designed carrier offers four carrying positions, i.e., in-facing, in-facing wide, outfacing & backpack, and seat support.

The waist belt is extendable and firmly padded, and distributes the weight evenly. The carrier keeps the baby’s legs well supported and in a safe position, and it is very easy to switch the baby from forward-facing to facing in backward position.

The intuitive design of the carrier features ergonomic carrying position that provides knee-to-knee support for infants through toddlers and in a fully seated position. What makes the carrier a winner is the weight-transferring waist belt and the use of quality and comfortable material.

So, if you are looking for a baby-friendly, budget-friendly, and back-friendly baby carrier, this is indeed the right choice and especially for that unbeatable price. The baby carrier can accommodate many body types and thus is very popular with new moms and dads.


  • Ergonomically designed baby carrier
  • Four carrying positions
  • Firmly padded and supportive
  • Top quality material
  • Affordable price


  • Can’t share with partner

27. Babybjörn Mini Baby Carrier

Babybjörn Mini Baby CarrierBaby Carrier Mini is an easy-to-use baby carrier that is just perfect for the early months. The soft and comfortable fabric of the carrier feels soothing for the delicate skin of the baby and provides good support to the newborn around his back, legs, and hips.

The small and easy to use mini baby carrier is very simple and easy to use, and you can settle down the baby within no time. As there are few adjustable buckles, you can unfasten the entire carrier with ease and without any complications. There are two front-carrying options, and it is easy on and off for parents and much more comfortable for the newborns.

The lightweight and flexible fabric of the carrier keeps your baby in comfort. The technically advanced 3D mesh offers an incredibly soft feel against your baby’s delicate skin, while the non-elastic and durable fabric outside makes it sturdy.

The ergonomic design offers continual ergonomic support because of the adjustable seat and head support. You must use the facing-out position for your baby at least for the first five months.


  • Easy-to-use baby carrier
  • Ideal for first five months
  • Few adjustable buckles
  • Technically advanced 3D mesh
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not suitable for plus-sized women

28. Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Baby CarrierBaby Tula’s free-to-grow carriers are meant for high-end customers who want only the very best baby carrier for their bundle of joy. The inward-facing baby carrier works great for style-conscious parents who want high quality as well as easy-to-use carriers.

‘Discover’ model is inspired by those early moments in the life of your little one when he looks out at the world with amazement in his eyes. The idea is reflected in those clusters of stars that move across a jet-black background of the carrier.

The innovative body panel allows you to adjust the width and height settings based on your needs. The purpose is to create an ergonomic snug position for the baby and early toddlerhood. The carrier promotes healthy hip and spine development of your baby. As there is no infant insert needed, it acts as an additional feature for the convenience of the carrier.

You can choose from multiple positions to get that natural ergonomic comfort that works best for your baby. The dual-adjustment straps are padded and provide maximum neck & shoulder comfort while a wide padded waistband gives superior comfort.

As the carrier is made from hand-made and lightweight cotton, it gives you baby the smooth and soft feel for its delicate baby skin. Now you can carry him for longer time duration and keep in total comfort of yourself and your baby.


  • Stylish and designer carrier
  • Easy-to-use
  • 100 % hand-made cotton
  • Innovative body panel
  • Ergonomic multiple positions
  • Dual-adjustment straps and padded waistband


  • Material is a bit thick
  • May take some time to adjust the position

29. All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps

All-in-1 Stretchy Baby WrapsThe one-size-fits-all baby wrap is a no more fuss carrier for the baby. A product of KeaBabies, the baby carrier is specially designed with a sturdy fabric that has just the right stretch. Now you can be sure that your baby is safe and snug in the wrap and with no need to readjust the wrap constantly.

Your back & shoulders will not get strained even after a long period of usage of the front-facing baby wrap carrier. No more of those tired arms & aching shoulders!

The one-size-fits-all is simply great for the new baby wearing moms, and no matter what size you are, the wrap will fit you. The trusted baby wrap is designed to distribute weight evenly and keep the baby calm and in comfort as you hold him close to you.

Now you can breastfeed him/her as and when the baby feels hungry and that to in complete privacy. As you nestle him and keep him close, you can feel that enhanced bonding created by those special moments. You can also gift the baby wrap away as it will make a thoughtful and useful baby shower gift.


