Best Low Radiation Baby Monitors 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Bebcare 2. Babymoov 3. Philips Avent
Bebcare Best Low Radiation Baby Monitor

Babymoov Premium Care Baby Monitor

Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor

As parents, it’s out of the question to sacrifice their child’s safety over a few fancy features. That’s exactly the case when it comes to baby monitors. With the harmful effects of radiation becoming more and more apparent, it’s important to select a low-EMF baby monitor.

Electromagnetic fields are more harmful to adults than to children. It impacts cell growth and emits harmful energy that can adversely affect the growth and development of the baby’s brain. Hence, it’s important to find a baby monitor that uses low-EMF technology to protect your baby from harmful radiation.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about what EMF is and how it can be harmful for babies. We’re going to look at some of the best low radiation baby monitors and study the factors one should keep in mind while buying a baby monitor.


What’s EMF Radiation And Why It’s Harmful To Babies

EMF stands for ‘Electro-Magnetic Field’. Many natural and man-made objects emit invisible electric and magnetic waves, both, in high and low frequencies. Even though human bodies are used to certain typically materializing EMFs, prolonged exposure to radiation can alter the very biology of our bodies, causing several inflammatory problems, and damaging our organs.

Many of us are constantly around gadgets that emit dangerous levels of EMFs – for example:

  • Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and e-readers.
  • Smart Appliances and appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, printers, AirPods, watches, wireless phones, hairdryers, electric shavers, smoke detectors, etc.
  • All Bluetooth devices
  • Baby Monitors and Smart Baby Monitoring devices,
  • Old Circuitry
  • CFL Bulbs
  • Microwaves
  • Any and all devices that use WiFi
  • Wireless Cameras

A continued vulnerability to EMF can cause problems such as heart problems, fatigue, stress, reproductive and fertility issues, low immunity, and a poor sleep cycle.

EMF can be an extremely harmful carcinogen for adults, and as it turns out, it’s even more dangerous for children. According to a 2014 paper published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure, “children are at greater risk from exposure to carcinogens than adults, and the younger the child, the higher the risk.”

One of the most important reasons why you should protect babies from EMF radiation at all times is the rapid cell growth rate. Babies, children, and young adults have a higher rate of cellular mitosis (the process of division and multiplication of cells) when compared with adults.

EMF radiation from devices such as smartphones, baby monitors, WiFi routers can damage DNA and cause Double-Strand Breaks. While radiation can damage any DNA, in children, the damage is far more impactful. Here are a few precautions you can take to protect your children against EMF radiation.

1. Reduce Exposure To Smart Devices

Even though smart devices such as baby monitors are essential, it’s best not to leave them on all the time. You should turn off any smart devices whenever it’s possible to go on without them. Baby monitors that are supposed to be affixed to the cot must be avoided.

This aversion to smart baby monitoring devices is important because they use the same electromagnetic fields as WiFi routers and Bluetooth-enabled devices. While we’re discussing Bluetooth devices, it would help if you replace Bluetooth speakers with speakers that use aux cable connections.

2. Limit Use Of Gadgets At Night

You can start reducing your use of devices that emit radiation by turning off your gadgets at night. You should start by turning off the WiFi router. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and we often ignore how harmful they can be. If there’s a smartphone around your baby, it would be best not to leave it on at night.

3. Radiation Protection Accessories

We use gadgets all the time and to a great extent, they are hard-wired into our future. And this means that as your baby grows up, they will be more and more exposed to gadgets. While you can’t limit their exposure to gadgets, you can protect them against radiation. There are several anti-radiation gadgets that will protect you and your babies from EMF.

SYB offers several such devices. They have anti-radiation products such as baby blankets, beanies, etc.

Top 5 Best Low Radiation Baby Monitors 2022

Parenthood comes with several responsibilities and one of those is to keep your child safe at all costs. Now that we’ve looked at what EMF is and how you can protect your baby from it, let’s take a look at some of the best low radiation baby monitors.

1. Bebcare Audio Baby Monitor

Bebcare Best Low Radiation Baby MonitorThe Bebcare Audio baby monitor is an analog monitor that is said to produce clear audio up to a distance of 2000 feet. It has a starry night light and comes with six relaxing lullabies. With this audio baby monitor, you can relax, and so can your baby! It creates a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.

This baby monitor has a white noise silencer that blocks out any other noise and transmits only the baby noise. It has a two-way talkback wireless audio transmitter that allows you to talk to your baby while you’re in a different room. Not only does this baby monitor allow you to talk back to your baby, but as we mentioned before, you can also do so when you’re 2000 feet away!

The Bebcare Audio Baby Monitor is incorporated with digital safe radio technology that cuts down on wireless emissions by 90 percent. The ultra-low radiation of this baby monitor makes it one of the best low radiation baby monitors available in the market. This low-EMF baby monitor doesn’t compromise on your baby’s safety and you can rest assured that your baby won’t be exposed to harmful emissions.

This baby monitor’s parent unit comes with a 5 level sound indicator that warns you about any unusual sounds in the baby’s room. Even when the unit is muted, the monitor warns you of any sound levels with vibration.

