Best Baby Shower Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Graco Sailor  2. Hicoco Nursing Cover 3. Aveeno Baby Essential
Graco Sailor Baby Swing Best Baby Shower Gift Hicoco Multi-Use Breastfeeding Nursing Cover Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care Baby Gift Set

A baby shower is an exciting and entertaining experience. In this event, you get a chance to make would-be mother happy with best wishes. What also makes the event memorable is the opportunity to select the best baby shower gift for the mother. There is no end to the joy of a mother when she opens it in front of other guests.


But buying the perfect gift is never easy—something that takes special consideration and thought. In this buying guide, we will help you with your purchase, we have put together a list of the latest trending and best gifts you can consider. Also, you will get some essential tips and vital information.

Top 20 Best Baby Shower Gifts 2020

1. Graco Sailor Baby Swing

Graco Sailor Baby Swing Best Baby Shower GiftMany buyers have hailed this product as one of the best-selling products on Amazon; it boasts of the highly coveted “Amazon’s Choice” tag. This swing has been designed to respond to a baby’s cry and adjust its settings to soothe them. The in-built microphone detects a baby’s cries and automatically adjusts the swings settings until the baby is happy.

This beautiful and easy to use baby swing features eight different soothing motions, three adjustable speeds, and two different vibration settings so that you can select the mode that suits your baby the best. It also has 15 different songs/sounds to entertain and calm your baby so that he/she gently falls asleep.

Just in case you want to make the swing more comfortable or convert it into a rocking chair, then all you need to do is adjust its three-position recline. Once you discover your baby’s favorite position and rocking motion, you can even save the settings on Parent mode for easy access and activation whenever you want.

It can be also be used as a traditional swing with the Cry Detection mode switched off. It also works with an AC adapter for your convenience.


  • Customizable settings
  • Different sounds to soothe the baby


  • AC Adaptor s not dual voltage

2. Hicoco Multi-Use Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

Hicoco Multi-Use Breastfeeding Nursing CoverWith 630 positive ratings on Amazon, this product is one of the best baby shower gifts that you can gift. It is a very versatile, multi-use cover that has been designed to help mothers breastfeed their child in complete privacy.

You can also use this excellent utility gift as a car seat canopy, baby car seat cover, stroller sun protection covers, shopping cart cover, feeding chair cover, carrier sunshade, car seat covers for babies, and an infinity nursing scarf. This cover has been designed to be strong and durable, thanks to its super stretchy fabric.

You do not require any zippers or clamps to fix it on your car seat, as it easily fits and clings to your car seat. Its unique tubular shape consists of breathable fabric offers complete privacy and space for nursing while being super soft and cool for your baby.

The fabric also protects your baby from the sun, light rains, winds, dirt, dust, insects, and even strangers. What makes it an ideal gift is the fact that you can use it conveniently and comfortably any time, so you can also breastfeed your child in public within a few minutes. It does not have any straps and fasteners so that you can set it up quickly.


  • Can Food Items Be Given As A Gift During Baby Showers?
  • Easy to use and handy to carry
  • No setup required


  • Different sizes would be more suitable

3. Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care Baby Gift Set

Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care Baby Gift SetAn “Amazon’s Choice” product, this gift hamper that has been designed for both babies and mom, it has received more than 550 positive reviews. What makes it the ideal gift for expecting mother is the essential daily care products along with a stress relief body wash that will help mothers relax while the baby has a nap.

If you are looking for something that both the mother and baby can use as a baby shower gift, then you can consider this kit as it has natural skincare lotions. All of them are made from colloidal oatmeal and bath products containing natural oat extract, which is good for nourishing the skin of babies and mom’s both.

Not to mention, the baby wash and shampoo are tear-free, soap-free, and paraben-free will help gently cleanse the baby, while the Baby moisture cream will help keep its skin moisturized for 24 hours.

All the eight products are prepared using high-quality standards by Aveeno, which is a pediatrician recommended brand for more than 60 years. The products come along with a well-designed canvas tote bag for easy carrying of all these baby essentials wherever you go.


