Best Baby Bassinets For Twins 2022 – Focusing on Safety and Protection

1. Graco Pack 2. Baby Trend Quarry 3. Joovy Room
Graco Pack N Play Best Baby Bassinet For Twins Baby Trend Quarry Joovy Room Squared Playard

A lot of cultures say that a baby is a blessing in disguise. And you can’t wait to welcome one such ‘disguise’ into your world. Now imagine this: you’re ready for everything you can think of and you prepared yourself really well. Then, on your next visit to the doctor, you learn that you’re having twins.


Having twins means taking on twice as much responsibility. But it also means twice as much laughter, amusement, and fun around your house. As daunting as welcoming twins to your home might seem, it’s also an enriching experience for parents. Nobody plans to have twins, but it’s a ‘happy accident’ because watching two small human beings grow together to the extent of their potential can be truly rewarding.

And to help you prepare, we’ve curated a list of some of the best bassinets for twins. To make this list more conducive, we’ve included a buyer’s guide that will help you narrow down the most crucial factors such as size and longevity, portability, accessibility, ventilation, sturdiness and durability, wheel safety, and others when buying a twin baby bassinet.

We know how important it is to choose the right bassinet for twins. So we took some of the best bassinets available and put them together for you in this buyer’s guide.

Top 7 Best Baby Bassinets For Twins 2022

1. Graco Pack’N Play Bassinet

Graco Pack N Play Best Baby Bassinet For Twins

Graco is one of the most well-known names in the baby industry. This addition to their line of bassinets for twins is elegant and affordable. The Graco Pack’N Play Playard comes with two quilted bassinets. It’s painless to assemble and makes napping for your twins cozier than ever.

The bassinets are removable and you can carry them with you. You can take your twins out for a walk or a day in the park with ease. This playpen makes for all the features you would need in a twin bassinet.

It weighs 29 pounds and measures 46*35*34 inches. It’s devised for babies weighing 15 pounds or less and would be perfect for babies younger than 6 months old. It’s made with mesh sides for proper ventilation.

The bassinet is separated by connected canopies in both sleeping areas. The vinyl, plastic, and metal parts of this bassinet can be cleaned by a damp cloth dipped in soap or detergent solution.

Additionally, this double bassinet includes a carry bag for storing essentials, which makes for a tension-free travel experience with your twins. This playpen has wheels for mobility that allow you to turn this into a fully-functional playpen once your babies outgrow the bassinets.


2. Baby Trend Retreat Twins Quarry 

Baby Trend Quarry
The Retreat Twins Nursery Center by the Baby Trend Store has two side-by-side removable bassinets with two toys in each of them. Both the bassinets can be separated, and they each have a canopy and carry handle. They’re made with plush fabric featuring mesh sides for proper ventilation.

This twin baby bassinet also has a deluxe center that acts as an organizer for baby supplies such as diapers, tissues, toys, and blankets. Not only does this playpen have a changing table, but it also comes with a travel bag so you don’t fall short on baby supplies while traveling. For added comfort and movement, this playpen has large wheels with breaks.

One of the most dignified features of this twin bassinet is that it has a volume-controlled music center with songs, calming nature sounds, and vibration. On top of that, the playpen comes with a nightlight that allows you to check up on your babies without having to turn on the glaring room lights.

The Baby Trend Twins Nursery Center has five options: Circle Tech, Drip Drop, Goodnight Friends, Quarry, and Shale. It weighs 41 pounds and measures 40.75*29.25*28.75 inches. It’s ideal for newborns.


3. Joovy Room Squared Playard

Joovy Room Squared Playard
The Room 2 Squared Portable Playard for Twins by Joovy is said to be roughly 50% bigger than most conventional playpens. This playpen is excellent for twins as it has 10 feet of space and ample room for them to play and sleep side-by-side. It’s made with strong mesh and heavy-duty fabric for durability.

This playpen can entertain newborns and toddlers up to 35” tall. It has a soft fitted cotton sheet that’s washable. It comes with a bag that can be folded up for travel to ensure that you have everything you need on the road.

It weighs 29.6 pounds and measures 39.75*39.75*31 inches. It’s available in two colors: Charcoal and Black.

