Best Baby Thermometers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. iProven DMT 489 2. Olangda 3. Olangda
iProven DMT 489 Best Baby Thermometer Olangda Forehead Non-Contact Thermometer Olangda Infrared Thermometer

Raising your first child is a challenging task. Every day is new learning. Health issues of the infant can trouble you, making it mandatory to keep the “new baby kit” ready all the time. Whenever your child has a fever, you need to check your baby’s temperature from time to time.

Having the best baby thermometer will be one of the essential items of the kit. You need the top quality of the device to maintain the accuracy of the temperature readings. However, there is always much confusion among the new parents in deciding which one to buy for the best results.


Below you can find a set of guidelines for purchasing the best thermometer suitable for babies. And, next is our vetted list of the best ones in the market according to customer feedback and thorough market analysis.

Top 20 Best Baby Thermometers 2021

1. iProven DMT 489 Medical Digital Ear Thermometer

iProven DMT 489 Best Baby ThermometerThe digital ear thermometer is a clinically tested method to check the child’s temperature by putting the device in the child’s ear. The device uses infrared technology for scanning the forehead temperature. The thermometer gives you the reading in a few seconds.

The DMT 489 also comes with the feature of fever warning and comes with a quick guide book. So no need to worry about using the gadget. As the product comes with the batteries and the carrying pouch, you can simply open the box and take the reading immediately.

It is presently the best ear thermometer for a baby as the device’s design encourages the measurement of the heat radiation from the eardrum of your kid.


  • Quick reading
  • Accuracy of measurement
  • Can use for forehead temperature measurement too


  • Low durability
  • Inconsistency of readings sometimes
  • Difficulties in taking off the cap

2. Olangda Forehead Non-Contact Thermometer

Olangda Forehead Non-Contact ThermometerThe present pandemic situation calls for the use of non-contact thermometers for both babies and adults. The device is easy to use, and you can put it on human mode. The light will turn red if the temperature of the kid is higher than normal, and it will show green when the temperature is normal.

You can hold it even 4 inches away from the kid’s forehead, which will not irritate the child contrary to the conventional thermometers. It has made its way into this year’s review list of the best baby thermometers. You can even read the temperature of the different household objects using this device.

The maximum measurement is around 250F, and it helps to maintain hygiene even if you are sharing the thermometer with multiple people. The thermometer also has the feature of converting Celsius to temperature and vice versa. It has the capacity to store 20 readings.


  • Can put on mute mode
  • Light indicators make reading easier
  • Aids in social distancing


  • Difficulty in opening and closing
  • No batteries included
  • May not align to room temperature

3. Olangda Infrared Thermometer

Olangda Infrared ThermometerThis thermometer is a great option for multiple uses as you can take the reading from a safe distance. The feedback from the regular users proves it to be one of the best baby thermometers in the market presently. The use of passive infrared technology makes it safer for using it to record the child’s temperature.

You can keep track of the temperatures of different objects near the kid, which will help keep the area safe. There is a fever alert, and you can customize the alert threshold, too, as per the advice of the pediatrician. You can also switch between the Fahrenheit and Celsius modes.

The device has diverse functionality along with storage of 20 consecutive temperature readings.


  • Automatic temperature calibration
  • One-click measurement
  • Response in 1 second


  • Sweat or hair hinders accurate reading
  • Not suitable in strong convection air
  • Sensitive to the surrounding temperature

4. Amplim Medical Grade Baby Thermometer

Amplim Medical Grade Baby ThermometerThis is the perfect choice for those of you who are looking for the best forehead thermometer for baby. The hospital-grade device can record both the ear temperature as well as the forehead temperature of your baby. There is a separate function for reading the temperatures of babies.

Fever detection gets easier with this instant-read infrared technology-based object. You can use the handheld device for rectal temperature measurement, too, along with the oral or axillary measurement.


  • LCD
  • Ultra-fast reading
  • Special baby mode


  • Unclear instructions

5. iHealth No-Touch Thermometer

iHealth No-Touch ThermometerExtensive clinical testing proves that this thermometer provides accurate temperature readings. The reason behind the accuracy is the provision of three ultra-sensitive sensors along with the smart chip. The chip has a special algorithm functioning behind it so that the performance is undoubtedly the best.