  • Products are suitable for both babies and their moms.
  • Complete wellness kit


  • Pack size could be bigger

4. Carters Baby Girls 6 Pack Short Sleeve Bodysuit

Carters Baby Girls 6 Pack Short Sleeve BodysuitThese beautifully designed 100% cotton bodysuits will give your baby a comfortable and relaxed feeling whenever they wear them. These imported bodysuits that have received more than 4,000 reviews on Amazon are imported and machine washable.

The different designs that these bodysuits come in are patterns, appliqués, and stripes so that you can style your baby differently every time. The product is crafted using soft cotton so that you get a sleek and short sleeve design.

For your comfort and ease, four of the bodysuits have expandable necklines with scalloped picot trims, while two of the bodysuits have been designed with back-snap necklines that have a scalloped picot trim. They also have nickel-free snaps on reinforced panels.

Carter is a brand that is well known for the quality of its products, low prices, and hassle-free packaging that makes these bodysuits very popular. The products also do not have any tags to ensure that the babies are comfortable and do not feel an itch whenever they wear them.

They also come with a thoughtful shoulder overlap design so that you can easily slip them over your baby’s head. All these features make this Baby Girls 6 Pack one of the best gifts for baby shower.


  • Designed for comfortable wear, many times
  • Sturdy snaps that perform effortlessly for a long time


  • Do check size before ordering

5. Cute Animal Soft Baby Socks

Cute Animal Soft Baby SocksThese sleek and well-designed foot finders and wrist rattles are perfect best baby shower gifts for sensory development of babies. These products have been developed after many scientific studies on the healthy development of babies.

The beautiful and bright colors are designed and crafted to attract your baby’s attention and keep him/her occupied playfully for hours, till you get your household work done. Many experienced parents have recommended these socks and wrist rattles because you can keep your baby playfully happy.

The product is also an excellent toy for hand, foot, and eye coordination which is an essential skill to learn in your baby’s early years. The socks have been designed to fit most baby’s easy. Each set of four socks comes with beautiful ladybugs and butterfly designs.

This gift has been well received by many mothers to be and has received over 6,000 reviews on Amazon from parents who have purchased and used it, making it an “Amazon’s Choice” product.


  • Attractively designed gift for small babies
  • Comfortable and soft material


  • Need more designs

6. Dodo Babies Bib Set Gift

Dodo Babies Bib Set GiftIt is a gift that babies will just love using, as it features the most attractive colors and the latest modern designs that have been designed to attract his/her attention. You can even pair these well-designed bibs with your baby’s favorite outfits and keep him/her dry at mealtimes or just usually.

All the bibs consist of 100% soft organic cotton, which will not fade in the front and a 100% polyester back that is water-resistant to increase its durability. These bibs will ensure that your baby stays nice and dry from any dribble or spit.

The adjustable snap feature helps you snap these bibs to your baby easily within seconds. They have been designed to be suitable for babies in the age group 3 to 24 months.

These attractive bibs, two pacifier clips, and pacifier holders come in a very sleek and stylish gift bag that you can gift to new mothers or those who are expecting a baby soon. Just in case you do not like the bibs, you can also return it for a 100% money refund with no questions asked.


  • Three adjustable wearing styles, widest, standard, and most narrow
  • No Velcro straps, making it safe for your baby


  • Need more design options

7. Baby Delight Chair with Sun Canopy

Baby Delight Chair with Sun CanopyBaby Delight is a company that has been in existence since 2001 producing high-quality products for both babies and children. This weather-resistant chair that comes with a sun canopy is one of the company’s latest offerings that has garnered over 700 reviews on Amazon and also the “Amazon’s Choice” tag.

It has been designed and built for babies from 3 months to a 75 lbs child. It comes with a unique 5-point removable harness that keeps your baby secure and comfortable while he/she sits upright in the cushioned seat. It also has a patented feature through which the flap on the seat can be detached to reveal two leg holes perfect for letting your little one stand with support.

