Best Baby High Chairs 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Joovy 2. Primo Cozy 3. Jeep Classic
Joovy Nook High Chair Best Baby High Chair Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe High Chair The Jeep Classic Baby High Chair

When talking of the baby high chairs, there are several varieties available out there, like booster chairs, traditional high chairs, single-leg high chairs, hook-on chairs etc. However, this becomes quite challenging to choose the best baby high chair.

The latest baby high chairs available in 2020 are capable of doing several things, apart from the purpose of easy feeding procedures. For example, you can opt to buy a hook-on high chair that you can attach to your dining table and let the baby have their meal with the family.


Given below is a list of some of the best baby high chair 2020 options available in the market in the present times. The list has been curated based on their reviews, reputation and performance. Also, you would be able to access useful info on the buying tips, factors to consider, FAQs and other useful information regarding choosing the best high chair for your little one.

Top 20 Best Baby High Chairs 2020

1. Joovy Nook High Chair

Joovy Nook High Chair Best Baby High Chair

This is one of the high chairs which will make feeding your baby convenient and safe like never before. This high chair for babies is completely adjustable, user-friendly, easy to clean, and can be flexibly folded to be stored away. There are swing open trays which allow you 1-hand action and operation. This is absolutely ready to use and there is no requirement of assembling it before using.

Talking about the USP of the Joovy Nook High Chair, this makes dining absolutely comfortable for your baby and convenient for you to feed your little bundle of joy. This high chair for babies also has a tray, which can be easily opened by one hand. Apart from that, it is also detachable, and is dishwasher safe to be washed easily.

It has a one-hand fold mechanism that is convenient for you to use. It can be folded flat whenever you want to stow the high chair beneath a sofa or bed. The seat is made up of leatherette and is removable. Thus, it is very easily cleanable.

There is also a 5-point harness that offers maximum security while your kid is eating. The functional and contemporary design makes it a product that is much in demand.


  • User-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable for the kid
  • Convenient to feed the kid
  • Contemporary, clean and functionally designed
  • Easy to store
  • Suitable for babies weighing up to 50 lbs
  • The 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty ensures complete peace of mind


  • The cost is on a higher side
  • The weight of the chair is little high, as it is robustly made of steel/aluminium.

2. Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe High Chair

Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe High Chair

The Cozy Tot Deluxe brings in simplicity and style to your kid’s mealtime. This is the best baby chair that has a curving ergonomic shape that looks absolutely sleek and stylish.

This is available in white/black and white/teal color combinations. The Cozy Tot Deluxe offers easy access to your baby during the mealtime by bringing them to the height of your own dining table.

As the infant starts growing, this high chair can easily be converted into an infant chair without the need of any additional parts. When you choose this product, you get the value for your money, as you receive two great products in one single purchase. This particular infant chair makes a great crafts and arts chair or play area seating for your little bundle of joy.

The seat has an adjustable tray that is designed while keeping a baby’s comfort in mind, thus providing a secure and comfortable fit that will make a difference between a messy and shaky experience and an enjoyable family time.

It can be folded and stowed to a very slim area as little as 10 inches when not in use. The wipeable EZ-Clean dual feeding tray is easy to be cleaned. So, you no longer have to fuss over the mess created while feeding your baby. You can simply wipe this tray with a damp paper towel or a wet wipe and the surface would be easily cleaned.


  • The height of this baby high chair is adjustable
  • Can be used for babies of age ranging from 6 months to 36 months
  • Equipped with double feeding tray
  • The tray is dishwasher safe
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Can be turned into an infant chair without any extra parts needed
  • An ergonomic shape that provides comfort to the kid
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Some consumers complain of a high price
  • Non-availability in the market sometimes due to high demand

3. The Jeep Classic Baby High Chair

The Jeep Classic Baby High Chair

The Jeep Classic Baby High Chair is a very suitable product for the babies as well as the parents. This features a very luxurious black seat which is upholstered in water-repellent, family-friendly and sleek metal legs. It is specifically designed while keeping in mind the contemporary and modern lifestyle.

