Best Organic Baby Food Pouches 2020: Top Reviews

1. Plum Organics2. Happy Tot3. Happy Baby
Plum Organics Just Sweet Potato Baby Food Best Organic Baby Food PouchesHappy Tot Organic Stage 4 Variety PackHappy Baby Organic Baby Food Variety Pack

You can prepare foods with fresh ingredients in your home for your baby, and you can control the ingredients according to your choice. But sometimes, you need to use pre-made baby food pouches because you cannot carry your homemade baby foods while you are travelling.

There are various types of baby food pouches available in the market. Some claim to be organic, but even then, they are filled with lots of processed ingredients and added sugars, which are very harmful to your baby.


Here, you will find a list of some of the best organic baby food pouches that are safe for your baby. In this guide, you will also get some more useful information about organic baby food pouches, along with their pros and cons, and some FAQs answered by experts.

Top 10 Best Organic Baby Food Pouches 2020

1. Plum Organics Just Sweet Potato Baby Food

Plum Organics Just Sweet Potato Baby Food Best Organic Baby Food Pouches

This is one of the best organic baby food pouches that has less than 8g sugar. It is a certified and non-GMO product, which is made without any sweeteners and salt.

Non-BPA packaging of these food pouches make this a safe product, and it is designed with recyclable caps that are eco-friendly too. The main ingredients of this product are organic sweet potato puree and water. No artificial flavor and preservatives are added in this product.

You can use these pouches for your babies more than 4 years old. The rich nutrient value made of vegetables of these food pouches can help you to change the taste of your baby, and organic herbs are added in this product for flavoring.

There are some products available that have added sugar and you need to avoid such baby foods. You can choose this one for your baby and the organic ingredients of this product can increase the appetite of your baby without causing any harm.


  • Certified organic baby food pouches
  • Non-GMO product
  • Made of sweet potato puree and water
  • No added sugar
  • Non-BPA packaging designed with recyclable caps
  • No artificial flavor and preservatives added


  • Metallic taste, which is not suitable for your baby

2. Happy Tot Organic Stage 4 Variety Pack

Happy Tot Organic Stage 4 Variety Pack

Happy Family offers various types of organic baby food pouches that can provide enough nutrients to your baby for proper growth and development. These are tasty super foods for baby, blended with vitamin C, fiber, and Omega-3s.

Your baby needs a balanced diet and you need to add carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals in their diet plan. This variety pack allows you to do just that.

If you are looking for multi-grain food pouches for your toddlers, then this is the best option for you, because along with vegetables and fruits, you can also find veggie bowls, organic yogurt and multi grain snacks for your toddler. Happy Tot offers various types of food pouches along with freeze-dried snacks, and you can choose anyone according to your preferences.

You can also try smoothie pouches, organic toddler milk, whole milk yogurt, puffed grain snacks and meal bowls for your baby or toddlers. Toddler Tot pouches are available with different tastes, such as beans, pear, pea, sweet potato, apple, carrot, cinnamon, butternut, spinach and mango.


  • Essential Vitamin B of these food pouches can make new red blood cells and form new tissues
  • Available in a number of different tastes and flavors
  • You can also find veggie bowls, organic yogurt and multi grain snacks
  • Freeze-dried snacks are also available
  • Contains freeze-dried snacks


  • Green beans, peer and spinach pouches are not safe for lever, because they have arsenic and cadmium taste

3. Happy Baby Organic Baby Food Variety Pack

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food Variety Pack

This product from Happy Family is 100% organic and does not any artificial hormone, toxic pesticides and GMOs that can harm your baby. You can choose these Happy Baby organic products for the safety of your child, as these products are based on organic farming process.

Organic ingredients of these food pouches can keep your baby healthy, as there is no added sugar available in them. The packaging of some baby products can mislead the customers and confuse them.

But Organic Happy Baby maintains 100% transparency on their labels, and you can find all the information related to their products there. These are the best organic baby food pouches for stage-2 eaters, and you can also maintain a balance in your baby’s diet by offering them such delicious smoothies.

These smoothies are made up of real vegetables and organic fruits, and they are available in different flavors. The company extracts the flavor from the organic fruits, without the use of any artificial chemicals for flavoring. They have different types of pouches, such as Pear Squash & Blackberries, Apple Kale & Avocado, Apple Guava & Beet, and Pear Kale and Spinach.