What makes it a multi-utility chair is the detachable snack tray that you can use to serve his favorite foods and beverages, comfortably. The chair is easily foldable and can be carried conveniently outdoors for camping, sporting events, the beach, parks & gardens, and so on. It is a highly durable chair that has been made from high-quality polyester fabric which is resistant to fading, molds, and so on.


  • Easy to setup
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • May need a bigger size later

8. Crystal Baby Travel Baby Changing Pad Diaper Kit

Crystal Baby Travel Baby Changing Pad Diaper KitNothing is handier to a new mother than a sleek and compact diapering bag she can easily carry while traveling. This well-designed travel diaper bag that also has an in-built changing pad fits the bill perfectly. The product is one of the best baby shower gifts you can give to a newborn mother, thanks to its high multi-utility and functionality of it.

The diaper changing pad included with this kit is detachable, while also being easy to clean and wipe. It is also waterproof, which enhances the durability of the pad. The pad is 21 inches long and 22 inches wide, which makes it suitable for babies of all sizes.

Being extremely useful and handy is what makes this kit of the best-reviewed products on Amazon with over 1400 ratings and also a product with the prestigious “Amazon’s Choice” tag. The kit has been designed to comfortably hold all your diapering essentials, with zipped, see-through mesh pockets for convenience.

The pockets are large and built to hold diapers, wipes, creams, baby oil, and even small toys for the baby. The kit bag has also been designed as a clutch for secure handling. You can also fold it easily to store, when not in use.


  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Extra pockets for keys, phone, wallets, and so on


  • Need more designs and color choices

9. Mommachi Unique Baby Socks 4 Pairs Gift Set

Mommachi Unique Baby Socks 4 Pairs Gift SetMake the baby shower fun and entertaining with these unique gift socks that have some interesting and funny quotes printed on them. Each gift set contains four beautifully designed socks crafted with the best quality materials to spruce up a very premium look.

The socks also have a little bit of spandex in them to give the socks the required stretchability so that you can keep the baby comfortable.

You can easily pair these socks with your baby’s wardrobe for a stylish and elegant look, whenever you go out. Each of these socks has been thoughtfully designed for babies and are the best baby shower gifts for boys that you can think of for expecting mothers.

The socks have been created in neutral colors to be gender-neutral, due to which they are trending on Amazon and have received more than 700 positive reviews and the “Amazon’s Choice” tag.


  • Soft to touch and wear
  • Different quotes to keep you entertained


  • Different sizes needed

10. Johnson’s Baby Tiny Traveler Baby Bath Set

Johnson’s Baby Tiny Traveler Baby Bath SetJohnson’s baby is one of the oldest and most trusted brands for making baby products. This baby set has been designed to help your baby with its bath and skincare.

All the five items in this essential kit have been carefully selected to help you take care of your baby. To make it easier for you to carry these baby essentials, Johnson has packed them in a beautiful and convenient to carry travel clutch.

The products are tested by pediatricians to ensure safety. The kit contains head to toe wash and shampoo, bedtime lotion, hand and face wipes, and diaper rash relief. All the items in the clutch are also TSA compliant, hypoallergenic, and are free of parabens, dyes, and so on.

With more than 700 positive ratings and the “Amazon’s Choice” tag, this product is one of the best gifts you can gift to new mothers or those who are expecting a baby soon.


  • A complete travel kit for your baby
  • Trusted brand over decades for baby products


  • Could include more baby products

11. KeaBabies All-In-1 Stretch Baby Wrap Carrier

KeaBabies All-In-1 Stretch Baby Wrap CarrierA mother can develop a bond with the baby with this product which is easy to carry, thanks to its well designed and reliable structure. This carrier has been crafted with sturdy stretch fabric so that it can easily carry your baby’s weight without putting too much strain on your shoulders. You will not feel tired even after carrying your baby for hours.