It is equipped with six height positions, out of which two positions recline the high chair and there is an adjustable footrest as well. There is also a five-point safety harness that keeps the baby safe and comfortable at the dinner table as they mature with passing days.

When the baby outgrows the functioning of the high chair, the legs of this baby chair can be adjusted to convert the same into a perfect and comfortable toddler chair. Your child can ideally use it for certain playtime activities, like drawing, painting, art and craft, clay molding, etc.

This baby high chair is also a true space saver. The design of this high chair is stylish and smart. To top up, this high chair is very compact and thus can be effortlessly stored. There is also an inclusion of a tray which is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean up.

This high chair is usually recommended for kids who are up to 35 inches tall. Jeep, as a brand, represents expression and freedom. All products of this brand, including the Jeep Classic Baby High Chair, are perfect for your little adventurer.


  • User-friendly
  • Water-repellent fabric is used
  • Equipped with six height positions
  • Stylish and smart design
  • Safe and comfortable for your kid
  • Compact and can be stored easily
  • Consists of a safe tray which is dishwasher-safe


  • Can’t be used for children above 35 inches tall
  • Sometimes not available in the market due to high demand
  • Some consumers complain of a high price

4. Graco EveryStep High Chair

Graco EveryStep High Chair

Graco EveryStep High Chair for Babies 7-in-1 has been designed in such a way that it can support 7 growth stages, which also includes the kids’ kitchen step stool. This high chair is capable of easy transition from baby high chair to a full-size high chair.

Another special feature of this high chair is that it can seat 2 kids at the same time by using the kitchen step stool mode. The best and remarkable features of this best baby high chair is that it is made up of premium leatherette and also machine washable fabrics. The special 7-position height adjustment and 3-position reclining feature makes it one of the best high chairs available out there.


  • 7 growing stages which range from infant to toddlers
  • Can be easily converted to a kid’s high stool in the kitchen
  • Can accommodate 2 kids at once with an infant booster and a step stool
  • The leatherette seat pad is machine-washable
  • The tray attached to this high chair is dishwasher safe
  • The tray can be cleaned easily any time with ease
  • 3-positions recline for the optimum comfort of the baby
  • Toddler booster offers the perfect boost to the babies as they grow
  • Kids’ Kitchen step stool offers the optimum support to your growing kid for crafts and cooking


  • Cost is on a higher side
  • Sometimes not available in the online marketplace due to limited stocks and high demand

5. Graco Simple Switch High Chair

Graco Simple Switch High Chair

Graco Simple Switch High Chair comes with a convenient 2-in-1 design, which makes it a smart choice by the parents for their kids. It can easily be converted from a highchair to a booster with just a few simple adjustments. This model of high chair is equipped with 3 reclining positions, which ensure optimum comfort for your kid.

Another major USP of this baby high chair is that it has built-in leg storage, which offers you the best convenience when the mealtime is over. This adds a lot of value and is a great way to bring your little bundle of joy to the family table.

The maintenance of this high chair for babies is pretty easy. You can machine wash the seat pad very easily and drip dry the same. The frame can be cleaned with warm water and household soap. However, no bleach should be used for cleaning.


  • This 2-in-1 high chair can be converted into the booster easily when your kid is ready
  • The seat of this high chair is 3-position reclining which enables you to feed your baby comfortably
  • The seat pad is machine-washable, which makes cleaning easy and convenient
  • Equipped with one hand tray that makes its usage simple
  • The 3 to 5 harness is convertible to keep your baby completely secure and safe
  • Very sturdy design


  • The seat cover falls apart sometimes while washing
  • Some consumers complain of the high cost

6. Joovy Nook High Chair

Joovy Nook High Chair

You can make you kid’s mealtime more happening, comfortable and also safer than ever before. The Joovy Nook High Chair in Coral is a completely adjustable, and easy-to-clean and store away high chair.