You can choose the flavor option while you are buying and you can also choose freeze-dried yogurts for your baby. Apart from that, whole milk yogurt, wafers, baby snacks, and robotic cereals are also available.


  • 100% transparency and all information available on the product’s label
  • Available in different flavors
  • You can choose from a variety of flavors
  • No Artificial hormone, toxic pesticides and GMOs
  • Packs of 8, 10 and 16 available
  • BPA free packaging


  • According to some reviews, it appears to be more expensive than other similar products

4. Gerber Organic 2nd Foods

Gerber Organic 2nd Foods

If you want to feed some organic fruits and veggies to your baby, then you can choose these Gerber Organic food pouches. All ingredients of these baby food pouches are harvested in the Clean Field Farm, and these products are USDA certified.

You can provide wholesome nutrients to your baby and you can choose the taste according to the choice of your baby. These pouches are available in different flavors and they are completely non-GMO products.

No sweetener, salt, sugar and artificial flavor is added in these food pouches. You can choose cereals puree and tubs for your baby, and you can also buy some snacks to change their taste. You can create some milestones for your baby and allow them to have their food from the cup.

You can choose the second foods to boost up the immune system of your baby. These pouches are available in a combined pack of 18 pouches. You can choose the flavor from the list available online.


  • Organic ingredients harvested in the Clean Field Farm
  • Available in different flavors
  • Completely Non-GMO baby food pouches
  • You can choose cereals puree, snacks and tubs for your baby
  • 18 pouches in a pack
  • USDA certified
  • Made of organic fruits and veggies


  • There are some problems in packaging, no recyclable and heat-resistant packaging used

5. Mama Bear Organic Baby Food

Mama Bear Organic Baby Food

Mama Bear organic baby foods are processed with organic fruits and vegetables, and they are 100% safe for your child. These are the best organic baby food pouches which are certified by USDA. Non-GMO ingredients are used in these products and they are completely gluten free. No artificial colors and flavors are used either.

These baby food pouches are available under Amazon Brand and you can find this in Apple Banana flavor for your kids. Apart from that, you can find other varieties too, such as apple carrot, apple peach, apple pear, apple peach potato, apple broccoli, pumpkin apple peach, and many more. You can browse through their flavor options to choose the best one as per your child’s taste preferences.

Mama Bear baby food pouches are packed with 100% BPA free material and they are completely recyclable. These are the only baby food pouches which offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with their products, then you will get 100% refund. You can call their number to lodge your issue.


  • Processed with organic fruits and vegetables
  • Non-GMO ingredients used
  • Certified by USDA
  • Completely gluten free
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • Available in different flavors
  • 100% BPA free packaging
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Suitable for 6+ months babies
  • 12 pouches for stage 2


  • It is not suitable for babies who have allergy

6. Happy Tot Organic Love My Veggies

Happy Tot Organic Love My Veggies

Happy Tot Organic baby foods are made up of fresh vegetables and fruits. Toddlers always look for some spicy and flavored snacks, and you can give them these food pouches and snacks to fulfill their appetite.

Happy Tot organic foods have rich amounts of vitamins, proteins, minerals and fat. There are no artificial flavors, preservatives and chemicals added.

You can give these food pouches as supplement to your baby, and you can buy organic whole milk yogurt, multi-grain snacks or veggie bowls. Organic recipes of these food pouches can perfectly match with your child’s age and state, and these pouches are especially made for the state-4 children.

These products are available in different flavors also, such as Veggie-Go’s, Annie’s Sprout, etc., all having different organic flavors. So, you can choose the best one according to your needs and your child’s taste preferences. You can choose spinach, apples, sweet potato and Kiwi flavor for your baby too.


  • It can serve 150% daily value of vitamin A
  • 25mg proteins
  • Non-GMO products
  • Certified organic baby food
  • Contains minerals, including iron, calcium & potassium
  • It can help for easy digestion and boost the immune system of your baby
  • Composed of vitamin A, C, D and B6


  • Little expensive that other baby food pouches

7. Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Organic Baby Food

Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Organic Baby Food

This has now become one of the most popular foods that your baby can have for breakfast and also for lunch. It is a gluten-free product that does not have any adverse effect on the health of the baby. It is made in the US and it contains imported ingredients that have an overall impact on the food quality and food intake of the baby’s health.