  • Forward-Facing Baby Sling
  • Durable improved premium fabric
  • Postpartum Belt
  • Breastfeeding Cove
  • Easy to use and fits all


  • Material may stretch over time

30. Boppy Comfyfit Baby Carrier

Boppy Comfyfit Baby CarrierBoppy is a trusted brand when it comes to the baby carrier. The cozy and comfy fit carrier offers two carrying positions, front facing-in and front facing-out. Made of soft spandex material, the yoga-inspired fabric of the carrier makes it easy to use and share among caregivers.

The padded waist belt and wide shoulder straps make the baby carrier even more comfortable and allows ergonomic positioning. As the baby’s weight gets evenly distributed, there is no strain or discomfort for the baby as well as the parent. As there is no infant insert required, it is very easy and convenient to use.

The baby carrier is easy to care and maintain as it is machine washable. The award-winning product has been approved by International Hip Dysplasia Institute as an hip-healthy carrier. The brand has also won other awards like parent approved product and baby maternity magazine product. This is just the right blend of a soft baby wrap and a secure baby carrier.


  • Lightweight, semi-structured and comfortable
  • One-size-fits most
  • Yoga inspired fabric
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Machine washable


  • The insulation can make the carrier a bit hot

31. Beco Gemini Backpack Style Baby Carrier

Beco Gemini Backpack Style Baby CarrierBeco Gemini baby carrier is sure to keep both the baby and the parents happy and also in a good mood. This is one of the best baby carriers that come with new and improved designing and are very best in carrying baby by using its great quality product.

The soft and versatile carrier offers four different carry options and is known for its unmatched durability. As the little carrier is going to last from newborn to toddler, you can look ahead for long years of continued support. The fully adjustable carrier encourages your child to develop normally as it offers ergonomic support and natural positioning.

The ergonomic baby carrier will ensure optimum comfort for your child, and you can pick from a wide range of comfortable carry options such as back carry, facing in, or facing out for your newborn.

Thus, you can use it whatever way you like and go for the most comfortable carry option for your little one. The superior padding and adjustable straps only add to the ergonomic comfort. You must use the large pocket on the waist belt to keep your phone, keys, and other indispensables.


  • Innovative baby carrier
  • 5-in-1 structured carrier
  • Fully adjustable
  • Superior padding and adjustable straps
  • Unmatched durability


  • Not suitable for small and tiny babies

32. Bebamour Designer 2 in 1 Baby Carrier

Bebamour Designer 2 in 1 Baby CarrierBebamour 2 in 1 Baby Carrier is a thoughtful design for new mothers who are looking for different positions that suit their baby. This carrier allows you to carry a baby in six different ways and comes with a proper instruction manual to guide you through the baby’s growth.

The wide cotton padding and adjustable shoulder strap and a foam wedge pad inside the hip seat add to the comfort of both the baby and the mother. The added features include a removable head hood, two baby bibs, and a zipper pocket on the belt.

The breathable fabric and skin-friendly mesh facilitate air circulation in this amazing carrier. You and your baby are going to love this product absolutely, and the customers who have bought this highly recommend it to anyone as they find it so comfortable and easy to use.

Plus, it takes all the weight off your back and thus makes it easier carrying even heavier babies. All those aspects make it one of the best rated baby carriers out there.


  • Thoughtfully designed
  • Six different positions
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Wide padded belt
  • Removable head hood and baby bibs
  • Easy to use and care for.


  • May not fit plus sized moms

33. BabyBjörn 2019 Edition New Baby Carrier

BabyBjörn 2019 Edition New Baby CarrierBeing one of the best front facing baby carriers, the BabyBjörn product is made of super-soft mesh and will carry your baby without getting too hot. The unique mesh fabric offers excellent breathability, and the soft material is extremely durable too. Keep your hands free as you hold and carry your baby close to you, and you can easily switch between several positions with ease.

You can choose from different ergonomic positions for your newborn, facing-in, facing-out, and back carrying. The padded shoulder straps and wider waist belt only add to the comfort. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has certified the carrier to be suitable for proper support and growth of your baby’s legs, hips, & spine.