You can customize this playpen into a sleeping space by adding two bassinets for twins that are sold separately. The twin baby bassinet, also known as Room 2 Twin Nursery Centre comes with a changing table. Each bassinet can hold up to 15 pounds and the changing table can accommodate 25 pounds.

The Joovy Room 2 Playard will make getting pending chores done more easily as your babies play and rest. With this playpen, you won’t have to worry about your babies climbing out every other minute because of its relatively larger size.


4. The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet Simmons Kids

Simmon Kids By The Bed Bassinet
The Simmons Twin Bassinet by the Delta Children Store is the safest option for twins, making it one of the best bassinets for twins. It comes with five adjustable heights. So, you can choose a height that works best for your room view and allows you to look over your babies.

The bassinet’s walls are made of grey polyester and mesh, which is designed to provide maximum airflow to keep your babies comfortable while sleeping. The sleeping area is separated by a mesh wall that enables your babies to sleep closely without bumping into each other. This feature provides space for both the babies to move freely without waking up the other one.

Both bassinets have a 1” thick mattress padding with removable and machine-friendly washable sheets. This twin bassinet weighs 29.2 pounds and measures 30*30*32.5 inches. It’s appropriate for babies up to 5 months of age and each bassinet can hold up to 15 pounds.

The Simmons City Sleeper Twin Bassinet has a convenient storage space that’s big enough for baby essentials such as toys, pacifiers, tissues, towels, etc. It has wheels, and you can adjust the height and slide it under a bed or sofa for added security. Therefore, it’s a suitable choice for worried parents.

This bassinet is certified by JPMA and meets all safety standards set by CPSC and ASTM.


5. Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Nursery Center

The Baby Trend Store 
When it comes to baby products, the Baby Trend Store seems to be checking a lot of boxes. The Go Lite Twin Nursery Center has two removable bassinets for twins with a canopy and comes with carrying handles. The bassinets have two toys each for your babies to play with.

They are secured by mesh walls and the required airflow keeps your babies safe and the oxygen at an adequate level. This bassinet has wheels for mobility and brakes which make movement much more convenient. The most admirable quality of this bassinet is that it comes with a music center and nightlight. The music center has several soothing songs and nature sounds, along with vibration.

With the Go Lite Twins Nursery Centre, you can easily keep an eye on your twins. The rock-a-bye bassinets can be converted to a stand-alone rocker. The playpen has a one-hand locking mechanism, a flip-away changing table, and a storage space for essentials such as diapers, tissues, toys, etc. It also includes a travel bag.

The Go Lite Nursery Centre weighs 38.2 pounds and measures 46*30.3*49.2 inches. It’s easy to set up and can be cleaned with mild household soap and warm water.


6. Halo BassiNest Twin Sleeper Bassinet

Halo Twin Sleeper Bassinet
The Twin Sleeper Bassinet by Halo is a blessing for new anxious parents. Its mesh walls provide the right amount of ventilation and breathability. This bassinet comes with two separate sleep spaces and allows your twins to stay close, with enough room to move around on their own.

This double bassinet by Halo can rotate 360 degrees and has an adjustable height system. The base of this bassinet can be regulated from 24 inches to 34 inches so that you can safely look over your babies from the bed. It can be tucked under your bed too, making you feel as if your babies are sleeping in the same bed as you.

The Halo Twin Sleeper Bassinet comes with a music center with two levels of vibration, three lullabies, and three sounds. It includes a nightlight and a back-to-bed reminder. The music center has a 30-minute auto-shutoff system so that once your babies fall asleep, you won’t have to worry about manually shutting it off. With this feature, your babies won’t be disturbed during the night.

This twin baby bassinet weighs 55 pounds and measures 35*23*12 inches. Also, it comes with two waterproof mattress pads, two polyester sheets, and two cotton sheets. As each bassinet can hold up to 20 pounds, it’s suggested for babies under 5 months old.


7. Joovy Room 2 Twin Nursery Center

Joovy Room 2 Twin Nursery Center

The Joovy Twin Nursery Center is the elegant attachment to the Joovy Room 2 Playpen that we talked about earlier. The bassinets weigh 9.5 pounds and measure 16*5*40 inches. It comes with a changing table that can be folded towards the side when not in use. The changing table has a water-resistant surface and a washable cover. Without a mattress, this twin nursery center measures 15.5 inches in depth.

