Best Baby Cereals 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Happy Baby Oats 2. Gerber Baby Rice 3. Wutsupbaby Quinoa
Happy Baby Oats & Quinoa Best Baby Cereal Gerber Baby Rice Cereal Wutsupbaby Quinoa and Carrot Baby Cereal 

As a proud parent, it is always the goal to keep your baby healthy and happy. Your bundle of joy might not be expressive vocally about all their discomfort, and as a parent, you need to keep a watch on their health. However, feeding your child with the best baby cereal can help maintain a healthy mental and physical growth.


One should select the best baby cereal for their child according to age to give the required vitamin, mineral, and other nutrition. Here is a list of top baby cereals for the child with all their advantages and disadvantages, which you have to consider before you buy one of them to feed your baby.

This guide will also give you an idea about the factors you must consider while buying cereal for your baby, along with FAQs and some other necessary information.

Top 10 Best Baby Cereals 2020

1. Happy Baby Oats & Quinoa

Happy Baby Oats & Quinoa Best Baby CerealThis product from the house of Happy Family is the best baby cereal to start with, as it is specifically designed to give your baby the benefit of oats and quinoa. The cereal can be mixed in any liquid, including breast milk. It is rich in vitamin C and iron and helps for the overall physical and mental development of the child.

One serving of 3 tbsp can give your baby 50 calories that include 2% calcium, 45% iron, 6% potassium, and 10% vitamin C. No doubt, it is the best organic baby cereal that can enrich your baby with all the nutrients for healthy growth, sharpen the brain, and strengthen the bones and muscles.


  • Purely organic and free from chemicals and pesticides
  • GMO and Gluten-free
  • Rich in protein and iron


  • Some parents complain of stale smell while opening the pack

2. Gerber Baby Rice Cereal

Gerber Baby Rice CerealIf your child has turned 4 months old and the bodyweight has successfully doubled than the birth weight, then it is time to feed the baby with some solid food and breast milk. Gerber had brought the best baby cereal for 4 month old kids made from organically grown rice cereals.

It is rich in Vitamin C, B, and E, along with calcium and zinc. It comes in completely cooked form and is ready to serve upon mixing any favorite drink of your baby, including breast milk. Your baby can get 90% of iron with only two servings of this cereal per day.


  • Easy to digest, as it is a single grain rice cereal
  • The USDA certifies it as 100% organic
  • GMO-free cereal


  • The taste is a bit flat and may not be liked by all babies

3. Wutsupbaby Quinoa and Carrot Baby Cereal 

Wutsupbaby Quinoa and Carrot Baby Cereal While looking for a fiber cereal diet for your baby that can be considered the best first cereal for baby, this product should be in your shopping cart. Apart from the minerals and vitamins that can be obtained from the organically grown quinoa and carrots, it is also rich in amino acids and various omega fatty acids.

The cereal helps your baby develop the brain and the eyes and coordinate with each other apart from overall physical growth. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, thereby helping your child stay fit.


  • Can be eaten by four months to 24 months old baby
  • Free from most of the allergens
  • Organic Certifiers certify the cereal


  • It has a strong smell of quinoa that many babies dislike

4. Probiotic Cereal Of Oatmeal And Banana 

Probiotic Cereal Of Oatmeal And Banana As you look for the best baby oatmeal cereal that can give proper dietary iron support and improve the digestive system of your bundle of joy, this Probiotic Oatmeal and Banana Cereal by Gerber should be one of your choices. It includes real fruits, and it is ready to eat after adding any liquid.

As the baby grows, the body and the tummy also grow, and a probiotic cereal is perfect to balance the diet apart from the breast milk. It acts as a support to the nutrition reaped from mother’s milk.


  • No artificial flavor or sweetener added to this cereal
  • Free from GMOs
  • Rich in vitamins, iron, and calcium
  • Recommended by pediatricians
  • The product is Gluten-free


  • Many complain of the raw banana flavor

5. Gerber Banana, Apple And Strawberry Mix Multigrain

Gerber Banana, Apple And Strawberry Mix MultigrainWhile searching, always go for the best baby cereal available in the market. Many pediatricians recommend this product from the house of Gerber. It contains real fruits like banana, strawberry, apple, and is mixed with whole grains to give your child the much-needed vitamins and minerals.

The cereal will help your baby have strong bones and teeth, as it is one of the richest sources of iron and calcium. Each serving of 15 grams will give your baby 60 calories with 3% fat and 8% carbohydrate content.


  • No genetically engineered ingredients
  • GMO-free
  • The taste is good

One can get to see the dry pieces of fruits while preparing the cereal, which means that the claim made by the manufacturer is valid


  • It is not free from Gluten
  • There is too much of added sugar

6. Earth’s Best  Oatmeal, Peach And Apple Baby Food

Earth’s Best  Oatmeal, Peach And Apple Baby FoodAs your baby grows six months old, only breast milk is not sufficient for the healthy growth of their body and mind. It is time to try the best baby oatmeal cereal mixed with fruits, and this organic cereal by Earth’s Best should be one of your choices.

One serving of 180 grams will give your child 80 calories. It will give the child 3% fat, 17% carbohydrate, and 5% protein other than multiple vitamins and minerals. It is available in puree form, and one only need to squeeze the pack for the required amount to serve to the baby.