The design boasts a swing-open tray that enables you to feed your baby easily. This baby high chair is very user-friendly, as it is ready to use without any need of assembling. It is suitable for babies up to 50 lb weight.


  • Makes dining comfortable for your child
  • Has an open swing adjustable tray which is dishwasher-safe
  • The tray of this model is removable
  • Super easy 1-hand fold operation
  • The seat is made up of leatherette and is easy to remove and clean
  • 5-point harness ensures maximum security of the kid while feeding
  • Contemporary, clean, compact and functional design


  • The swing-open tray is flimsy
  • Some consumers find it difficult to clean

7. Abiie Beyond High Chair

Abiie Beyond High Chair

Abiie Beyond High Chair with Tray is made out of wood and has a robust design and shape. This is a perfect choice of high chair for babies and toddlers. This is made up of Mahogany wood and is accessorized with a black cushion.

This can be a perfect dining chair for your kid who is aged 6 months or more. The best part is that it can be easily transformed from a high chair to a toddler chair to a dining chair. So, investing in it gives real value for money, as this chair can be suitably used till adulthood.

The patented EZ-Seat system has been incorporated in this high chair design, which very easily enables the quick adjustment of the seat and footrest. This product undergoes a thorough heat sterilization process to ensure a hygienic environment for your kid.

The restraint system can easily be adjusted for a 5-point harness or you can opt for a 3-point harness which would keep your loved one completely secure as well as comfortable.


  • EZ seat enables transforming the high chair to adjust to any height position
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Anti-microbial heat and pressure sterilization
  • Surface is completely sterile and safe for your baby


  • Cost on a higher side
  • Some consumers find that maintenance is not that easy

8. Graco 7-in-1 High Chair

Graco 7-in-1 High Chair

When the infants start growing into toddlers, they always tend to jump out of their car seats, cribs or any other furniture. If you are looking forward to purchasing a highchair for your infant, then Graco Floor to Table 7-in-1 Highchair can be a perfect choice. With seven stages and with the capacity of accommodating 2 kids at a time, this furniture will last for several initial years for your kid.

The seven stages of this versatile furniture are infant floor seat, full-size highchair, infant booster, toddler booster, youth stool, table and chair and two-child seating. So, this furniture can be useful for you in all the 7 growing stages of your kid. Each of these 7 stages has some useful applications of the furniture.

Apart from that, this high chair is built in such a robust and durable way that you can use it for your younger kid as well.


  • This highchair is very safe for your child
  • The washing and cleaning are easy and convenient
  • The 3-position recline ensures high comfort to your baby
  • The one-hand removable tray is dishwasher safe
  • Front wheels make the movement of the highchair easy
  • The convertible 3, as well as 5-point harness system, keeps your baby secure


  • Assembly of the highchair is required before usage
  • Cost is on a higher side

9. Joovy Foodoo High Chair

Joovy Foodoo High Chair

The moms who are looking for a high chair with a long haul can certainly invest in this furniture for getting the right value for their money. This baby highchair can be of use to your kid right from birth till 4 years of age.

This is the best baby highchair that is adjustable to 8 height positions and five different recline positions. Even the footrest has two different adjustment options. So, needless to say, you can easily adjust this furniture as per your growing child’s size.

Another very innovative feature of this high chair is that it has an extra-large tray which is also removable. You can clean the same by removing it and it is dishwasher safe as well. The seat pad is made up of leatherette and can be cleaned very easily. This highchair has 2 wheels which make it easily movable.


  • The leatherette seat pad is easy to clean
  • This highchair is adjustable and flexible
  • Free from BPA, BPS, Lead as well as PVC, so it’s safe for your child
  • This high chair is pre-assembled and user-friendly
  • It has a 3- and 5-point harness system for the safety of your child


  • The tray is not completely adjustable
  • Some consumers find it difficult to clean

10. Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe High Chair

Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe High Chair

The Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe High Chair brings simplicity and style to your baby’s furniture, and at the same time it is affordable as well. This highchair has an ergonomic shape and comes in either complete black or a combination of white and black colors.