This is an ergonomic carrier that is comfortable and perfect for children aged 0-36 months. The adaptable design works for the wearer and baby, no matter what size. The mesh fabric is lightweight and machine washable, and thus, is easy to handle the baby with every sort of care.


  • Excellent baby carrier
  • Unique mesh fabric
  • Different ergonomic positions
  • Soft and breathable material
  • Proper support for hips & spine
  • Adaptable design
  • Machine washable


  • Original back strap design was better compared to the latest one

34. 9-in-1 CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling

9-in-1 CuddleBug Baby Wrap SlingCuddleBug baby wraps and carriers carry a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The ergonomically designed 9-in-1 carrier allows you to carry your baby in 9 different ways. Now you can carry him on the hip, the side, back or front kangaroo carry, and more.

You can get things done as your hands are free and yet feel close to your baby at all times. The flexibility and freedom are what makes this model one of the best baby carriers as each different wrap is perfect for the fast-changing needs of the growing newborn.

Enjoy on the go privacy as you can breastfeed your baby with total comfort and security for your baby. The material used is a premium blend of cotton and spandex feels very soft and gentle on the ski, and yet is strong enough to provide optimum support for your baba.

With zero frustration instructions, the learning curve is quick, and you will soon find yourself handling and carrying the baby like a pro. With more of that constant touching and cuddling, you will develop an enhanced bonding with your child.


  • Premium blend material
  • 9 Wraps in 1
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Promotes hip development
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Too small for the plus sized moms

35. Baby Carrier With Vents

Baby Carrier With VentsA product of Bable brand, the carrier is listed among the best baby carrier 2020 offers; this carrier is highly recommended for waist size of 27.5-48, and for babies of 8-20lbs weight. The carrier can be used in different weather conditions and can keep the baby warm and comfortable.

The front panel can be rolled down to keep both the baby and parent cool. The breathable mesh allows a better airflow, and the button provides a good headrest for the baby as well as promotes better circulation in their body. The carrier is easy to use as the side buckles are covered with soft material.

The Bable carrier is just perfect for newborn to one-year-old toddlers, and those adjustable padded shoulder straps and wider waistbelt help in distributing the baby’s weight evenly. Thus, you are able to carry the bay for longer time periods and without feeling any strain on your shoulder or back.

The baby’s knees should be placed high enough for an ergonomic position and promote healthier bone development. As the carrier can be detached from the side, it only makes life easier for the baby and the parent.


  • Except baby carrier
  • Soft mesh fabric
  • Well ventilated and comfortably warm
  • Natural and comfortable position
  • Versatile carrying ways
  • Fits different body size


  • Cheap buckles and straps

Now you are at the next very important segment of the page for here; and thus you will learn about the essential aspects to keep in mind while shopping for the best infant baby carrier.

Thus, you should read carefully and note down all the useful information before you start looking for a carrier for your baby. After all, you would want only the very best for him, don’t you?

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Baby Carrier

Buying a carrier for newborns may sound simple enough, but things are different at the ground reality. For when you go to a local store or search the web, you are sure to get confused by so many different models. However, you can lower the confusion if you are armed with the right model.

Here are some important factors and points to keep in mind while shopping for the best baby carrier.

1. The Quality Of Material

The quality of a baby carrier relies a lot on its material and construction. The material used for the baby carriers should be of top quality and can either be natural or synthetic. Most materials are either cotton or polyester, but one should look for organic fabric. Whatever material you pick, it should be high in tensile and more breathable to add to the comfort of the carrier.

Make sure that the materials used are soft and breathable as well as strong. A super-soft material is sure to be more comfortable and will be more soothing for the delicate skin of the baby.

Organic breathable materials such as cotton provide a comfy feeling for the baby. Some cotton blends offer stretch and comfort support, and thus are very flexible when it comes to nursing. It is a good idea to look for materials with anti-allergic properties.

Hence, look for soft, stretchy organic material in the baby carrier that offers more practicality and is moisture-wicking during the hot weather.

2. Features For Higher Comfort

The comfort of your baby should be your top priority while shopping for a baby carrier. The features that make a carrier truly comfortable are sturdy but softer are its fabrics, padded straps, and good support for the leg and back of the baby. You should assess the carrier or sling for how supportive and comfortable it is for both the baby and the parent.