What makes this carrier very handy and easy to use is the elasticity of the material which keeps your baby snug and comfortable, without you needing to adjust the strap constantly. It has been designed to fit all women comfortably. It features an adjustable loop that you can tie in the front or back as required.

This handy baby carrier has been tried and tested by many moms who have appreciated its ability to distribute weight evenly and help them keep their hands free. No doubt, it is an excellent gift for all new moms whenever they need to go out and carry their baby along.


  • Can also be used for breastfeeding the child, while on the move
  • Suitable for all newborns up to 35 lbs


  • Needs getting used to in the initial days

12. Carters 6 Pcs Bodysuits and Pants Set

Carters 6 Pcs Bodysuits and Pants SetLet your child be comfortable and fashionable at the same time with these beautifully designed bodysuits. Your baby is sure to stay warm and relaxed for a long time. The product is crafted with 100% cotton, which makes it very soft to touch so that the baby will sleep peacefully for hours.

All the bodysuits are imported and can be machine washed to enhance their durability. Each gift set contains two long-sleeve bodysuits, two short-sleeve bodysuits, and two pairs of pants, which have been designed with a Lapped neckline, expandable shoulders, and nickel-free snaps for the baby’s comfort.

You should feel confident because Carter’s has designed and manufactured this product, which is well known for the high quality of its garments, best prices, and easy to open the packaging.


  • Suitable for all babies
  • Fashionable and stylish gift


  • Size’s need to be checked before ordering

13. Huggies One Month Baby Size 1 Diaper Supply

Huggies One Month Baby Size 1 Diaper SupplyIf there is something that new mothers need a lot for their children, then it is diapers. Babies tend to need them a lot in the initial few days. This well designed one-month pack by Huggies is a very thoughtful gift and will be appreciated by the mother.

It boasts of high utility and quality because customers have given it more than 8,000 positive reviews on Amazon and the unique “Amazon’s Choice” tag. These diapers have been crafted with indigenously developed Gentle Absorb Liner technology that protects the baby’s skin by pulling the mess away from it.

A pocketed back waistband holds the mess and prevents diaper blowouts till the next change. What also makes it extremely useful is the in-built leak lock system, which does not all any leakages for up to 12 hours. It also has a wetness indicator that lets you know when it is time to change the diaper.


  • Suitable for babies up to 6 kg in weight
  • The hypoallergenic, soft and breathable outer cover


  • Larger pack size required

14. Lil Dandelion Baby Shower Gift Basket Storage Bin

Lil Dandelion Baby Shower Gift Basket Storage BinYou can carry your baby in this beautifully designed and sturdy gift basket. Those who are looking for a different way of presenting their best baby shower gifts for girls to would-be mothers can use this attractive gift basket to give their gifts with style and elegance that will leave all people awestruck.

This handy gift bag can also be used by mothers to store their diapers, wipes, lotions, pacifiers, and even books along with other baby essentials in an easy to access place for their babies. It has been crafted with felt for a very soft and premium look.

This easy to carry around the house gift bag can also be used as a kid travel car organizer, or store arts and crafts, or as a crochet storage organizer. This large size gift bag also has removable inserts that you can remove to fit larger items comfortably inside it. This bag comes with an unbelievable 1-year money-back guarantee, just in case you are not satisfied with its quality or construction.


  • Extra large size for everyday use
  • Retains shape even when not filled completely


  • Needs more compartments

15. Hip-hop Panda Hypoallergenic Wash Cloths

Hip-hop Panda Hypoallergenic Wash ClothsYou are sure to keep newborn babies dry and healthy with these washcloths made from 90% rayon. These imported washcloths are crafted with the latest technology and double layer materials. Ultra-thick in size, each of these towels are highly absorbent and completely reusable. You will be glad to know these washcloths will last for a long time.

These washcloths are considered the best for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. These two-layer bamboo cloths can absorb 200% more water than other washcloths available in the market, while also drying quickly enough for reuse.