This high chair for baby gives comfortable access to your baby during mealtime by bringing him/her up to the height of the table. As the infant starts growing, the Cozy Tot Deluxe high chair can be converted into an infant chair as well. So, in a way, you are getting two chairs in one, which ensures long-term usage and obviously, you receive the right value for your money.

The baby’s seat and the adjustable tray gives optimum comfort to your baby, and the mom can also enjoy a high level of convenience. It is suitable for babies between 6 and 36 months of age.


  • The spot clean chair adds to its user-friendliness
  • The double feeding tray-rack is dishwasher safe
  • The ergonomic design adds to the baby’s comfort
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Can be easily assembled and converted
  • This high chair grows along with your child
  • The 3-point safety harness keeps your child safe


  • Non-availability of the product sometimes due to high demand
  • Some consumers want this high chair in more color shades

11. Graco Slim Snacker Highchair

Graco Slim Snacker Highchair

This is one of the ultra-fast folding high chairs handled with one-hand and one-second fold. This is ultra-compact and can be stored in a small space as well, such as beneath your bed or sofa.

This is self-standing which facilitates its easy storage in any corner. The cleaning of this baby highchair is very easy and convenient. All you need to do is to wipe the seat pad with a wet wipe and you can very easily keep your kid’s dining space clean and tidy.

There is a full-sized cup holder to add to the convenience while you feed your child. The seat is reclining in three positions, which facilitates comfortable feedings. The seat pad and footrest keep your child comfortable during the snack and mealtime. There is also a three to a five-point harness, which keeps your baby completely secured in the seat.


  • The tray with this highchair is full-sized and offers ample space for meals
  • The three recline positions make feedings to your kid comfortable
  • The footrest is designed in such a way that it makes the infant completely comfortable
  • The convertible three- and a five-point harness keeps your baby completely secured
  • Easy to store, as it is foldable which makes it compact
  • Equipped with a large mesh storage basket


  • This highchair is difficult to clean
  • Some consumers complain of the high price of the product

12. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 High Chair

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 High Chair

This baby high chair is a versatile one, which can very competently juggle between all kinds of functions with complete ease, and it is a piece of perfect furniture for your kid. This is a full-size high chair for baby which reclines to enhance the level of comfort of your child and adds to the convenience of feeding your child.

This is the best high chair for baby that can be converted to a toddler booster to bring your kid up to the dining table. The tray, seat, and the tray insert come apart and can go right into the dishwasher. So, these are very easy to clean.

With no crumb-catching crevices, the stain-resistant seat pad wipes down in no time and can be popped right into the washing machine. And in case your messy little one requires a quick once-over, you can simply pull out a baby wipe from the container that is in-built on this high chair itself.

With conveniences like the presence of an easy-fold frame for the purpose of stowing and the facility of one-hand tray removal, this high chair is certainly proving to a busy mom’s best friend.

When you purchase this high chair, you actually purchase 4 products in 1 – the full-size high chair with six-position height adjustment, three-position recline adjustment for optimum comfort, the space saver high chair, toddler booster and youth seat. So, you get the right value for your money as you can use this furniture for your kid for a pretty long time.


  • 4-in-1 chair
  • Grows with your child
  • Can be dissembled into pieces for easy cleaning
  • Crevice-free seat
  • Stain-resistant
  • Space saver
  • One-hand tray removal facility


  • Some consumers complain that this high chair is unsafe
  • A few consumers say that it is too small and unstable

13. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

This is a portable high chair from a famous brand Cosco. The seat of this high chair is very easy to wipe and it can be folded flat for ease of use. After this high chair is folded, this can stand up on its own, which means that this best high chair for baby can be very well stored in your closet without having to prop up against anything. When you require this again, you can grab the same out of your closet and set it back very conveniently within seconds.