  • Optimum body support- As the baby rests in the carrier, he will need full support for his body, and this is possible only if the carrier comes with interior padding. Most of the best baby carriers in the market today include internal padding.
  • Size of the leg holes- The size of the holes for the leg should not be big than the size of the baby or else the baby can slip through. This can happen, especially when you are carrying the baby facing in. The legs should be appropriately separated to prevent hip dysplasia.
  • Padded Headrest – The baby carrier should offer ample support for the head and neck, and this is why it is essential to go for a carrier with a padded head rest. With the right support, your baby can breathe properly as he lies against your chest.
  • The baby seat- The seat of the carrier should place the baby close by so that you can keep him close to you and have him in full view. The seat should be supportive and high enough to allow you to pick your baby without leaning too far down.

Look for plenty of support in the well-structured carrier with sturdy, padded straps and a wide seat for the baby.

3. The Weight Of The Carrier

Just like any other products, the weight of a carrier or sling can vary based on the kind of material and padding used in it. A lightweight carrier can weigh as low as 400 gm while a well-structured baby carrier with extra features can weigh close to one kg or more. Keep in mind that the bulkier and heavier carrier can only add extra to your discomfort.

Look for a carrier that is strong, durable, but lightweight and easy to handle. The best front baby carrier is strong and sturdy, and offers optimal support and yet is lightweight and not bulky. A lightweight baby carrier is indeed a blessing in the summer.

4. Straps, Belts And Fasteners

The kind and quality of straps belts and fasteners or buckles of the baby carrier do matter. The best baby carriers in the market are known to have stronger straps, wider belts, and quality buckles for better support and security of the baby.

Look for robust straps that can bear the weight of the baby as well as feel comfortable on the shoulders. Sternum strap piece prevents the shoulder straps from slipping and is highly recommended while carrying a heavy baby.

You will find all kinds of buckles and rings based on the brand that you buy. These fasteners should be of top quality and able to fasten and undo with ease. The waist belt should be wide enough to allow an even weight distribution of the baby across your lumbar.

These features will surely make a world of difference when it comes to the security and comfort of your baby. So, you should look for ergonomic fasteners that are easy to use and allow maximum adjusting as your baby grows. These are some essential aspects to keep in mind while looking for best newborn baby carriers.

5. Handy Extra Features

Some baby carriers come with extra features that actually prove to be very useful, especially when you are outdoors. For example, the detachable canopy keeps your baby protected from sun and wind.

The attachable hood is very handy as you will need it at times to cover your baby, especially on a hot day. Vents are another useful feature that provides ample breathability and is much needed to keep the baby in comfort.

While those extra features tend to add bulk, these are handy and useful and features that you would need while carrying your baby.

6. Simple And Easy To Use

You may have bought a good quality carrier that you think is perfect for your baby. However, things would no longer look perfect if you find it difficult to use the carrier. It can be frustrating if there are too many buckles or you face difficulty in adjusting the baby carrier.

Thus, you should look for a baby carrier that is simple and easy to use and you should look for something straightforward with a nominal adjustment. The user manual should provide clear instructions those fitting to the needs of multiple people using the carrier. The baby carrier should be easy to put on and take off or change the baby’s positions, especially when he is crying.

7. Easy To Care For And Maintain

The best baby carriers for newborns are the ones that come with all the features you need and are easy to care for. The material of the carrier should be machine washable and should be easy to maintain.

So, you should look for washable fabric that is easy to clean and care for. Even after years of usage, and several washings, the baby carrier should hold on to its original shape and look as good as new.

Just keep the above guidelines in mind while shopping for a baby carrier for your little one. After all, he is your precious bundle of joy, and you just cannot afford to make any mistakes here or compromise with his/her safety and comfort.

Choosing the right baby carrier is no longer be an overwhelming task. All you need to do is look for a comfortable, convenient, and flexible carrier for your little one.

Different Types Of Baby Carrier

Before you set out to look for the best baby carrier, you should be aware of the different styles and options available in the market. Just like any other product, you will come across different brands with numerous designs and styles in baby carriers.