This is one of the varieties that you find in both offline and online stores, and it contains fruit and vegetable extracts that are genetically-engineered. This is one among the best organic baby foods, and it comes with a cute packaging that your baby will like.

Since this product is made up of high quality ingredients and has a good shelf life, you can nourish the baby with the right doses of this food. It contains no salt or synthetic flavor and it is made without any genetically-synthesized artificial ingredient.

Some of the most effective ingredients of this product contains organic pasteurized whole milk, strawberry puree, lemon juice concentrate, and also organic whole milk yogurt.

Since it is free from gluten and pesticides, it can easily be stored as part of your child’s daily food routine. It is easy to digest and does not form food clots. It does not upset the baby’s stomach and it can be consumed all throughout the season. It has a very warm color due to the presence of organic ascorbic acid.


  • Nice and colorful packaging
  • Pear, apple and broccoli combination can be good for your child
  • Gives natural dietary effect
  • Packaged in 100% BPA-Free pouches
  • It is affordable


  • Sometimes, due to the packaging, the pears might taste and smell little like cider

8. Plum Organics Organic Baby Food

Plum Organics Organic Baby Food

It is one of the most nutritious food options that you can give to your baby, as it contains the rich goodness of introducing the ways of high quality food sources that can work the best for your baby. It is a fine blend of fruits like apples, pears, bananas and spinach, along with the goodness of purple carrot and blueberry.

Although some might complain that the true value of original fruits and the freshness of real vegetables cannot be included in these breakfast packs, yet these can be a welcome addition to your child’s breakfast table. It does not contain any meat blend, but only fruits and vegetables.

It comes in a pack that is sufficient for your baby or toddler and it gives you much-needed relief from cooking every day for the baby. Pear, spinach, plum, and purple carrot are really rich in antioxidants and high quality minerals that facilitate the overall growth and development of your baby’s body and mind.

The carrots also make their eyesight strong, and your baby will not be bored with the regular taste of health snack. Also, it contains organic bananas and citric acids that help in digestion. The pumpkin puree is really a nice taste for a vegetable ingredient.

The product does not contain any excess salt, additional starch or sugar. Along with that, the product pouch caps are also recyclable and they are completely safe for using every day. You can also purchase customized portion sizes that will be the most reliable food item for your baby.


  • Nice flavor loved by the babies
  • Nice and chemical-free packaging
  • Easy and organic pulp that is good for digestion
  • Does not contain any metallic or toxic substances
  • When you order online, you generally get a shelved and nicely-packaged product


  • Sometimes due to internal oxidation, there can be a change in taste

9. Happy Baby Organic Yogis Yogurt & Fruit Snacks’

Happy Baby Organic Yogis Yogurt & Fruit Snacks

This can be said to be one of the best drops of goodness and nutrition that you can give to your baby for an all-around health and wellness development. It contains the goodness of the all the fundamental ingredients that can facilitate bone and teeth health. It keeps your baby’s tummy full, and it is also delicious and easily digestible.

This food is easily available online, and if you really want to give the goodness of fiber, protein, snackable items, wholesome yogurt and organic food to your baby, then this product is just the right one. On the one hand, it contains the right nutrition elements, and on the other hand, it gives rise to the best organic formula for enhancing growth in your baby.

The food contains a nice flavor and it contains fruits, but no added sugar or artificial starch that can have an adverse effect on your baby’s health. The packaging is colorful and gives an energetic start to your baby’s day. Your baby will love the organic whey protein concentrate also.


  • Delicious flavor
  • Keeps the baby’s tummy full for a long time
  • Does not contain any toxic chemicals or ingredients that might harm the baby’s digestion
  • Easy to mix, to intake and also if the baby sleeps, it can be stored for a short time
  • Contains full milk and does not lead to choking hazard


  • Initially crisp and powdery with the first bite, but afterward they might turn sticky on teeth

10. Happy Tot Organic Super Morning

Happy Tot Organic Super Morning

This Happy Tot organic product is one of the best suitable one for the overall growth and development of your baby. It is nutritious and contains a fine amalgamation of breakfast blend that can keep your baby energetic all throughout the day.

You can find many toddler vegetable packs and multi-grains in the market, but you need to go for counting their nutritional quotient, for which this product is one of the best.