The 3-point harness will work for the children weighing up to 50 pounds. The straps of this high chair are adjustable, so you would be able to find a comfortable fit for your baby.

This high chair is easy to assemble and thus undoubtedly user-friendly. There is a cup holder placed on the tray, and this will come in handy when your baby reaches toddlerhood. Overall, we can safely conclude that this baby chair is sturdy and is suitable for heavy use.


  • The seat of this high chair is lightweight
  • It folds flat and can suitably be put in the trunk while you are traveling
  • This product is completely affordable
  • It has a small seat, due to which it is very compact in size
  • Very suitable for people living in small houses or apartments


  • Fabric seat part cannot be removed, and thus makes full cleaning of the seat difficult
  • The seat leans back a little and it is not adjustable

14. Inglesina MyTime Baby High Chair

Inglesina MyTime Baby High Chair

This is a very useful high chair for babies, and this furniture in true sense grows with your child. From birth and up to 3 years, this will provide your family with fun and easy experience for the years to come. Inglesina crafts the most perfect high chairs for the babies as well as toddlers.

There is an option of reclining in this high chair, which ensures complete comfort for your child. This also has a 5-point safety harness with very generous padding, so that your baby and toddler can experience amazing comfort while feeding and resting.

This furniture is completely BPS, BPA, phthalates, retardants and lead free, which ensures that your baby is always safe and secure while using this furniture.

The cleaning of this best baby chair is a breeze, as the seat is made up of stain-resistant leatherette and can be cleaned with mild soap and damp cloth. The tray is removable and is dishwasher-safe, due to which quick cleaning is possible.

The 4-positions ergonomic setup of this baby high chair allows you to maintain right posture while you are taking care of your child. There are rear wheels which can securely and easily be moved around your space inside the home.

After folding, the width of this high chair remains only 8 inches, which is very easy to store in your kitchen or dining area. This can be stored very conveniently even behind the door. Due to its light weight and compact size, this furniture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • The 4-position height adjustment feature
  • The backrest and footrest are ergonomic
  • The tray is easily adjustable to two positions that ease the positioning of your baby
  • The seat pad made of leatherette can be easily cleaned with a sponge
  • The serving tray cover can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • It has a sophisticated and elegant design


  • Easily breakable
  • Customer service is not that great

15. Toggle Toddle Hook On High Chair

Toggle Toddle Hook On High Chair

This hook-on high chair is of latest style. This is a clip-on table for 0.79 inches to 3.15 inches and the thickness is 2mm to 80mm. This suitably works on the majority of dining tables. This is a sturdy and safe table which features safety harness to secure it in seconds and provide superior stability and support.

There is a “compact foldâ€, because of which it is easy to store and very convenient to travel with. There is also a carrying bag provided with this high chair. This is highly portable and can be easily carried to restaurants and other places wherever you are travelling.

This baby chair is very easy to install and also very easy to clean. There is just a one-step quick installation in under 20 seconds, and you can very easily fold it away for the purpose of storage. The nice fabric which is being used in the manufacturing of this high chair for baby is very easy and convenient to clean just with a damp cloth.


  • Convenient operation
  • Convenient to travel with, as it weighs just 4 pounds
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy to store
  • Easy installation


  • The seat belt is poorly designed
  • Cushion pocket and leg holes are too small

16. Safety 1st Marina Adaptable High Chair

Safety 1st Marina Adaptable High Chair

The Marina Adaptable High Chair fits really well in your house. With 6 height adjustment options, a 4-position tray and 3 different recline positions, it is easy to adapt this high chair to the best and most comfortable feeding position for your little bundle of joy.

Whether your kid is a new-born, growing baby, or a toddler, this furniture is a great fit for you. This chair’s compact frame folds into a standalone upright position, so that you don’t need to lean it against a wall.

This baby high chair also features SlideGuard post in order to keep the little bodies secure during the course of feeding time. It has wheels that are also lockable in order to keep the high chair in proper place. With the dishwasher-safe insert tray and the seat cushion being wipeable, the cleaning up for this particular adjustable child high chair is very easy and convenient.


