Best Gliders For Small Nursery 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. DaVinci Olive 2. Babyletto Toco 3. Baby Relax
DaVinci Olive Best Glider For Small Nursery Babyletto Toco Upholstered Swivel Glider Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

Have you always dreamed of getting a baby glider for your infant’s nursery? And then canceled out on the plan just because you thought you wouldn’t find a small-sized glider for the small nursery? Well, don’t let the size of a baby glider stop you from getting yourself one! Especially when they come in a variety of sizes compatible with different nursery rooms.
Also, we all know how strenuous rocking an infant to sleep can be. Do yourself a favor and get a glider for your nursery at home right away. If you’re looking for the perfect gliders for a small nursery, we’ve got you covered – here is the review and buyer’s guide we created for you to help you out:

Top 10 Best Gliders For Small Nursery 2022

1. DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider

DaVinci Olive Best Glider For Small Nursery

The best part about this product is that it is toxin-free and entirely safe for your little one. It has been tested for over 10,000 chemicals and shows no trace of any harmful substances in it. One of the very few brands offering the Greenguard Gold certification, DaVinci has gone all out to ensure this product creates a safer, healthier environment for your baby to sleep in.

Free of chemical retardants, the DaVinci swivel glider meets all essential flammability requirements. It has an impressive design, with soft cushioning and a metal base. The metal base offers a smooth and gentle 360° swivel, along with forward and backward gliding. With this, you can comfortably feed or rock your child to sleep.

This glider rocker flaunts a high backrest, making you feel completely relaxed when you sit on it, cradling your baby. It comes in a compact size, perfectly suited for your infant’s mini-nursery. You also get a bonus lumbar pillow and an ottoman – lean your back on the backrest and kick up your feet on the ottoman as you soothe your baby.

You get the nursery glider in five different colors -cream, dark grey, dark grey with cream piping, grey with cream piping, and navy blue with grey piping. With this, you can easily pick a color that goes well with the overall look of your nursery.


2. Babyletto Toco Upholstered Swivel Glider

Babyletto Toco Upholstered Swivel Glider

This sit-back-and-relax model from Babyletto is just what you need to complete the look of your small nursery. This modern style wingback glider comes with a stationary ottoman in three different colors – coal grey, grey tweed, and white linen. Each of these well-thought-out colors blends seamlessly well with the overall décor of your nursery and your home.

The glider smoothly swivels full 360° and also glides back and forth. It is just the perfect space for you to not only rock your little ones to sleep but also to feed them, play with them, or simply spend some quality time with them. The very design of the glider makes it suitable for long-hour usage – especially on days when your child is super cranky and needs all your love and attention.

The upholstery, too, is soft, comfortable, and plushy. Free of chemical flame retardants, it meets all the mandatory flammability requirements. The glider is also free of toxic elements, making it completely safe for your child.


3. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

With a square silhouette track arm design, this product comes in a lovely button tufted backrest. It also flaunts an elegant, welt trim detailing. Not only does it spell comfort, but it also looks equally cute. This glider from Baby Relax does just what its name suggests – relaxes your baby right away.

The product is equally soothing for parents, too. With an enclosed ball mechanism, the glider offers a smooth, noise-free rotating swivel function and smooth gliding motion. It has a sturdy yet soft composition, with a supportive spring core foam filled sheet.

This swivel glider chair has super-compact dimensions and is well suited for small nurseries. Baby Relax offers you five color choices, along with multiple fabric options. You can easily get your glider customized using these options.

This Mikayla glider offers three functional positions, leaving it entirely to you to choose your favorite, most comfortable position. The convenient lever placement puts you in complete control of the chair’s movement.

You can assemble the product in no time, and we’re sure once you are done, you will be awestruck just by how beautiful this product is! In terms of design and detailing, this is definitely one of the best gliders for small nurseries out there. Without any doubt, this gliding recliner rocking chair makes a great addition to your nursery room.


4. Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider

Looking for an aesthetic glider that will totally suit the elegant décor of your home? We’ve got a gorgeous one for you! This glider rocker with ottoman from Storkcraft is not only comfortable but equally charming, too.