There are additional environmental and distance sensors to avoid interference of ambient temperature in body temperature reading. The thermometer gives you the reading in just a few seconds. Also, it doesn’t beep, all you need to do is to hold the button, and you will feel the vibration once it measures the temperature.


  • Innovative design
  • One button with multiple functions
  • Triple ultra-sensitive sensor to read 100 data points every second from the forehead
  • LED screen


  • Many inconsistencies in readings, especially above 97 degrees

6. GoodBaby Infrared Thermometer

GoodBaby Infrared ThermometerPediatricians usually suggest buying this best thermometer for toddlers. The device is equally potent in reading the temperature of the adults. This one, too, has triple ultra-sensitive sensors. The error margin between the ear and forehead temperature readings is ignorable.

The fever alarm will flash an orange light immediately if the temperature is above 99.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometer can store up to 35 readings.

The manufacturers have used ABS housing materials for their production. Even if your child is very naughty and never keeps still long, you can measure the temperature easily due to its firm grip. It’s a good purchase if you are looking for the best no contact thermometer.


  • Auto shutdown
  • Three warning beeps for fever alert
  • Value for money


  • Needs to be at the same room temperature for half an hour.
  • Questionable accuracy

7. Vicsainteck Medical Infrared Thermometer

Vicsainteck Medical Infrared ThermometerThe product is another significant choice for those looking for the best baby thermometer. The probing quality is excellent along with an equally advanced transducer to give reliable results. Smart chip prevents any deviation from the correct reading due to interference of the surrounding temperature. This thermometer can be used as both an ear and forehead thermometer.

You don’t even have to put the lights on while taking the reading. Your baby can sleep peacefully while you take the reading in absolute darkness with the help of the backlit LCD. Not only for recording your child’s body temperature, but you can also use it to track the temperature of the bathwater, milk, or even the baby’s food.


  • Best quality available within the price range of around $40
  • Backlit LCD
  • Latest smart chip


  • Not a no-contact device

8. Zali Forehead Thermometer

Zali Forehead ThermometerYou can say that this is the best toddler thermometer introduced in the market so far. It is extremely durable as necessary for kids tend to throw away whatever they get in front of their hands. The red light with the beep sound is the best indicator for a feverish child.

It comes with an HD LED display that helps you to take the reading even at night when your child is fast asleep. The beep is loud, which notifies immediately upon completion of reading the temperature. The indicators have red, orange, and green colors to show you the stage of fever.


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for home use


  • Cannot clean with an alcohol wipe
  • The cleaning process is difficult

9. Purea Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Purea Forehead and Ear ThermometerThe thermometer shows advanced technology use and has been undergoing rigorous clinical tests to prove its safety level. You can now use the same for measuring the forehead temperature of your baby. The innovative design makes it an immediate buy option for most of the users.

Instead of a single beep as in the case of the other similar items, this device will keep on beeping when the ear mode detects fever in the child. The optimized algorithm makes sure to apply the latest artificial intelligence in the function. The LED screen with backlight aids in viewing in complete darkness.


  • Built-in ultra-sensitive sensor
  • Crystal LED display
  • Numbers show up in large fonts
  • Energy-saving mode


  • Expensive
  • Need to adjust emissivity

10. AiPro Triple Function Non-Contact Thermometer

AiPro Triple Function Non-Contact ThermometerThe thermometer brings to you a special baby mode, which will particularly focus on the standard temperature of kids and the deviations. You can otherwise use the device in “ Article †mode, which is for adult use. This thermometer gives accurate reading with a minor deflection of ± 0.3 F. It can record up to 32 readings.

The fever threshold temperature of a child will be higher than that of adults as their metabolic rates are already higher, keeping their body warmer. The device is very user friendly, and using the infrared gun is easy. The accuracy level is high as per the customer feedbacks.


  • Alarm voice
  • Saves 32 test records
  • Article surface testing possible


  • Comparatively expensive

11. iProven Instant Read Kids Thermometer

iProven Instant Read Kids ThermometerIf you want an instant functioning, good quality thermometer, then you can consider buying this product. The thermometer will help you read the temperature of an infant to even a four-year-old kid without much protest from the kid. All you need to do is to swipe it across the forehead of your infant. The use of advanced calibration technology that gives accurate reading by the DMT-511.