Soft, warm and super absorbent, these washcloths are one of the best baby shower gifts you can give someone for their baby shower. They are also environment-friendly and have been manufactured using bamboo material which makes it readily biodegradable after you discard them.

No wonder this product is number one Bestseller and has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers who have purchased it on Amazon.


  • Resistant to odors
  • Completely chemical-free


  • Need more designs

16. Baby Aspen Blue Bath Time Gift Set

Baby Aspen Four-Piece Gift Set, Let The Fin Begin, BlueLet the fun times begin with this cute bath gift set. The product is designed with a shark fin style to keep your baby dry, warm, and comfortable after bath time. The soft towel included in this gift set is super soft and convenient to use while being highly absorbent. The slippers included in this gift are a thoughtful addition and designed to keep your baby cozy while keeping its feet warm.

The cute hand puppet mitt can be used to play with by your baby as he/she relaxes after a refreshing bath, and fall to sleep quickly. Adding style and elegance to the complete kit is the hooded towel, which will make your baby look cute whenever you wrap it in this towel to keep it warm and dry.

A mother will appreciate this thoughtful gift that will help her baby’s bath time more exciting and entertaining, as the bright colors keep the baby occupied.


  • Hooded towel help keeps the baby’s hair dry
  • Multi-purpose kit


  • Need more designs and colors

17. Pearhead Baby Prints Photo Frame

Pearhead Baby Prints Photo FrameFrame your baby’s footprint and handprint for a lifetime, with this thoughtfully designed exclusive framing kit that has been crafted for newborns. The unique idea of framing your little one’s hand and footprints, along with its photo, will serve a pleasant memory of the time it was short and led to many exciting conversations around it.

A perfect and best baby shower gift, this kit by Pearhead includes one Clean-Touch ink pad that you can use to capture your baby’s foot and handprints on the four impression cards that are included in the kit.

The kit comes with an acid-free beveled mat and a hanger. The kit consists of a “My Little Prints” silver foil that has been stamped on the mat to complete the kit and make it beautiful to display.


  • An exclusive way to save the memories of your baby’s early days
  • Includes everything you require to prepare and frame the prints


  • Could have more frame designs

18. Hatch Baby Night Light and Rest Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Night Light and Rest Sound MachineA beautiful and sleekly designed, this night lamp is highly multi-functional and handy to have for a growing child. Suitable for children of all ages, this night lamp can be used as a soft light for midnight feeding sessions for babies, while the white noise will help it sleep peacefully.

You can also use it as a night lamp for little kids in their rooms or as a rise lamp for older children. The settings of this unique night light lamp can easily be adjusted remotely using your phone through the Hatch Baby Rest app.

This night lamp is ideal for creating the perfect sleeping environment for little children as it has preset sound and color combinations that have been recommended by many sleep experts. All you need is a smartphone to get it up and running. You will be surprised to know this night lamp is so popular that it has received more than 4,500 ratings on Amazon and also the highly coveted “Amazon’s Choice” tag.


  • Multi-functional night lamp for children of all age groups
  • Easy to operate and control


  • Needs a smartphone to operate

19. Baby Susher Soother Sound Machine

Baby Susher Soother Sound MachineAn award-winning product, this soother sound machine has received the OHbaby! 2018 Gold Award Winner and Voted by parents as BabyList’s 2019 Best Product Award for its high-end innovation. The product helps a baby to get a night of better sleep at night.

What makes this sound machine unique and exceptional value is that it uses a real human voice so that you can put your baby to sleep, thereby giving you a more relaxing time.

You can easily adjust the time on this machine from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, based on your baby’s sleeping habits. The volume can also be adjusted to minimum levels so that your baby falls off gradually to sleep without disturbing others.

This sleep soother is portable and can be placed anywhere convenient around your baby. It works on batteries and can also be used while traveling with your baby.

A highly durable and robust product, it is BPA free for the safety of your child and designed to be easy to clean, making it healthy and hygienic to use. You will be glad to know this product is the number one bestseller on Amazon with more than 4,000 ratings.