The base glider is made of solid hardwood material with enclosed ball bearings. With this, you have a smooth gliding motion while rocking your child to sleep. The padded arm cushions come with a convenient storage pocket, in which you can place all essentials within arm’s reach.

The chenille fabric of the cushions not only looks pretty but is also extremely soft. The cushions come in multiple colors and fabrics and are super easy to maintain. With these low-maintenance cushions, you don’t need to worry about spills at all.

Beyond baby years, this piece of furniture can be moved outside the nursery to any other room in your home. And we’re sure with all the stylish designs it comes with, it will blend seamlessly anywhere in your home. This product is charming and chic, and above all, it is supremely comfortable.


5. Angel Line Celine Glider

Angel Line Celine Glider

This glider from the Angel Line Store offers a generous seating space and is the perfect addition to your little one’s nursery. It comes with padded arms and additional storage pockets. Designed for premium comfort, you can easily store essential baby care in it.

Equipped with removable cushions, you can conveniently spot clean the glider, keeping it spick and span. The upholstery of the glider is 100% polyester. The glider is durable, strong, and easy to maintain. The delicate white piping of the glider adds a subtle glam to it, giving it a cozy, comfortable look.

The dimensions of the glider make it well-suited for a small nursery room. It fits well into any corner of the nursery. Light in weight, the glider can be positioned in any other location of your home once your baby is all grown up.


6. Dutailier Adèle Glider Chair and Ottoman Set
Dutailier Adèle Glider Chair

Unlike usual gliders, this one from Dutailier comes pre-assembled, saving you a lot of time and effort. It is an adjustable glider, allowing you to choose the most comfortable position while feeding, rocking, or even snuggling your little one. It has a 45° reclining mechanism that comes with a multi-position lock mechanism.

The cushions are dense and soft and do not sag after excessive usage. The padded armrests are supremely comfortable and are compatible with all breastfeeding cushions out there. This glider is perfect for those who love cuddling their bundle of joy for hours on end.

With the high-backrest, optimal lumbar support, and ergonomically designed padded cushions, we wouldn’t be surprised if this glider becomes your favorite hangout spot at home! Made of hardwood, this glider is built to last. It comes with an ottoman to provide extra support to your back, knees, and feet when gliding in tandem.

With no sharp edges, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals, the product also uses flame retardants without carcinogenic elements. Dutailier has made every effort to ensure this glider is sustainable as much as it is safe. In terms of ergonomics, design, and durability, this product is one of the best gliders for small nurseries out there.

Handcrafted with love, this glider is built with the highest quality materials and comes with a five-year warranty. The forests from which the material for the glider is sourced are sustainably managed. This glider for a small nursery from Dutailier is just the kind of a long-lasting product you would want to invest in for your little one.


7. Graco Sterling Semi-Upholstered Glider

Graco Sterling Semi-Upholstered Glider

This piece from Graco can instantly elevate the decor and overall appearance of your nursery simply by its presence. Thanks to its plush design that comes in two lovely colors – cherry and beige – this glider goes particularly well with any cutesy nursery room for your little one.

The unique feature of this glider is the ottoman, which comes with a folding, pull-out nursing table. When not in use, you can fold the nursing stool and place it below the ottoman. This saves a lot of space, especially in nurseries that are smaller in size.

The glider features a traditional design yet has a luxurious, modern look. It is worth the affordable price it comes in. The quality and design of this glider are not surprising, considering that Storkcraft has been in the business for 70 years now.

The comfortable polyester upholstery of the glider and ottoman is spot cleanable, making it easy to maintain. The glider is an ideal rocking chair at any stage of maternity and can be put to use anywhere after you’re done with the baby years. If you’re looking for gliders below $300, this is certainly one of the best gliders for small nurseries out there.


8. Delta Children Clair Slim Nursery Glider

Delta Children Clair SLIM Nursery Glider

This compact glider from Delta Children is awesome in all respects – despite being compact, the elegance of this impressive piece of furniture stays intact. Irrespective of how much floor space you have in your tiny nursery, this glider fits in perfectly. You no longer need to worry about a lack of space in the nursery. Just get this glider, sink into it, and snuggle onto your little one.