  • Wrap sling – The wrap sling is a stretchy fabric material that is wrapped around the body of the baby, his waist, and shoulders. The advantage of these carriers is that they are easy to use and comfortable to wear for longer time periods. Moreover, you can simply fold the wrap and carry it with you, and the excess fabric can be used for privacy while breastfeeding. The downside of these baby carriers is that though they are handy and versatile, you may require some time to get used to with it and manage with it.
  • Soft baby carriers – These baby carriers are the most widely available and commonly used products among the parents. They’re also known as the buckle carriers and are either two-way or three-way based or more on the number of positions. These carriers are easy to use and adjustable, but it can be harder to breastfeed your baby in these carriers.
  • Pouch sling – Pouch slings are like a piece of fabric that is sewn together and folded to form a pocket, and the slings go over the shoulder like a sash. The baby nestles comfortably in the punch on the front or back position. The punch slings are easy to use while on the move and can fit easily into a bag. However, they are not very reliable for newborns, and one has to be careful with the baby.
  • Ring sling- In the case of the ring sling, the fabric is passed through two rings to form a loop, and one can fasten the fabric by pulling it through the rings. Ring slings are fast and easy to use and easily fit both parents. Moreover, they are ideal for breastfeeding. However, they can become uncomfortable after long periods of time, especially with heavier babies or toddlers, as they fail to dissolute the weight evenly between the shoulders.
  • Baby backpacks- These carriers carry a rucksack like an appearance and are supported by a metal frame and padding on the shoulder straps and a waist belt. The metal frame makes it easier for the child to get in and out, and some of the expensive models come with extra features like sun and rain covers or extra space for clothing. Lots of adjustments and possibilities can occur with these carriers, but the size is the major drawback because of the metal frame.

Consider all the pros and cons of the product and its type while looking for the best baby carriers. When parents were surveyed regarding the kind of carrier that they would like for their baby, the majority of them preferred soft structured carriers followed by the wrap sling and pouch sling. If you make the right choices, your carrier shouldn’t give your body aches and pains even after prolonged use, especially around the shoulders and back.

How To Navigate The Counterfeit Market Of Baby Carriers?

Just like any other product, there is a growing counterfeit market for all brands of baby slings and carriers. It can be dangerous for the parents to use fake carriers and low-quality products for your baby. After all, carrying your baby in a counterfeit carrier is also putting their safety and comfort at risk.

Counterfeit baby carriers can only leave you and your baby vulnerable. The materials can be of low quality, and you never know what kind of harmful dyes have been used in fabric, straps, and buckles of the carrier. Bad stitching and flimsy construction can be another cause of worry in a counterfeit product.

If you run into any issues, then there would be no warranty protection. So, how will you keep away from those fake baby carriers in the market? Well, all you need to do is be vigilant and keep your eyes open as well as know what to look for and just follow some rules.

Here are some steps to follow to keep you and your baby safe form low quality and fake baby carrier brands:

  • Buy only from authorized retailers- When you are looking for a certain brand, ensure that you shop only from an authorized seller who is trusted and reputed in the market. Hence, be very wary of online sellers and double-check for their credibility. You should contact them and make sure that you have a couple of referrals before placing an order.
  • Compare the price- Take a good look at the price and the best baby carrier for infants can be surely expensive or carry a higher price. While it can be tempting to buy a lower-priced product, pay close attention to the quality and the price. Some of the price offers can be too good to be true and should send a warning bell.
  • The colors and designs- Most counterfeiters often use some common colors and designs, and once you know how to recognize them, it would be easier for you to make out a fake product. Pay close attention to the composition, and the fake product will look dull and perhaps a little bit shinier in look and brighter in color will attract more parents because of the cheaper quality of material used in some of the carriers.
  • Check the quality- A closer inspection of the product can reveal the low quality of the fabric, discrepancies in the stitching and labels, and buckles. With a little practice and experience, you can easily make out the subtle differences in the quality of the materials and making.
  • Look at the labels -Look at the label for more clues as the label of the fake product usually has just one or two languages, while the real product often has three to five languages on its labels. Also, look out for bad printing and spelling mistakes.