This is a consumable breakfast product that contains cereals and fibers, and it is one of the trusted products that suit your baby’s palate. It has no added sugar, and hence it can keep your baby energetic all throughout the day.

It contains chia seeds, Omega 3, organic fruits, whole milk yogurt, and whole grain oats, that give the much-needed energy and health boost to the baby. It keeps the baby energetic the whole day, because the ingredients are not chemically-combined or synthesized.

It is one of the primary products that can be recommended for the overall wellbeing of the baby. It also contains organic natural flavor that is completely suitable for your baby’s taste. You can just mix the ingredients in warm water and let the baby eat.

The best part with this product is that with other baby foods, you generally do not have a good shelf life, but you can easily store and carry this one, when you go for camping or some holiday expedition. In fact, this can also be a product that you can buy after consulting with the pediatrician. It can be for a month old and also for a year old baby that you have.


  • Organic, safe and delicious option
  • It has a fine combination of numerous ingredients
  • Product warranty and completely safe on the baby’s health
  • Probiotic and high quality baby snacks
  • It is extremely helpful for toddlers and kids health


  • It may seem to be a heavy meal altogether

FAQs on Organic Baby Food Pouches

1. Can I Use Such Baby Food Pouches For My 8 Months Old Baby?

Yes, you can introduce semi-solid foods to your baby at this age. Babies more than 6 months old can eat semi-solid foods, and some doctors can suggest it even earlier.

But before you choose an organic baby food pouch for your toddler, you must check his allergic reaction to individual ingredients. If your baby is not interested in semi-solid foods, then you can try some smoothies and readymade organic food pouches.

2. Can I Squeeze And Recycle Such Baby Food Pouches?

We have to save the environment and we need to protect the future of our planet. Earlier, people used to use glass bottles for babies, but the baby food packages available these days have less carbon footprint than glass jars. You cannot recycle your pouches and you can dispose them in your waste bins.

However, you must choose the best organic baby food pouches which are using BPA free packaging. There are some companies available that offer free envelop to their customers and you can send your used packages to the company to recycle them properly.

3. Is There Any Preservative Used In These Baby Food Pouches?

No, authentic organic baby food pouches do not have any preservatives. They are made up of 100% organic fruits and vegetables, and they are certified by food safety authority. No harmful chemical, artificial flavor and sugar are used in these products. However, you must check the label of the food pouches before you buy.

4. Can I Microwave These Food Pouches?

No, you cannot microwave these food pouches. You must keep them in room temperature. There are some freeze-veggies available and you can keep then in your refrigerator. If your baby likes them warm, then you can place the pouch in hot water for a few minutes.

5. What Is The Price Of These Organic Baby Food Pouches?

The price of the organic baby food pouches depends on the brand that you choose. Organic foods are available in limited volume and they are expensive than conventional meals.

These baby foods are made of organic vegetables and fruits, and they do not use any fillers like oats and rice. So, if you want to give the best foods to your baby, then you have to spend a little more, but they are really worth the health benefits they deliver to your child.

6. Is There Any Guarantee Available For Such Food Pouches?

These are the consumable products and companies cannot offer any warranty or guarantee on their food products. However, if you find any issues in their products, then you can lodge your complaint to their customer care. There are few companies available that offer 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

7. Can Adults Take Such Pouches?

Yes, you can also have such food pouches. Most of the travelers carry such readymade food pouches for their hiking and camping trips.

Choose The Best Organic Baby Food Pouches!

So, with all the information given above, you can now choose the best organic baby food pouches for your little bundle of joy. But you must consider few factors before you choose a product, such as their certification, ingredients, expiry date or best-before date, age limit, shelf life, and price.

To know the details of their ingredients, you can check the label of the product. If you have any confusion regarding their ingredients, then you can ask the details to the company by calling their customer care number.

You should always choose a baby food pouch that is non-GMO and 100% organic. There are some baby food pouches available which are made up of 100% organic fruits and vegetables.

You can choose these products for your baby, as they are not only safe for your child, but also help in their optimum growth and development. Apart from that, you must check the packaging of these products, as the baby foods which are packed in BPA-free packaging materials are easily decomposable and are safe for the environment.

So, choose the best organic baby food pouches for your toddlers, and you can give them some organic snacks to change their taste. Make sure that your child is not allergic to any of its ingredients. You cannot carry your homemade foods while you are travelling, and you must rely on these food pouches only, so choose them carefully.

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