The glider is smooth with a built-in gliding and swivel system, allowing you to relax as you soothe your infant. Tested for safety as well as durability, the glider features a sturdy frame that offers you the much-required stability. Rigorously evaluated to meet industry standards, this glider is long-lasting and can be put to use for years together.

The glider flaunts thickly padded armrests that are upholstered in microfiber fabric. This fabric is easy to clean and maintain, which means you no longer have to worry about any spillages. Moreover, the cushion is removable, making it even easier to take the cushion off and clean it.


9. Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner

This is a unique glider for those who do not want to compromise on design and safety. A Greenguard Gold certified product, the glider has been tested for harmful and toxic chemicals and is known to improve indoor air quality. Compact and chic, this will certainly end up being the most favorite corner of your nursery.

Instead of a push lever, you can rest easy with this glider, as it comes with a push-button. Simply push the button to adjust the position of the glider as per your comfort, and you’re good to go. What sets this glider apart is the built-in USB port, using which you can charge your phone as you cradle your baby.

The glider features a smooth and quiet reclining mechanism, which instantly lowers the headrest and raises the footrest. It swivels up to 270° and also rocks gently back and forth in an upright position. In terms of technology, this is one of the best gliders for small nursery out there.


10. Babyletto Tuba Extra Wide Swivel Glider

Babyletto Tuba Extra Wide Swivel Glider

This nursery glider chair is slightly larger than the other gliders, but it is perfect for an average size nursery. It flaunts an extra-wide 26” seat, which offers superior comfort. You can comfortably lounge in this seat as you are feeding, rocking, or snuggling your kid.

With a brushed stainless-steel base and a chic cushion, the glider will certainly add worth to your nursery, both in terms of design and comfort. The polyester-poly fiber weave is super easy to maintain and clean. The upholstery is free of chemical flame retardants but still meets the standard flammability requirements.

The glider swivels 360° in a smooth, noise-free, and effortless gliding motion. Your infant will fall in love with the comfort of this luxury nursery glider and will drift off to sleep in no time in this cozy spot.


Factors To Look Out For In Buying Best Glider For Small Nursery

There are so many swanky, cutesy-looking baby gliders out there, and getting spoilt from all those great product choices is totally understandable. However, does that mean you should settle for a glider merely because it looks great? Not at all, especially when there are so many factors you have to look out for before you choose the best glider that works best for you and your small nursery.

We’ve listed a checklist of the critical factors that you must consider before you make a decision and invest in a baby glider. Read on to learn more.

1. Comfort

Here we are talking about the comfort of the parents. After all, the baby is not going to use the glider by itself. It’s you, mom and dad, who will be cradling the baby in your arms while sitting on the glider and gently rocking it.

When you sit on the glider, your body should be completely relaxed. This will ensure that you can pass on the same coziness to your little one. So yes, comfort plays a huge role in a good baby glider.

2. Wide Seat

Again, a wide seat gives you space to move around a little and be comfortable. If a glider has a wide seat, you can also use it for breastfeeding your child. A little extra space is always welcome.

Before you settle for a glider, try sitting on it with a nursing pillow on your lap. You will more or less get an idea of which glider is most comfortable for you.

3. Low Maintenance

A glider is not restricted to merely rocking your baby to sleep. It will probably be used for a whole lot of other activities, including feeding. Always look for a glider that is easy to maintain. Choose a fabric that won’t fray and will be easy to wash off the spit-ups and spills that are bound to happen often.

If your glider fabric is machine washable, buy the glider right away. There’s nothing like having machine-washable fabrics for gliders. You can also consider choosing a darker shade that can easily hide stains.

4. Locking Mechanism

Let’s be honest – it’s not just the baby who will require sleep time. You will be equally sleep-deprived, too. If you doze off on the glider, you surely don’t want the chair moving unnecessarily. This is exactly where the locking mechanism comes of use.

Simply lock the chair in the position you want it in, and you are settled for a comfortable nap time for both you and baby.