  • Certified USDA organic product
  • No GMO ingredients added
  • The packaging is BPA free
  • Even adults with an eating disability can take this cereal
  • The taste is good


  • The packaging needs to be improved, since it leaks many times

7. Gerber Assorted Flavor Baby Cereal

Gerber Assorted Flavor Baby CerealLike adults, babies also need a change in their taste. Therefore, to give them a variety, Gerber has come up with this assorted pack with four flavors. Give your child oatmeal and banana, multigrain with a variety of fruits, rice and banana, and oatmeal with fruits. They are enriched with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat to give your baby a healthy overall growth.


  • The pack enables mothers to give a change in taste
  • It saves money in the pocket
  • The taste of all the flavors is good


  • The expiry date of each pack is not the same, so one has to be careful

8. Earth’s Best  Wholegrain & Multigrain Cereal

Earth’s Best  Wholegrain & Multigrain CerealAs your baby grows up, it is time to move from just the best rice cereal for baby and give them whole grain oatmeal or multigrain cereal. They are made from organic products and provide 45% of the daily iron need for your toddler. The baby can get 25% of various vitamins from taking this ready to serve cereal that tastes wonderful. Give them the required mineral like zinc to have a robust immune system.


  • The products are USDA certified as organic products
  • There are no GMO in the cereals
  • It can be digested easily


  • The price is on a bit higher side compared with similar other branded products

9. 12-Pack Cereal Whole Multigrain

12-Pack Cereal Whole MultigrainIf you are looking for the best quality budget pack multigrain cereal for your baby, it is best to go after this pack from Earth’s Best. It saves on your pocket and provides your baby the regular supply of iron, vitamins, and minerals for healthy growth.


  • It is GMO-free
  • The product is USDA certified to be organic
  • Can be digested easily


  • Not gluten-free

10. Happy Baby Oatmeal Baby Cereal

Happy Baby Oatmeal Baby CerealIf you are looking for an oatmeal baby cereal that is fortified with vitamins and iron, this product should be in your cart. A serving of 14 gram will give 50 calories to your baby. It will also give 45% iron, 2% calcium, 10% Vitamin C, and 6% Potassium to the baby to have proper brain development and healthy bones and muscles.


  • Gluten free and GMO-free
  • Certified as an organic product by USDA
  • The taste is good


  • Although the product is gluten-free, some babies may get allergies after eating it

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Baby Cereal

As you intend to start cereals for the first time for your baby, you should always give them the best product. Pay heed to some of these factors before sealing the deal:

1. Quality

Never compromise on the quality. Always buy the best product for your baby. Make sure that the product is organic and free from chemicals.

2. Expiry Date

Always check the expiry date of the cereal. Buy a product that has an extended expiry date and has a long shelf life after opening the pack.

3. Contents

Look for the ingredients mentioned on the pack. See that your baby gets the required vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from the product. Not every ingredient suits all babies, and one should check the details before feeding the cereals.

4. Price

As a caring parent, price should not be a constraint for your baby’s food. However, many reuputed companies give special offers from time to time, and one should grab them to save the pockets.

Reasons To Buy The Baby Cereal

Best quality baby cereal helps to supplement the iron deficiency that the mothers usually pass to their child during pregnancy. It also helps to make a habit of solid food for the baby apart from breast milk, thereby increase immunity and digestive power, and promote the healthy development of the brain and physique.

FAQs on Baby Cereals

Q1. Shall I Stop Breastfeeding As I Start The Cereal For My Baby?

No, you should not stop breastfeeding your baby so soon. It is the best gift that Mother Nature has given to women. However, after a few months, as the baby grows, they need extra food apart from breast milk. Start the cereal at that time, so that your baby grows healthy and hearty.

Q2. Are All Baby Cereals Ready To Serve? 

Most of the cereals need some liquid to mix, and some are available in puree form. One can mix lukewarm water or breast milk to prepare the cereal. Never microwave the cereals after mixing with breast milk.

Q3. How Do I Know That My Baby Will Like The Taste Of A Particular Cereal?  

Well, it is difficult to say if your baby will like some particular flavor or not. One should go for the trial and error method and finalize the ones that the baby loves the most. Another approach is to taste the product yourself before trying on your baby and see how you like it. Usually, if you like it, your baby shall also like it.

Q4. Do I Need To Consult A Pediatrician Before Starting Any Cereal?

It is better to consult a pediatrician before starting giving any cereal to your baby. The pediatrician can suggest the best from the lot for your baby and guide you about the number of servings per day.

Q5. How To Select The Best Cereal For My Baby? 

The selection of cereal for your baby will depend on the age, rate of growth, deficiency, if any, and the pediatrician’s recommendation.

Q6. What Should Be The Content Of The First Cereal For My Baby?

Rice cereal is best to start with as a first cereal for the baby, as it is easy to digest. However, make sure it contains a sufficient percentage of iron needed for healthy brain development and physical growth.

Enjoy The Early Months of Your Baby Watching Him/ Her Grow

Since babies have a weak immune system, they need to be given the best food to fight all health hazards, and their diet should be much more nutritious than the adults. The foods that they eat should be free from chemicals and pesticides, so that their digestive system does not get harmed. Give your baby the best baby cereal and feel the enjoyment of becoming proud parents of a healthy and active child.