You can mute the device if you don’t want to wake your little one with the beep sound. On head mode, press the head button and simply swipe the forehead of your baby from left to right. Release the head button once the swiping is complete and take the reading.


  • Ear mode applicable for even six months old babies
  • Follows the latest medical algorithm
  • Comfortable drawstring pouch


  • Erratic reading infrequently

12. TLINNA Baby Digital Thermometer

Tlinna Baby Digital ThermometerThe product is a very cost-effective device with high sensitivity. It is the best baby rectal thermometer according to many users, and you can use it for oral temperature reading too. The unit is completely waterproof, which indicates that you can use it outdoors too.

Your kid won’t be able to break the device as the body consists of ABS resin as the building material. It is leak-proof, and hence, you don’t have to worry about mercury leakage. It only needs one CR2 battery for functioning, and it is already there in the package that you purchase.


  • BPA free
  • Fast and accurate
  • LCD with a large scale integration unit


  • No backlight
  • The included battery might run low.

13. Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520

Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520The manufacturer is a popular name when it comes to the list of makers of the best baby thermometer. The three different lights indicate normal, elevated, and high-temperature signals. You can get the reading within 5 seconds.

There is a chart along with the thermometer to indicate the three levels of temperature in the three age groups. You can use the device for the measurement of the body temperature of your newborn too.


  • Age adjustable
  • Unique positioning ensure accuracy
  • Durable


  • Need for disposable probe cover after each use
  • Positioning issues

14. Famidoc Temporal Thermometer

Famidoc Temporal ThermometerThis is a good digital thermometer by Famidoc. It is one of the most reliable ones, especially when you want to monitor the fever status in the kids. The digital thermometer is effective in measuring the temperature of kids and adults.

The ergonomic and anti-skid design is just perfect for aiding in the temperature reading of the babies. The device has a German temperature sensor, which is far more artificially intelligent owing to the advanced algorithm. In one second, you will get the temperature reading from the forehead or ear.


  • Auto-shutdown in 5 seconds
  • Guaranteed money back in 90 days if defective
  • Efficient customer support


  • Reports of few discrepancies in readings

15. Anthsania Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Anthsania Baby Forehead and Ear ThermometerThe product is a multifunctional device of medical-grade with FDA certifications that prove the efficiency level of the device. You can use the device in commercial spaces, like the school or the workplaces, hospitals, supermarkets, and so on owing to its accuracy and quick reading.

The device has four modes- forehead, object, and ear modes are for adults too, and there is a special kid’s forehead mode too.

You can maintain a distance of 1.2 inches while taking the reading, which makes it ideal for school use. Changing the modes in this thermometer is as easy as changing the channels of your television. Moreover, this thermometer comes with the auto-shutdown feature that saves battery life.


  • User-friendly settings
  • Practical designing
  • Intelligent adjustment


  • Battery not included in the kit

16. H Highmex Quick Reading Thermometer

H Highmex Quick Reading ThermometerIf you want to protect your child and follow the pediatrician’s instructions, then it is important for you to know that you need to choose the best way to monitor fever.

This particular product will help you measure the accurate temperature of your kid and give your baby the medicine immediately if the temperature surpasses a threshold level. You can use it in rectal mode, underarm and armpit, and in oral mode too.

Celsius and Fahrenheit’s readings are both available. You can get rid of the tensions about leaking mercury for this one is a completely safe device. The waterproof design makes it easy to clean the device after use. The clinical tests established that the gadget is safe for use in children, although you should always check for the ingredient to prevent allergic reactions.


  • Non-toxic
  • Flexible tip for kid’s comfort
  • CE approved
  • Precise reading in 10 seconds


  • It can cause an allergic reaction

17. iHealth Touchless Forehead Thermometer

iHealth Touchless Forehead ThermometerWhen your little one is sick, and the pediatrician asks you to keep a regular record of the temperatures, you need this thermometer, which will show you the temperature reading in a second. Believe it or not, you can take the reading from a 1.18-inches distance from your baby. The device always provides you with a reliable reading.

The best part about the purchase is that you get the 2 AAA alkaline batteries free with the kit. In case you have any problem, you can reach out to their customer care, where you will get immediate support. The thermometer is a leading product in the market for the past ten years.