Another admirable feature of this audio baby monitor by Bebcare is that you can purchase it with their breathing sensor Mat. The breathing sensor warns through the parent unit if there is any unusual change in the baby’s breathing pattern.


  • Emits 90 percent fewer radiation waves
  • 5 level sound indicator
  • Can be paired with a breathing sensor by Bebcare
  • Comes with a white noise silencer
  • Two-way talkback wireless audio unit


  • No way to check for radiation levels
  • 2000 feet range might be using a lot of radiation to carry the signal

2. Babymoov Premium Care Baby Monitor

Babymoov Premium Care Baby MonitorThe Babymoov Premium Care Baby Monitor emits 33 times fewer radiation waves as compared with other baby monitors and most devices that generate electromagnetic waves. It’s a safe, low-EMF monitor that uses digital green technology to make sure that there is a safe zone around your baby with the help of low-emission power levels.

This baby monitor comes with a walkie-talkie that lets you talk to your baby. It comes with a VOX function, which means it’s voice-activated, and the monitor notifies you when the baby is crying. It has an LCD monitor that displays temperature and has a night light. The voice activation feature also means that it only turns on when there is sound. This means that it emits fewer radiation waves when compared with baby monitors that are on 24/7, making it one of the best low radiation baby monitors.

The Babymoov Premium Care Baby Monitor has a range of up to 3300 feet, with an adjustable volume. It has a long battery life and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery in the parent unit, along with an adapter for the baby unit. With this baby monitor, you can also look after two babies at once because it’s operable with two transmitters at the same time.

Without a doubt, this baby monitor was designed with a sleek style that tends to parental anxiety. It will help you manage your angst and take care of your baby without negotiating with safety and security.


  • Emanates 33 times fewer radiation waves
  • VOX (Voice-activation) function
  • Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery for the portable handset
  • Can be operated with two transmitters.


  • A range of 3300 feet may mean that it’s using a lot of radiation
  • Baby monitor unit doesn’t have rechargeable batteries

3. Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor

Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby MonitorThe Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor is perhaps the best suited for apprehensive parents. This baby monitor offers crystal clear sound so you can talk to your baby without any interference. It comes with a night light and features lullabies to help calm a crying baby.

The parent unit of this baby monitor by Philips has 18-hour battery life. This enables you to conveniently check up on your baby without having to keep your unit connected to a cord all the time. This baby monitor offers a range of up to 1000 feet.

It has a night-friendly mode which allows you to customize the settings for the night according to your personal needs. With the night-time friendly mode, you can change the audio settings to vibration with just the press of a single button. This baby monitor is also incorporated with a temperature sensor that helps you be mindful of the atmospheric conditions of your baby’s room. You can customize it to set alerts if there is a change in the temperature.

It comes with a Smart ECO mode that sets it apart from other baby monitors. The ECO mode supports automated adjustment of the audio transmission, which, in turn, increases battery life. This also helps cut down on the use of power if you are relatively closer to your baby’s room. That easily makes this one of the best low radiation baby monitors.


  • Uses DECT technology for better sound quality
  • 18-hour battery life
  • Has a smart ECO mode that improves battery life
  • Nighttime friendly mode with customizable settings
  • Extra features such as nightlight, and lullabies


  • A 1000 feet range may use radiation for the signal to reach that far
  • DECT technology makes it more prone to radiation emissions than other baby monitors

4. Bebcare Motion Smart Video Baby Monitor

Bebcare Motion Smart Video Baby MonitorThe Smart Video Baby Monitor by Bebcare uses the same ultra-low radiation technology as the Bebcare Audio Baby Monitor. As an added feature for security, it has a motion detector that notifies you about any motion in the baby’s room on your smartphone. The sound detection feature alerts the parents of any noise.

The camera in this baby monitor allows a complete 360 degrees pan and tilt with digital zoom. This baby monitor has a high-quality 4.3-inch display with bright colors, which provides live videos with clear details. The baby monitor has advanced night vision that allows you to see your baby in utter darkness as well.

It comes with a nightlight for comfort, and with lullabies to help your baby relax. It also comes with a temperature sensor. It doesn’t compromise your baby’s security and comes with as many features as possible to create a healthy sleep environment for your baby.

Just like the Bebcare Audio Baby Monitor, you can purchase this with the breathing sensor Mat. With the help of the breathing sensor, the parent unit alerts you if there are any irregularities in the baby’s breathing pattern.


  • Uses ultra-low radiation technology
  • Can be paired with the breathing sensor by Bebcare
  • Used advanced night vision technology
  • Added specialties such as nightlight, and lullabies
  • Has a temperature sensor


  • The camera may emit radiation waves
  • Does not work at a distance farther than 820[1] [2] [3] feet.

5. Nanit Baby Monitor

Nanit Baby MonitorThe Nanit Baby Monitor has a smart camera system with HD video quality. You can access the baby video feed from your smartphone or tablet. This baby monitor has a directional antenna, designed explicitly to keep harmful EMF radiations away from your child.