  • This has a stand-alone frame
  • Ultracompact in size
  • Equipped with SlideGuard that prevents the baby from getting slipped
  • 3-position reclining for proper positioning through 3 feeding stages – newborn stage, baby stage, and toddler stage
  • 4-position tray with the facility of 1-hand removal
  • 6-position of height adjustment
  • The insert tray is dishwasher-safe
  • This highchair is easily cleanable and wipeable


  • The chair does not lock in place at times

17. HM-TECH Wooden High Chair

HM-TECH Wooden High Chair

This is a modern highchair that can be very well converted from a baby chair to a toddler booster to a youth chair. It is most suitable for kids starting from 6 months and can be of use till the kid is 10 years old. This fabulous baby high chair is very suitable for your growing child, and makes it very easy to adjust to the right position to suit the size and posture of your baby.

There are several major utilities of this baby chair. This high chair has a modern and contemporary design and is available in variant colors. It is sturdy and durable and is made up of high quality and non-toxic material.

There are 5-point harnesses for the adequate safety and security of your baby. There is a tray which is removable, with which you can enjoy stress-free cleaning of this highchair’s cushion.


  • Easy to assemble and stylish design
  • Very easy to clean
  • Fully functional for the usage of kids in the age bracket of 6 months to 10 years
  • This is made up of high-quality material and ensures high safety
  • The money back guarantee offers 100% satisfaction and ensures complete peace of mind to the consumers


  • Some consumers complain that the quality of the product is not up to the mark

18. INFANS 3-in-1 Baby High Chair

INFANS 3-in-1 Baby High Chair

This is a multi-function baby highchair which can be relevantly and ideally used for kids from 6 months to 8 years. You can consider the variable use requirements of your child, and this baby high chair can be easily converted into a comfortable chair. It can be used as a rocking chair, dining chair, or a toddler seat.

This particular infant high chair includes 3-position changeable and adjustable feeding trays. The trays also have two layers, out of which the very first layer can be used for eating and the second layer can be used for the purpose of playing. The seat back of this high chair is also adjustable for various positions, like feeding, eating and relaxing.

This baby high chair has a comfortable seat pad which can be detached and can be easily cleaned and maintained. The 5-point restraint system ensures the baby’s complete safety. There are 4 universal wheels that are easily lockable in place to ensure stability.


  • The presence of 5-point safety restraint system
  • Detachable and comfortable seat pad
  • Convertible high chair for babies
    can be used as a chair and table set
  • Suitable for the kids of age group 6 months to 8 years
  • The presence of 4 universal wheels makes it mobile
  • The wheels are lockable to provide stability
  • There is a removable tray and cutlery and cup holders
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to clean and assemble


  • There are sometimes problems with the strap

19. Baby Delight Portable Booster

Baby Delight Portable Booster

This baby high chair is created with contemporary style and high functionality in mind. This is sleek and modern, and the grey seat is well-designed to match any décor. The safety straps are included to attach around the back and bottom of the chair.

There is a 3-point harness which holds your kid very securely. This furniture can be relevantly used across the transition of the baby to a toddler during the growing up years. When it’s time to travel, you can very simply fold it flat and carry it in your travel bag with ease. Thus, this is quite flexible and comfortable to use.


  • Securely attaches around the back as well as the bottom of the chair
  • Folds flat
  • Highly portable
  • Very sturdy make
  • Supported by a metal frame
  • 3-point harness for complete safety
  • The removable tray is easy to clean
  • Capable of holding up to 40 lbs


  • Sometimes unavailable for purchase due to high demand

20. Delta Children EZ-Fold High Chairs

Delta Children EZ-Fold High Chairs

With this high chair for baby, you can now allow your little kid to stay connected during the mealtime or the snack time. This features a three-position adjustable tray and also a stationary footrest. There is a three-point safety harness for the adequate comfort and complete support of your growing child.