  • Use of advanced technology
  • Medical validation testing qualified
  • The optimized algorithm in the smart chip
  • Free 12-month warranty


  • The thermometer didn’t work efficiently

18. Chooseen Professional Thermometer

Choosen Professional ThermometerKeeping a record of your child’s temperature is now easier with this digital thermometer by Chooseen. This thermometer can record up to 35 readings with a single press of the button. This thermometer gives the reading in just one second.

If the memory is full, the thermometer intelligently replaces the first measurement to save the last reading. Chooseen’s temporal thermometer is backed by clinical studies to ensure a stellar performance. The reason for the clinical tests of the smart-chip thermometer is to minimize the doubts of the users regarding the accuracy of the readings. The results are always consistent.


  • 8-in-1 measurements
  • 35 sets of memory
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Pulling back the ear of the child can be difficult
  • The volume of beep is low

19. GoodBaby Touchless Forehead Thermometer

GoodBaby Touchless Forehead ThermometerIf you don’t want to irritate the kid and simply read the temperature by pointing the device at your child, here is your much-awaited product. The fever alarm will go off with the red backlight flashing if the temperature rises above 100.4 F. The touchless thermometer is ideal for use in medical practices, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.

There is no question of touching which adds an extra layer of security in hygiene maintenance. The memory function comes in handy when you need to save the last few readings. The product gives you the best value for your investment.


  • Small error margin
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Easily switchable centigrade and Fahrenheit modes


  • Low audibility of the beep
  • Medical consultation essential before use

20. Brav Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Brav Non-Contact Forehead ThermometerYour child won’t give you a long time to check the temperature. The restless little one will be having more irritation while having a fever. Buy this thermometer that promises to give you the best reading without disturbing your child.

But be sure to wait for at least 10 minutes when you out in new batteries. This is because the device should acclimatize to room temperature for better reading. The standard relative humidity for correct reading should be equal to or below 85 units.


  • Quick one-button measurement
  • A prompt reminder of abnormal temperature
  • Dual-mode for measuring room and body temperature
  • It can store up to 35 readings


  • Lower memory function with saving 20 readings only
  • Delayed switching on, if not in use for a long period
  • Without battery

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Baby Thermometer

As the parents of a child, you will know that the thermometer is a must-have in the first aid kit. Pediatricians always say that fever is not an illness, but it is an important symptom to let you know that your child is ill.

You cannot have the exact measurement of body temperature by simply touching the forehead of your baby. But the thermometer can do so, and with the latest technology, you don’t even need to touch the baby’s skin to take the temperature reading.

A rise in body temperature indicates that the child’s body is reacting against some pathogen. The digital thermometer is the best choice, especially in the pandemic’s present situation, when maintaining hygiene is a priority.

These devices can be easily purchased from the online portal. There are different brands selling such a thermometer. Hence, before buying, it is critical to check the following factors.

1. Check For The Features

When you buy any gadget, what the first thing that you do? You go to the features section and make a note of all the features in the gadget. The same applies to buy the thermometer too. Make a list of the features present in the one that you are checking out. Now compare them to the other similar options and finalize the one to buy.

2. Accuracy

The doctor will diagnose the issue and prescribe the medicine based on the fever records of the child over the past 24 hours. Not only that, but the pediatrician will suggest further medication depending on the changes in temperature after taking the first set of medicines.

So accuracy is a vital factor when you buy the thermometer. You can search for the best baby thermometer online and compare the results based on customer feedback.

3. No Contact Thermometers

Remember, you will take the temperature reading of your baby, who is not even aware of the device. Some kids may not be comfortable with the use of a conventional thermometer, and hence, you must look for a no-contact thermometer.

The fever will already induce a constant irritation in the infant owing to physical discomfort. Don’t expect that your baby will lie quietly and allow you to take the reading. An infrared no-contact thermometer will be the ideal option that won’t disturb your baby.

4. Display

Mostly, parents prefer to use the thermometer when the child is asleep. But if the display does not have a backlight and LCD or LED, it will be difficult for you to read the number showing up on the screen in the darkroom. So the quality of the display is something that you should focus on.

5. Fever Alerts

You will be glad to see that most of the available devices in the market have the fever alert feature, which is mandatory when you are buying the gadget for your baby.

The light indicators flash along with the alarm sound to let you know that the temperature is above the normal threshold level. Still, it is better to opt for the one where you have the freedom to optimize the threshold level.