  • Can be used straight out of the box, no setup required
  • Compact, portable design


  • Does not work on an AC adapter

20. XmWealthy Cute Newborn Plush Swaddle Blankets

XmWealthy Cute Newborn Plush Swaddle BlanketsThese plush material blankets have been made using the best quality material. This product is intended to be light so that you will not find it too heavy on your baby’s skin. The baby will feel warm and comfortable, thanks to its super soft and lightweight fabric.

The product is one of the best baby shower gifts you can give expecting moms or those who have babies that are 0 to 6 months old. It comes with an adjustable hook and loop, while the free to adjust swaddle size is a beautiful thing to have.

It also has a super cute bear design hoodie that will keep your baby’s ears warm throughout the night when it gets a bit too cold for them. It can also be easily washed so that you can reuse it safely without worrying about any hygiene issues.


  • Unisex blanket
  • Multi-utility design can be used at home while traveling etc.


  • Needs to be cleaned frequently

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Baby Shower Gift

It can be confusing to select the best gift when you are provided with plenty of options. The gift for the baby shower event should be simple and beautiful while ensuring it is something that will be very handy and useful for the mother to be. In the following section, we will put forward some of the factors you can consider while buying the best baby shower gifts in 2020.

1. It Should Have Utility

Avoid giving gifts that can only be displayed or kept on the shelf as a memento. Instead, opt for a gift that could be useful to the mother so that she can take care of her baby during the early days when the baby is small.

2. Let It Be Gender-Neutral

Since you may not know the sex of the coming baby, it is best to give a gift that is gender-neutral to avoid showing preferences for either sex. Make sure that the gift can easily be used for the baby, irrespective of the gender.

3. Easy To Use

In the initial days, the mother is going to have a lot of things on her hands right from keeping the baby clean to feed it often. In such scenarios, avoid giving a gift that requires her to spend time assembling it or understanding how to use it.

4. Brand Matters

Of course, it will be off-putting to say only branded products are excellent and not other way around. But when you buy a branded product which has gained fame among regular buyers, you will sure to get a trusted product. Also, a reputed brand leaves no stones unturned to provide its customers with value-added service. You can get a warranty or customer service if the brand is well-known.

5. Price

Price matters to almost every person. As mentioned above, just because a product has the right brand name, but it does not make it the best product. Also, keep in mind that if a product boasts of high-quality and fantastic features, you should not look away for paying a bit more.

FAQs on Baby Shower Gifts

Q1. Can Food Items Be Given As A Gift During Baby Showers?

We know that food item or beverages cannot last for a time. You should avoid these things as a gift for a baby shower. One can instead opt for gifts that could be used for a longer time and may require frequent purchase by the parents of the newborn.

Q2. Are Toys A Suitable Baby Shower Gift?

Yes, toys can be given as a baby shower gift, provided they are gender-neutral and not designed for either a boy or girl specifically, since you may not know the gender of the forthcoming child.

Q3. What Should Be The Ideal Budget For The Best Baby Shower Gifts?

It depends on your relationship with the mother and how close your relationship is. A good idea would be to discuss the budget with her close friends or relatives to get an idea.

Q4. Is It Essential To Give A Baby Shower Gift?

In some cultures, giving a gift to the mother to be is considered as a cultural thing to do. It would be a good idea to lookup more details on what would make an ideal gift or whether one does not need to give a gift before attending the baby shower.

Celebrate The Occasion With The Best Baby Shower Gifts

You should try your best to welcome the new member of the house. The happiness will wash over would-be mother’s face when you present her with the classiest and choicest gifts during her baby shower.

We have provided you with the best attractive gifts. You can thoughtfully select the one that should show your appreciation and happiness so that you can build a bond with both the child and parents.

Make sure that you spend time considering the gift and carefully select one. It should have high utility value for the parents so that they can enjoy spending time with their child.