This baby chair offers a perfect fit, which very well features a three-position adjustable tray. This tray can be adjusted to keep it close to your child. This can be compactly folded and thus very easy to store. The removable cover makes it easy to clean if spills happen.

No tools are required for the assembly of this baby high chair. It is extremely safe with a 3-point safety harness that keeps your little one safe and secure.


  • The quick and compact fold is very useful to store this high chair
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Three-point safety harness ensures complete security of your child
  • Three-position adjustable plastic tray is very useful


  • The tray is not removable

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Baby High Chair

There are several factors that you should consider when you are planning to purchase the best baby high chair for your kid. Here are some of the most important factors which you should necessarily include in your checklist while choosing a high chair for purchase.

1. Type

The type of baby high chair that you choose will vary to a certain extent depending on your needs and taste, but you should necessarily pay more attention to space and size constraints. The breakdown of the various kinds of high chairs available in the market are as follows:

High chairs made of wood – These are classic as well as trendy. These understated finishes and very clean lines fit right into most of the home decors. A few versions are throwbacks, while some of the models have all the modern features, like the adjustable height, easy foldability, reclining seats etc.

  • Metal or plastic-framed high chair – These are modern, lightweight high chairs for babies which are absolutely easy to clean. The portability in their wheels makes them easy to move, and they are available in a number of budget-friendly options.
  • High chairs with full features – There are several models of high chairs which can also be used as cradles or swings at times. They usually have all the features, like the adjustable seat with the reclining facility, casters for the purpose of mobility, and an adjustable table.
  • Booster feeding chair – If you require a feeding chair which does not require extra space, then a booster feeding chair is the most suitable option for you. These have lap trays which are removable and can be pulled up to the family dining table.
  • Portable clip-on high chair for babies – These are leg-less high chairs that can be securely clasped to most of the tables for making a safe and sturdy seat for the babies. You can attach it to your dining table, so that your child can have his or her meals with you.

2. Tray

The very convenient tray option is the one that detaches easily and fits in the dishwasher or sinks for the purpose of cleaning. The high chairs with detachable trays should be more versatile as the child grows and should be pulled up to the table.

3. Safety Features

Safety is one of the most critical aspects to consider while choosing a high chair. Here are some of the major features which should be necessarily considered while you are putting in efforts to choose the best high chair for your baby:

  • Ensuring that the legs of the high chair are sturdy enough
  • Checking that the high chair is equipped with a safety strap
  • Checking if there are any anti-skid features available in the concerned high chair
  • Preferably considering only BPA-free materials for adequate safety of your kid
  • Checking whether the wheels attached to the high chair are lockable or not
  • Ensuring that the chair supports the weight of the toddler easily
  • 5-point or at least a 3-point harness for adequate safety of your kid

4. Ease Of Cleaning

It is obvious that this furniture for your baby will turn messy after every meal, as food will find its ways into every crevice and crack. You should necessarily check the seat, tray, frame and harness for the hard-to-wipe areas, and if you find too many of these hard-to-wipe areas, you should ideally not opt for that model. The harness and seat should be very simple to clean and wipe as well. These should ideally be detachable and should be machine washable for easy cleaning.

5. Adjustability

The adjustment feature of the chair height should necessarily be checked to ensure that your kid’s tummy is not squeezed as he grows up gradually. Each adjustment should lock securely into place, so that it does not come part while your child is seated in it. This can be a great safety threat to your child.

6. Versatility

Some of the high chairs convert to a booster seat or kid-sized chair in order to properly and relevantly use when your child grows older. So, the chair that you choose should have adjustable features so that you can mold it the way your child needs as he or she grows older.

7. Comfort

The padded seats are much easier on your baby’s bottom and a footrest is a nice feature for the older babies. You should make sure that there are no sharp edges and won’t scratch the back of your child’s legs. You should check the bottom of the tray for sharp edges or holes which could hurt your child’s fingers.