As there are no legal requirements and standards for making and testing of baby carriers, the onus lies on the customers to ensure that they stay away from fake and low-quality baby carriers. You should learn to differentiate a fake from a genuine product so as to keep your baby safe and protected from low-quality baby carriers.

Modern and stylish parents look for top brands that promise high quality in a baby carrier that is trendy yet functional, versatile, and easy-to-use.

FAQs on Baby Carriers

Q1. Is It Safe to Use A Baby Carrier?

Well, if you know you have bought one of the best-rated baby carriers and know how to use it properly, it is 100%safe. You should know the basics of the baby carrier and its safety aspects before you start using one. Keep in mind the ‘TICKS’ rules for safe babywearing and know how to position your baby while keeping your back and spine safe and protected.

Q2. What Is The T.I.C.K.S. Rule?

  • T.I.C.K.S. Rule – is basically how tight, in view, close enough, keep chin off, and support back when you use a baby carrier. The letters are meant to help you remember how to use the carrier and position your baby safely.
  • T for Tight – The sling should be tight enough to position the baby upright with adequate head support. You should make sure your baby doesn’t slump down when you carry him in the carrier.
  • I for In view – Your baby’s face should be in view at all times, in order to ensure that his face, nose, and mouth is uncovered.
  • C for Close to a kiss – The baby should be positioned close enough to you so that you can kiss him any time on his head or cheek. So, make sure that your baby is always close enough.
  • K for Keep chin off the chest- Ensure that the baby’s chin is always away from his body as that can restrict his breathing. Therefore, always keep the chin up and make regular checks.
  • S for Supported back- The baby should always be in a natural position with his tummy and chest against you. What he would need is adequate back support for total comfort and ease.

Q3. How Long Should A Baby Stay In The Carrier?

Well, you can place your baby in the carrier for as long as need, provided that the baby is comfortable and content. You need to buy the best baby sling or carrier for optimum comfort and ensure that everything is adjusted properly in order to keep the baby comfortable.

It is always a good idea to start with a shorter time period of about 15 minutes so that the baby gets used to the carrier. Later, you can extend the time for longer periods.

Still, it is of utmost importance to pay close attention to the baby at all times and needs.

Q4. What Is The Difference Between Carriers For Newborns And Toddlers?

The carriers for newborns are designed for the little one as soon as they are born and without the use of any extra infant insert. However, as the baby will outgrow the newborns’ carriers soon, one has to keep that aspect in mind.

As for the carriers for toddlers, these are designed to last from birth through the toddler stage and are available in many versatile designs and styles. These carriers require an infant insert. While picking a baby carrier, keep in mind the needs and priorities of the baby and the family.

Q5. What Else Should I Know About The Baby Carriers?

As babies love to chew, it is likely that they will chew on the fabric or straps of the carrier. Thus, it is a good idea to keep a dribble bib on hand and protect the clothing of the baby as well as yours to tidy up any mess. Some carriers carry dribble bibs and can work as a useful feature.

Q6. What Are The Leading Brands That Sell The Best Baby Carriers?

You are sure to come across many different carriers for newborns and toddlers, and not all of them carry the same build, quality, or features. Always shop for a quality product from top brands such as Ergobaby, You+Me, Boba Wrap, Infantino, LÃLLÉbaby, Unichart, BABYBJÖRN, Nalakai, Tula, Maya Wrap, Infantino, FRUITEAM, Baby K’tan, Baby K’tan, SONGMAY, Beco, LÃLLÉbaby, Acrabros, Boppy, and more.

Buy Only The Best Baby Carriers For Your Precious One!

We are sure that after going through the comprehensive guide on baby carriers, you feel a lot more confident about making the right choices when it comes to buying a carrier for your baby.

As you hold your newborn baby in your arms, you will soon realize how important it is to give him a safe and secure position and hold him comfortably. Having the best baby carrier provides more stability and comfort for the baby and promotes his health and wellbeing.

Therefore, sway away with all those confusions and just focus on the essential information provided on this page on how to shop for the best carrier for your baby and keep him comfortably close at all times.

It is extremely important that you make the right choices for your baby and keep him healthy and happy. While it is indeed a challenging task to find the best-rated baby carriers, you can make things a lot simpler by keeping the guidelines in mind while shopping for a carrier or a wrap for your newborn baby.