5. Back Rest

While some are comfortable with shorter backrests on gliders, others cannot do without a high backrest. Comfort-wise, a higher backrest is always advisable. Look for a glider with an appropriate backrest; something that suits you well.

6. Durability

Check for the sturdiness of the glider you are investing in. Most gliders appear fancy, cost a bomb, but aren’t really up to the mark. Look for reviews online, and talk to fellow parents of newborns for their first-hand experiences. You will get an idea of which brands offer the best gliders, and which not only look pretty but are also durable enough.

Secondly, the glider will be repurposed as a rocking chair or another piece of furniture after the baby years are over. Thus, looking for something long-lasting always helps.

7. Soft But Firm Seat

You have to put your little infant to sleep every couple of hours. For this, you surely don’t want to sit on a tough-cushioned glider. Look for something that is soft and gentle. However, keep in mind, searching for soft and gentle doesn’t mean you compromise on the firmness and quality of the glider. Find one that checks both the boxes!

8. Toxin-Free

Toxins are extremely harmful to the health of your child. Steer clear of chemical-based gliders. Instead, opt for the toxin-free ones that are not only good for your child but also great for the environment.

A lot of brands these days are consciously working towards making their products toxin-free. A little research will land you the right glider of the best brand!

9. Comfortable Movement

You definitely don’t want to wake up a child whom you’ve spent so much time rocking away to sleep. For this, you should be able to wiggle out of the chair easily, without disturbing the sleeping infant. To ensure sound sleep, you certainly need to look out for a glider that is just right – not too big, not too small.

10. Safety

Safety comes above all. Just like other baby equipment, you need to be careful about a baby glider, too. You don’t want the gliders to pinch the fingers and toes of your little one. You need to look for a glider that is safe, free from pointed corners and other possible aspects that could harm your child. Additionally, you would also have to take extra care to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Baby Gliders As Comfortable As Everyone Claims Them To Be?

The whole idea of baby gliders is to make life easier for parents and little infants. Once you invest in a baby glider and use it, there is no turning back. Baby gliders offer premium comfort and relaxation for both mom and baby. It is a great corner to simply settle in, and spend some quality time with your little one.

2. Are Baby Gliders Easy To Clean?

Most baby gliders come with low maintenance upholstery. These fabrics are extremely easy to clean. You don’t really need to worry about the constant spillage that is bound to happen and the consequent stains.

Most gliders these days have machine-washable fabric – so your job is easy here. Simply take off the cover, give it a spin in the machine, and you have a sparkly clean glider right there!

3. Are Baby Gliders Available In Different Sizes?

Glider manufacturers have taken into consideration the fact that all nurseries won’t really be of the same size, which is why we have gliders of all sizes available out there.

For small series, too, you have compact gliders which fit perfectly in your tiny space. If you want a large glider, you can have that, too!

4. Is It Essential For Me To Buy A Glider That Comes With An Ottoman?

It is completely up to you. Although, ottomans can bring a lot of comfort when put to use together with a glider. You can simply throw up your feet on the ottoman and rest as you are tending to the baby.

Among ottomans, too, you have two categories – a stationery ottoman and one that moves. You can choose a glider that comes with an ottoman (we’d recommend considering this!) or do a ‘test-run’ on one without it.

5. Can Gliders Be Repurposed After The Baby Years?

Of course, they can! Once your baby no longer requires the glider, you can simply move it from the nursery to any comfy corner in your home. Use it as a reading chair, a rocking chair, or simply a chair to lounge on.
The good part about gliders is that they are aesthetically pleasing and typically blend-in well, irrespective of which corner in your home you place them!

Summing Up

Just because a product looks fancy, or has exceptional online reviews, doesn’t mean it is a fantastic product. When it comes to your child, you always need to consider what suits the requirements of your child as well as yourself. As baby gliders are not cheap, ensure you make an informed decision as you will be shelling out a good amount of money for it.

We’ve done our best to bring the best baby gliders for small nurseries to you, along with a gist of the most important factors you need to look into. With this, we hope to have helped you zero in on finding the right baby glider for you and your baby.