8. Wheels

The wheels make sure that the high chair is movable and this is a necessary feature to be considered, as there are several instances when you would require to move the high chair from the kitchen to the dining area or vice versa. You need to ensure that the wheels also lock in place in order to prevent any kind of accidental roll-away.

9. Safety Harness

The best baby highchair should ideally have a 5-point harness or at least a 3-point harness, along with a crotch post. This will prevent your child from slipping out or standing up. You should also necessarily check the buckle and this should ideally be very simple to operate. This shouldn’t be easily undone with the pressure exerted by the child’s tummy. The harness straps should be adjustable and should be able to accommodate the size of your growing child.

Top Reasons To Buy The Best Baby High Chair For Your Child

There are several top reasons why you should opt for the best baby high chair for your kid. Some of the top reasons are as follows:

1. Self-Dependence

The child learns to eat independently when given a baby high chair. This is always a great idea to place the baby’s meal on the high chair in front of them and let them feed themselves on their own. This will encourage them to try out things, and at the same time enjoy the food on their own.

2. Early Exposure

When the baby is placed on a high chair along with all the other family members at the dining table, they are exposed to various kinds of foods and eating styles. They will probably be fascinated to see a variety of food that are placed on the dining table. The children learn to eat those foods which they are often exposed to. Your kid’s taste buds would expand within the very early years if exposed to various kinds of foods along with the family.

3. Self-Discipline

The babies often themselves realize when to eat more and when they are full. They develop this skill much earlier when they are placed on a high chair and left to eat their own food. This quality of the baby is often lost when the moms push the babies to finish off their meal. If we allow the baby to have food on their own, they would be able to develop self-regulation and the child would finish off their meal on their own.

4. Convenient for Busy Moms

It becomes easier for the moms to feed their child on one of the judiciously selected baby high chairs. While the child is busy eating food on their own, the moms are left free to do their own household work.

FAQs on Baby High Chairs

Q1. When Is The Ideal Time To Get A High Chair For Your Baby?

The right time to get a high chair for your baby is when he or she turns around 6 months old. This is the time when babies can sit up on their own and start eating semi-solid food. This is the ideal time when you can add a high chair to your kitchen or dining setup.

Q2. Do The Babies Really Require Footrest On High Chairs?

When your baby is seated on a high chair which do not have a proper or well-defined foot support, then the child tends to end up wriggling their legs and show a little interest in the food that has been put up in front of them. The obvious reason for the same is that their lower body lacks adequate support, and thus they end up fidgeting in order to find a convenient and comfortable seated position.

Q3. Is A High Chair Really Good For A Baby?

Yes, a high chair is the safest place for feeding your child once he or she turns 6 months old. This will help them develop safe and healthy dining habits.

Q4. What Is The Duration For Which A Kid Can Stay On A High Chair At A Stretch?

This specifically depends on the toddler. The babies can sit on the high chairs for as long as they feel comfortable in doing so.

Q5. Is It Advisable To Use A High Chair Before The Baby Starts To Consume Solids?

No, the high chairs are not recommended for the babies unless they start to sit on their own and consume semi-solids. This usually happens at an age of 6 months.

Q6. How Tall Is A Baby’s High Chair?

The modern high chairs are available in the market in various sizes and shapes. When it comes to the traditional high chairs, they are just a little over 3 feet in height from the ground till the baby seat.

Q7. Are The Baby High Chairs Manufactured With An Expiration Date?

There is no expiration date for any model of baby high chair. In fact, you can very easily and safely re-use it over the years for your younger kids as well.

No Doubt, Choosing The Best Baby High Chair Is Certainly Important

Your newest family member certainly requires special treatment and a lot of pampering. Before you even know it, your little bundle of joy would require a seat at the dinner table. As you decide on which baby high chair to opt for, you should necessarily be sure to consider your space availability and also your lifestyle in order to make a right choice.

This guide can definitely prove to be of great help when it comes to choosing the best high chair for baby.