6. Batteries

The type of batteries that you need for the digital thermometer is also a factor to consider. You can prefer buying the one that already comes with the batteries. It is easier to have the kit ready, and all you will need is a couple of minutes to open the package and use the thermometer immediately.

7. Memory Chip

With the advancement in artificial intelligence, we now have a thermometer that has smart chips. It allows them to save the last few readings. You can select the one which can save the highest number of readings like the last 35 readings.

8. Quick Response

The thermometer is not apt for use on your child if the model takes too much time to read the temperature. You need a device that will take only a second or a few seconds at the most to show the reading. Your child won’t stay still for more than a few seconds unless asleep.

9. Larger Display

It would help if you bought the thermometers with a large display as it aids in easily noting the figures. The leading manufacturers are trying to incorporate this feature in the device so that parents find it easier to read the temperature.

10. Price

You can definitely compare the price of similar items. But when it comes to the baby thermometer, you should also compare the features that you get against the amount that you pay. You should not compromise with the quality of the device for saving a few dollars.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Best Baby Thermometer

There are many ways in which you can read the temperature of your child by using the thermometer. But in every case, you need to maintain certain rules to ensure that the reading is accurate. Otherwise, even the best baby thermometer won’t be able to show the correct reading.

1. Ear Temperature

  • Be gentle while placing the thermometer inside the ear canal.
  • Make sure that the thermometer provides a safety cushion to prevent any ear damage.
  • Replace the probe cover after each use.

2. Forehead Temperature

  • Maintain the right distance, as mentioned in the particular no-contact thermometer.
  • There should be no sweat on the child’s forehead.
  • Check the digital display as soon as the beep goes.

3. Rectal Temperature

  • Please read the instructions for using the device carefully before using it.
  • Not advisable for the infants.

4. Armpit Temperature

  • You have to make your child lie quietly without much movement.
  • Close the arms properly and hold the elbow to ensure a proper reading.
  • Don’t take it out unless you hear the beep sound.

5. Oral Temperature

  • Don’t take the reading within five minutes of having hot or cold drinks.
  • Place it under the tongue.
  • Best for use in children above four years of age.

Facts About The Working Principle Of The Thermometers

It is essential to keep a record of your feverish child’s temperatures just as it is important to know the temperature of your baby’s food. If you are wondering how to keep up with such a close monitoring process, then it’s time to be happy and forget all your worries.

The multipurpose digital thermometers bring you the freedom of testing your kid’s temperature as well as the temperature of the different objects using the multipurpose thermometers.

  • Working process: The digital thermometer has a small inbuilt computing device along with a resistor. The sensor can detect any change in the temperature, and the computing device will immediately convert the difference in the resistance into the numeric form of difference in temperature. The output will be in digital format on the screen, and there will be flashing of indicator lights if the device has them.
  • Thermistors and their role: You can get good digital thermometers at a low price because the manufacturers are coming up with good thermistors at a relatively low price. The device is important for detecting the change in temperatures and can replace the fuses or the circuit breakers. It helps to prevent overheating of the device due to the shut down of the electronic parts which are temperature-sensitive.
  • Calibration is important: As you know, the thermometers need calibration to enable the accuracy level of the reading of the temperature. The best baby thermometer has an external probe that helps to align the device with the normal surrounding temperature. That is why you should keep the device at room temperature, preferably for half an hour, to ensure that the surrounding ambient temperature does not interfere with the reading.
  • Improving the functionality: the kid’s thermometer manufacturers always suggest calibrating the gadget before using it. This is because, over time, the machine tends to drift away from the accuracy while measuring the parameters like temperature difference. If you can continue calibrating the right device from the beginning, then your thermometer will continue to give you the correct readings over an extended period.
  • Ease of use: One of the key factors that differentiate modern thermometers from others is that they are easy to use. You cannot ask your child to keep their arms closed so that you can take the temperature. Using the digital one will be convenient as you can record the temperature even when your baby is playing or engrossed in some activity. The popularity of the device is mostly owing to the convenience of use for the parents.
  • Efficient display: Do you remember when was the last time that you could take the reading of the mercury level properly to detect the right temperature of your body? You cannot take that chance with the kid, and so, you need the correct display in units. With the changing unit functionality, you can now easily keep the reading n Fahrenheit mode or Celsius mode as per your convenience.