With the durable design of this twin bassinet, you won’t have to worry about your babies during chores. It’s not as heavy as most bassinets, which makes it portable. Installing it is a piece of cake and it fits effortlessly with the Joovy Room 2 Playard. This easily makes this one of the best bassinets for twins.

After analyzing the reviews of this product, we found that several parents prefer this twin nursery center due to its adaptability to the Joovy Room2 Playard. The Twin Nursery Center settles comfortably with the playpen, converting it into an elegant sleeping area. If you have restricted space, this combination of double bassinets and playpen will help you make constructive use of that space.


Factors To Look For When Buying Your Best Baby Bassinet For Twins

Taking care of babies as parents can be unnerving, especially in the beginning. And if that comes with the added anxiety of parenting twins, it can be downright arduous. But we know that you love your twins and want to find the best for them. So here, we have a list of factors that you should consider when buying bassinets for your twins:

1. Size And Longevity

First and foremost, you have to look for a bassinet that can accommodate your twins. The size of a twin bassinet is crucial because, without the proper space, your babies won’t have the freedom to move around while they sleep. That can be constricting to their growth.

Babies grow fast and before you know it, they will outgrow the bassinet and you will need to move them to a crib. Hence, it’s important to get one that works for them at least until they turn 6 months old. Both the bassinets must have enough space for your babies to roll over, stretch, and breathe.

Bassinets come in a lot of sizes, so make sure you find one that fits your needs. Check the measurements of the bassinet you’re looking to buy and match them with your requirements.

2. Portability

Being a parent means tending to several responsibilities during the day while simultaneously looking after your baby. This means that you need to move around the house and you need to get something that can help keep your babies right by your side.

Most bassinets come with wheels so that you can move the bassinet to where you need to be. This helps you take care of your babies without compromising on your duties around the house. Another feature that makes bassinets easily portable is how much they weigh. So make sure that you find a bassinet that can be moved around the house so your babies can be right where you are.

Not only will this help you perform other duties, but it will also omit the anxiety of leaving your babies alone in a different room. Parents have a strong link to their babies and this can be especially backbreaking if you have to be away from them for long periods of time. You can also look for a foldable bassinet that’s not a headache to put together.

For example, if you need to drop your babies off at their grandparents’ house and you’re worried about their place being baby-proofed, then you can simply fold your bassinet and take it along.

3. Accessibility

Getting a bassinet that’s easily accessible from your bed will save you from a lot of apprehensions. Not only does this help breastfeeding mothers stay close to their babies, but it also makes life a little bit easier for c-section moms. Try to find a bassinet that you can keep in your room. So, if you want to check up on your twins in the middle of the night, you won’t have to walk around too much.

An additional feature is a bassinet that you can tuck under your bed. Thus, you should look for a bassinet with an adjustable height. It will make tending to nighttime accidents a lot more convenient and hassle-free.

Opting for an accessible bassinet that you can set up next to your bed will make tending to your twins’ needs a smoother process. Because your babies would be right next to you, it will help you sleep through the night without any tension and incessant worrying.

4. Breathability And Ventilation

Not only is it important to breathe, but it’s important to breathe well. A twin bassinet with sides made of mesh for your babies is the way to go. It will ensure that their environment is well-ventilated.

As you should know by now, suffocation is said to be one of the possible causes of SIDS. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is an unexplained syndrome wherein a baby younger than one year dies of an unknown reason. That’s why you must look for a bassinet that doesn’t block airflow.

A breathable sleep environment will help make sure that your babies are safe and comfortable. While you’re selecting a bassinet, remember to find a breathable mattress as well. A mattress with low VOC to prevent harmful air emissions will make your babies’ environment healthier.

5. Sturdiness And Durability

Besides making sure that your babies’ breathing environment is safe, it’s also important to find a bassinet that’s strong and durable. If you wake up during the night and accidentally bump into the bassinet, you have to determine whether it’s sturdy enough to survive that.