The manufacturer assures that the Nanit baby monitor points 10 times fewer radiation waves in comparison with conventional baby monitors. It’s made with special technology that doesn’t aim as many radiation waves in the baby’s direction as most smart home devices such as TVs, cellphones, WiFi routers would.

You can use your smartphone to track your baby’s sleep patterns with the help of the Nanit application. A special feature of this baby monitor is that you can access the baby’s sleep analytics. The Nanit Baby Monitor also has a smart temperature sensor that allows you to monitor temperature changes in the baby’s room.

Nanit’s camera comes with a 5.5’ floor stand that towers over the baby’s crib to help you have a sharp view of your baby. The camera has an additional feature that allows you to record and save videos on the cloud. However, this feature is not inclusive of the total cost of the baby monitor.


  • Secured data encryption
  • Comes with a portable camera stand
  • Fewer radiation ways directed in the baby’s way


  • There is no way to check whether the directional antenna really works because there have been no studies.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Low Radiation Baby Monitor

Your baby’s security is our topmost priority while creating this list. Before you pick out the right baby monitor for your home, you must cover each and every aspect. We’ve looked at some of the best low-radiation baby monitors; now let’s consider what factors you need to keep in mind while buying the right baby monitor to suit your needs.

1. Low-EMF Baby Monitor

As you may have figured out by now, it’s extremely important for your baby’s safety to buy a baby monitor that emits a reduced level of radiation. Not only is radiation harmful to babies, but it can also hinder their growth on a cellular level.

Remember to buy a low-radiation baby monitor. Digital baby monitors emit more radiation waves than analog baby monitors, making them a better product to put in close proximity with your baby. A low-EMF baby monitor won’t expose your baby to as much radiation as most smart devices.

2. DECT Technology

Baby Monitors that use DECT technology are inculcated with a low-frequency band that is used for voice communication only. Other smart devices in your home such as cordless phones, video game controls, and Bluetooth devices make use of a 2.4 GHz frequency band. With a baby monitor that has a separate frequency band, you can be assured that the best sound quality will be coming through the monitor to the parent unit.

Better yet, look for a baby monitor that uses DECT technology and uses the sound-activation feature. Not only will this protect your baby from harmful radiation emissions, but it will save energy. A voice-activated baby monitor only turns on when there is a sound around the baby’s room.

3. Rechargeable Batteries

It’s important to find a baby monitor with rechargeable batteries because they require it to remain on for most of the time. To prevent the power from running out in the middle in the night, it’s better to get a baby monitor that has rechargeable batteries.

4. Multiple Parent Units

With a new baby in your house and a plethora of responsibilities, it becomes difficult for parents to be in the same room with the baby every moment of the day. In such a situation, if both parents have separate portable handset receivers, it will help them to ensure that their baby is all right when being in different parts of the house. An even better option would be to get a baby monitor that comes with extra handsets so you can keep one in each room of your home.

5. Night Vision Technology

A safe baby monitor would be one with night vision. The baby video feed in your room won’t be crystal clear all the time, especially at night. So getting one that allows you to have a clear view of the baby’s room at night would be a huge relief for anxious parents.

6. Voice Activated Baby Monitors

A baby monitor that has sound activation is also a helpful feature when it comes to putting parents’ minds at ease. A voice-activated baby monitor will send an alert to the parent unit as soon as there is any kind of noise in the baby’s room. This will help parents tend to their babies if they cry out in hunger or get afraid of the dark when they’re in their room.


1. Is Infrared Safe For Babies?

Infrared is not in the ionizing portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. And, it’s not intense enough to cause thermal-ionization (heat damage) of cells, so it can be deemed ‘safe’.

2. Do Baby Monitors Have Radiation?

Yes. Studies have shown that a baby monitor placed closer than three feet from a baby emits approximately the same amount of radiation as a cell phone tower 150 meters away.

3. Are Wifi Baby Monitors Safe Radiation?

No. WiFi-enabled products emit a certain amount of potentially harmful radiation and cannot be trusted to have safe EMF emissions.

4. Does The Owlet Give Off Radiation?

The Owlet is a wearable baby monitor and like any other wearable baby monitor, it gives off EMF radiation that can be potentially harmful to your child.

5. When Should You Stop Using A Baby Monitor?

You can stop using the baby monitor as soon as the baby gets loud enough to be heard outside their room. This essentially happens when the infant turns 6 to 8 months old.


As you may know by now, EMF can be potentially hazardous for babies and adults likewise. But for babies, it’s a relatively more harmful carcinogen and can cause a variety of problems such as anxiety, stress, heart problems, etc.

Nowadays, the inherent danger of EMF is that it is present everywhere. Products that emit radiation such as smartphones, WiFi routers, and Bluetooth devices are being used actively. While adults may be stronger against it, babies are much more vulnerable and susceptible to any potential harm that may be caused by it.

Therefore, it is crucial to protect your little ones from potentially risky equipment and keep them safe. That’s why we set out to look for low radiation baby monitors. Through rigorous research with your baby’s safety in mind, we created a list of some of the best low radiation baby monitors currently available on the market.