FAQs on Baby Thermometers

Q1. Why Prefer Non-Contact Thermometers?

Nowadays, most of the thermometers are for multiple uses. You can read the child’s temperature in the baby mode and read the adults; you have to change the mode. No-contact devices ensure that there is no spread of contagious diseases through contact with the surface of your thermometer.

Q2. Does The Presence Of A Memory Chip Make A Thermometer Better?

The best baby thermometer always comes with a memory chip, which can help in recording a particular number of readings. The higher this number will be, the better will be the quality of the thermometer. You should buy one that can store readings until at least 30.

Q3. What Kind Of Thermometer Will Be The Best For Infant Use?

Your parents will say that rectal thermometers are the best for use in children. But most parents are not confident about using the device, and you might injure your child due to a lack of knowledge about the correct procedure to use it. The digital ear thermometer or the non-contact forehead devices are the best choices for the new parents.

Q4. Is The Lightweight Device Apt For The Purpose?

Yes, you should buy the lightweight device only if it has all the desired features. You can carry it while traveling and use it immediately if your child develops feverish symptoms. It becomes easier to contact your pediatrician over the phone if you can tell the person about the symptoms along with the temperature readings.

Q5. Should You Buy An Expensive Thermometer Because It Has Dozens Of Features?

While buying, some of the features are very important, as the durability of the device and the accuracy of the machine. You can settle for a thermometer at a reasonable price, too, if it has the basic features that you need to read the temperature without any hindrance. Otherwise, if you are looking for some more features, then you need to shell out some more money.

Q6. What’s The Accuracy Level Of The Forehead Thermometer?

Recent researches have come up with the fact that forehead thermometers are accurate in measuring the temperature of infants until your child is four years of age. You should use the rectal thermometers only after your child is six months old, and you should have the proper training to use them. Before using the device, you can try it on yourself to verify the consecutive readings.

Q7. At What Time You Should You Take The Reading Of The Child?

Your newborn sleeps for most of the time. So the ideal time to take the temperature reading is the time when your baby is sleeping. The same applies to your toddlers too, as they are too impatient to allow you to take the reading by keeping still for a few seconds.

Q8. Should You Use Infrared Thermometers?

Don’t be afraid of using an infrared thermometer on your kid. The device will not emit any radiation and uses the working mechanism of a digital camera. But ensure that the infant doesn’t start playing with the device. It could be harmful if your kid would swallow it up accidentally.

Q9. Can The Infrared Thermometer Damage The Kid’s Eyes?

If you are shying away from buying an infrared thermometer just because you are afraid of damaging your kid’s eyes, it is time to clarify the point. The device will not harm the eyes of the toddler. Extensive clinical research has proven this, and that is why manufacturers are coming up with non-contact thermometers for the kids.

Q10. Why Do Algorithms Have Importance In Thermometers?

Using an infrared beam to measure the forehead temperature of a kid or the probe to read the axillary temperature needs artificial intelligence use in the thermometers. The algorithms work as the brain of the device, allowing it to coordinate between the perception and digital output in figure and unit format. A thermometer will be of excellent quality if the algorithm is perfect.

Q11. What’s The Use Of Indicators On The Thermometer?

Most of the kids’ thermometers nowadays come with light indicators to show normal, elevated, and high temperatures. If you have to go to work and need a babysitter for the ill child, you can be sure that the caretaker won’t make any mistake in understanding the condition of the temperature by only viewing the lights. It helps in the easiest detection of the present health status of the kid.

Importance Of Baby Thermometers

If you recently gave birth to a child, then it is your responsibility to take complete care of the baby. Infants have vulnerable immune systems, as it is still in the developing phase. Hence, it becomes imperative that you must have the first aid kit handy with you. A good thermometer is an integral part of the first aid kit.

You will find many good options for the digital thermometer on the online platforms, making it easier for you to monitor the kid’s temperature. These thermometers can take the reading quickly, and the accuracy level is high if you buy the best baby thermometer. As most of the devices have backlit LCDs, reading the temperature in darkness is also possible.

Most of the thermometers are not much expensive either – you will find a number of options below $40. For the high-tech ones, prices can go up to $70 or even above. As you get the first set of batteries free with most of the kits, you can immediately use it, and the maintenance is also easy. So this is a good time to add the best device to your baby’s tool kit to have it handy at all times.