A bassinet that’s lightweight and might tip over puts your twins in danger. Therefore, you should double-check the bassinet before buying to see whether it has a durable design with a wide, sturdy base.

As new parents, you never really stop worrying about your kids. Even if they’re completely secure and right in front of your eyes, the anxiety one feels while parenting is an ever-growing constant. A steady baby bassinet right next to your bed will help combat that apprehension.

6. Wheel Safety

Even though most bassinets that have wheels come with brakes, they need to have a secure lock system. Unless you’re moving the bassinet, it needs to be stationary and not roll off while your attention is elsewhere. If you’re planning to get a twin bassinet that you can move from one room to another, then this is something that you shouldn’t compromise on.

For example, if you have guests coming to your house it will naturally be impossible for you to stay close to your babies all the time. In such a situation, you may be required to leave your twins in somebody else’s care. Not that such an arrangement would endanger your babies, but carelessness can strike from anywhere, so you must take necessary precautions.

If the brakes don’t have a reliable lock system then it will get very difficult for you to be at ease while minding your duties around the house. Not only will it make looking after your twins a struggle, but it will also generate a lot of anxiety and you will be constantly worried about their safety. A lock on the bassinet will help you ease up.

7. Additional Features

Some bassinets come with a music center that features songs, soothing nature sounds, and vibration levels. They also have the auto-shut-off feature so that the sounds don’t wake your twins up in the middle of the night. Along with that, they come with a nightlight so that you can check up on your twins without having to turn the room lights on.

While such additional features may not be crucial to decide on a double bassinet, they will enhance your experience of the first few months of your newborns’ lives.

Why It’s Important To Have A Double Bassinet For Twins

From an age as young as infancy, babies start developing a sense of their environment and habitat. This has a huge role to play in the growth and development of their brains.

And it’s your responsibility as parents to make sure that they’re safe and secure and have an encouraging environment. With twins, the development takes place at the same time for both babies, so it can be challenging to provide the very best.

Psychologically speaking, twins have a strong connection with one another. The intricacies of this connection may be difficult to understand, but it’s important to let that link grow with time. Because your twins shared a womb for months, separating them right off the bat is not the healthiest thing to do.

One of the things you can do as parents to help that happen is to let your twin babies share their sleeping space. And a double bassinet would be perfect for that. This would allow your twins to sleep side-by-side, which in turn, would help them develop a perception of security and comfort from a young age. This familiarity of being in a shared sleeping space like they did in the womb can help them feel more comfortable.


1. Can You Put Twins In The Same Bassinet?

Yes, it’s perfectly all right for twins to sleep in the same bassinet while they’re small enough. You can put them in a single space that’s big enough to allow movements for both of them.

2. What Should Newborn Twins Sleep In?

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has made it clear that newborn babies should sleep in their own space, and not with an adult. The surface of the mattress being used for babies should be firm to support their posture. Before your twins are big enough to start sleeping in separate cribs, you can use two small portable cribs or a double bassinet for twins.

3. How Long Can You Have A Baby In A Bassinet?

Babies can sleep in a bassinet until they’re 6 months old. However, it’s not unusual to put your baby in a crib sooner than that. As soon as your baby starts rolling over completely on their own, and climbing up to the bassinet, it’s time for you to get a crib for them.

4. Can A Baby Suffocate On The Side Of A Bassinet?

Pediatricians recommend for babies to sleep on a surface with four sides around them. Bassinets with soft, plush materials for sides can lead to suffocation in case the baby turns to their side. This happens because of the low breathability of the fabric. But bassinets with mesh sides will prevent this because they promote ventilation and better airflow.

5. Are Bassinets Safe For Newborns?

Yes, a bassinet is a safe option for newborns. With a bassinet, you can keep your newborn close at night. This would make it easier for you to tend to their needs if they start crying during the night.


Parenting is scary enough when you’re taking care of one child, and with a twin, the pressure becomes enormous. And to prepare for such a life-altering situation, you can take small steps. One of those first steps is to create a proper sleeping environment for your twins and selecting the best bassinet for twins will help you get there.

Remember to select a bassinet that is durable, and can endure the first few months of your twins’ life. We hope this guide helps you to narrow down what is most important to you – and, make the right decision without any exceptions to safety.